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Idaho Power Gets 15% Rate Hike

The Idaho Public Utilities Commission has authorized Idaho Power to bump power rates with an average hike of 15.3% due to low water levels. About 70% of all water in the West comes from snowpack and this year’s low levels are already putting a crimp on everything from fish to power generators. Here’s how the […]

Panhandling Ordinance Put On “Hold,” God Bless

When Boise City announced plans to enact a couple of “canned ordinances” approved by a national cities organization in an effort to curb panhandling, the GUARDIAN raised questions about UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES. For instance, if it is illegal for someone to stand on the curb and hold a sign saying “Anything Helps God Bless,” it would […]

$15.86: The Value Of A Vote In Ada

What can you get in Ada County for $15.86? A chance to exercise your right to cast a single vote. Chief Deputy Ada County Clerk Phil McGrane has made his final tabulations and reports the cost of the May 21 election was just shy of $150,000. Even with few issues on the consolidated election ballot, […]

Team Dave In Near Total Control Of Local Government

Regardless of your politics, you have to hand it to Boise Mayor Dave Bieter when it comes to political acumen. John Brunelle, who serves as Mayor David Bieter’s assistant for economic development, has been offered the position of executive director of the Capital City Development Corp., the agency announced Wednesday…recently Bieter appointed himself as a […]

Visit To Downtown Boise Can Have Hidden Costs

The GUARDIAN would never put forth a conspiracy theory about charging for on street parking to garner support for a trolley or to force motorists to use parking garages, especially when the parking people at City Hall say the intent is to merely create “turnover” between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Its all part of […]

Remember, Honor, Respect…

A Memorial Weekend photo collection to honor those who have gone before from the GUARDIAN’s day job…

Does Anyone Care About Voter Apathy?

Top winners in the Tuesday GBAD election captured about 1.5% of the registered votes. Not only were most voters in Ada County asleep when the Greater Boise Auditorium District (GBAD) votes were tallied last night, they napped rather than vote at all. Only 9,457 of the registered 175,849 voters (5%) bothered to exercise their right […]

Four Votes Approve $781 Million Development Debt

The Spring Valley CID north of Eagle needed a 2/3 majority vote to pass Tuesday and it got exactly 4 out of six votes to approve the $325 million bonds worth a total of $781 million after interest. Future homeowners will have to repay the debt. VOTES PERCENT REGISTERED VOTERS – TOTAL . . . […]

M3 To Get A Single Vote (Updating Previous Post)

In an election eve development Monday afternoon, Ada County Clerk Chris Rich as decided to “spoil” all 50 of the ballots sent to M3 headquarters in Arizona. However, M3 has come up with a local “authorized rep” in Ada County who will be allowed to cast a single ballot, bringing the number of voters to […]

Fifty Votes From M3 Development To Be Sealed, Not Counted

Ada County Clerk Chris Rich told the GUARDIAN Monday that 50 ballots from the M3 development owner north of Eagle would not be counted in tomorrow’s bond election after both the Idaho Attorney General and Ada County Prosecutor determined only residents of Idaho and the district could vote. That leaves the fate of $325 million […]

Panhandling Ordinances: Anything Helps, God Bless

Boise’s city fathers and mothers are once again grappling with how to “get the bums off the streets.” (no political correct notes please) Tuesday the councilors will discuss three proposed ordinances which are wrought with definitions and circumstances bound to cause confrontation, diverse interpretation and enforcement. Aggressive Solicitation Ordinance: prohibiting solicitation of money from motorists […]

Balance GBAD Board To Prevent A Strong Majority

The GUARDIAN has had numerous inquiries of “Who should I vote for in the GBAD election?” The big issue is what to do with a $13 million nest egg from the hotel room tax burning a hole in the collective pocket of the candidates. Some want a publicly funded baseball park. Others want a bigger […]

Five Voters Are Key To $781 Million Bond Deal

When a mere five electors cast their ballots in the May 21 election, they will determine one of the biggest financial decisions in Idaho history, totaling $781 MILLION dollars. According to the official ballot language, revenue and general obligation bonds total $325 million and at the estimated interest rate of 7%, homeowners will eventually repay […]

Crapo Campaign Finance Debacle Handled Like Wayward Catholic Priests

The scandal evolving over the quarter million dollars reportedly bilked from Idaho Senior Sen Mike Crapo’s campaign fund sounds like the Catholic Church and its abusive priests: “shuffle the offenders and keep mum unless someone squawks.” Lost in all the revelations reported by both the STATESMAN and ASSOCIATED PRESS is the ethical issue of keeping […]

Crapo Cash Caper Causes Crash

Our Senior Senator (“sen-sen”) Mike Crapo sits on the Senate Banking and Finance Committee making decisions which can make or break the financial health of the United States of America. However, according to an ASSOCIATED PRESS/IDAHO STATESMAN story, the guy hasn’t a clue his staffers are using the political payoff cash in his war chest […]

Do We Really Need GBAD?

The Greater Boise Auditorium District has $13,000,000 burning a hole in its collective pocket–garnered from a hotel room tax on visitors to the City of Trees. With the May 21 board election approaching, candidates are lining up with ideas on how to spend the cash. Perhaps we need a group dedicated to to doing nothing. […]

Unlimited Fish at Little Camas

Idaho Fish and Game on Monday issued a salvage order for the Little Camas Reservoir in Elmore County. The reservoir will likely be drained by early summer for irrigation. Because the game fish in the reservoir likely will be lost, and past efforts at salvaging fish have been futile, Fish and Game would like the […]

Transit Center Derailed Before First Spade Of Dirt Is Turned

Valley Regional Transit has joined the ranks of Team Dave when it comes to getting the proverbial cart before the horse. VRT is sending out press releases saying the agency is moving forward on a downtown “Multi-Modal Transit Center” and solicits a private partner on the project. All this despite the owner of the land–Idaho […]

Blackfoot Woman Wins Open Government Award

A Blackfoot woman who went to court to expose secret payments to a former school superintendent has been named the recipient of the 2013 Max Dalton Open Government Award sponsored by the Idaho Newspaper Foundation. Joyce Bingham will receive the award and accompanying $1,000 prize at an awards luncheon scheduled for Saturday in Boise. The […]

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