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No Free Ads For Bronco Boozers

As an indication of how absurd booze laws can be, Boise City Council is considering an ordinance to allow tailgating and drinking within a portion of Julia Davis Park and on certain streets, but only when BSU is playing football. No exceptions for NCAA basketball tournaments, baseball games, or bike racing and with NO LOGOS […]

ACHD Commish Calls For Hockey Game Review

Last week we reported on the “Hockey Game” between Boise City and Ada County Highway District officials. It looks like the winning goal is being challenged in the 3-2 victory for the city. The issue was an agreement to allow Boise to plant hockey puck-like electronic devices in the ACHD pavement which are linked to […]

Coppers Use “Manual” Red Light Cams

Just a day after announcing a crackdown on red light runners, Boise coppers cited a driver who allegedly ran a red light and whacked a bicycle hard enough to break the bike frame while causing only scrapes to the rider. The incident happened at Latah and Rose Hill Tuesday morning. That driver was not caught […]

Unintended Consequences Law Resurfaces, God Bless

Boise’s City mothers and fathers are in another no-win situation as they consider an ordinance at 6 p.m. tonight which is aimed to reduce the number of panhandlers on city streets. We asked it before: “If it is illegal for homeless poor folks (or even those who pose as such) to ask for cash, what […]

Boise Seeks $700,000 ObamaFare For Airlines

Boise cheerleaders are at it once again, dumping public money into a sales pitch for a corporate welfare plan under the delusion business will flock to the City of Trees if you pay them enough. This time the idea is pay airlines–with federal matching funds–to fly routes that are otherwise not profitable in a free […]

Boise Wins Political “Hockey Game” 3-2

Boise City’s Team Dave won a “hockey game” at Wednesday’s Ada County Highway District meeting where the issue of embedding hockey puck-like parking sensors in the street was discussed. In the end it was 3-2 in favor of allowing the pucks, but not before ACHD chair Sara Baker got in a few high stick swings […]

You Be The Judge On 8th Street

Tuesday morning the GUARDIAN watched over coffee at 8th Street just south of Bannock as an unsuspecting motorist fell victim to the heartless Boise Parking machine. The guy carefully backed into a parking spot behind a beer truck. He aligned his shiny black car within the lines, exited his vehicle and confronted the meter. A […]

City Provides Parking Revenue Stats

Boise’s parking department has kindly provided the GUARDIAN with statistics we requested about revenues for meters, all parking fines, and overtime parking ticket fines. Here,s the breakdown: ‐‐Most recent year’s revenue for parking meters: FY12 ‐ $630,952 FY13 YTD* ‐ $503,934 ‐‐Most recent year’s fines in total revenue for all parking violations: FY12 ‐ $1,254,972 […]

Fire Threatens Sawtooth Hatchery

Idaho Fish and Game employees and local firefighters fended off a wildfire in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area Monday evening which threatened the F&G salmon hatchery. The fire started Monday afternoon about a mile north of the Sawtooth Fish Hatchery near Stanley. As the fire approached the staff dormitory, hatchery crews and firefighters mobilized to […]

ACHD Commish Weighs In On Parking

ACHD Commish Rebecca Arnold, stressing her comments are her own opinion and not that of the ACHD board, sent a letter to the Boise City Council to be read at Tuesday’s public hearing. She claims a local developer wants the rate hike to benefit a private parking structure he wants to build. The GUARDIAN offers […]

ACHD “Can’t Get No Respect” From Boise

As the Downtown parking wars escalate, don’t expect approval of installing a hockey puck-shaped sensor device linked to hi-tech parking meters to be a slam-dunk at Wednesday’s Ada County Highway District meeting. Boise’s City Council will hold a public hearing at noon Tuesday to consider a 50% rate hike at meters and Saturday enforcement. Ironically, […]

Boise Coppers Stung And Sweaty During Rescue Attempt

Here is an interesting little backstory on the tragic drowning Saturday in the Boise River and the copper who was treated for heat stroke as a result of the hot response. Chief Mike Masterson says, “We are extremely proud of the officers who responded. I’m told the updates from dispatch to officers included emotional appeals […]

Boise Bench vs Downtown War Brewing

We joke that “Downtown is so crowded that nobody goes there anymore,” but perhaps its time for everyone to just be honest about the intent of the city mothers and fathers and admit the rivalry (war?) between The Bench and Downtown. The latest chapter in the parking wars is a good example. The City is […]

Council Should Act Responsibly On Drinking Ordinance

Boise officials from the police chief to the Parks Board are on the right track when it comes to backing an ordinance aimed at allowing football fans to wash down their tailgate cuisine with their favorite beverage. The GUARDIAN is concerned about “equal protection” under the law. The proposed ordinance would allow consumption of alcohol […]

Commish Tibbs Has Triple Bypass

Ada County Commish Jim Tibbs underwent triple bypass heart surgery at a Boise hospital Friday morning after complaining of indigestion earlier in the week during a routine medical exam. Commish Chair Dave Case told the GUARDIAN Tibbs is “doing fine, but he will be out of the office for a few weeks.” Former Commishes Vern […]

Wildfire Over Boise Mountains

A wildfire is being aggressively attacked by Boise National Forest crews 15 miles north east of Boise and about 4 miles east of Bogus Basin Monday evening. The smoke is topped out by a self generated storm cloud visible throughout the valley. Forest service spokesman tells the GUARDIAN more than 40 firefighters are on the […]

City Ponders 50% Parking Rate Hike

Boise’s City Council, and the Department of Finance and Administration are forging ahead with plans to raise the rates 50% for on-street parking and extend the enforcement to include evenings and Saturdays. The avowed reason is to drive street parking motorists back into the parking garages, according to some reports. Boise WEEKLY has a good […]

Ombudsman Departure Signals Need For Police Commission

With the departure of Boise Police Ombudsman Pierce Murphy, citizens are left without an advocate who is not beholding to the coppers. Murphy is unique in that he made the rules for his job and ended up with a national rep for fair handed oversight of coppers. He has left for a similar post in […]

July 4th, Life Changing Date

By DAVID R. FRAZIER GUARDIAN editor Each year we Americans celebrate the birthday of our nation on July 4th. For most folks it means hot dogs, watermelon, picnics, camping and fireworks. In 1986 it was the 100th birthday of Lady Liberty–the statue given to all Americans by the French in 1886. Celebrations abounded, especially in […]

ISP Top Copper Writes First Ticket In 11 Years

A young Owyhee County driver has earned a distinction he would probably rather not own. His 70 mph run through a 35 mph chip seal construction zone, including passing Idaho State Police Col. Ralph Powell, prompted Powell to issue the first citation he has written in 11 years. The ISP boss was on Highway 78 […]

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