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Pup Poop Pollutes Park Pond

DNA results of water sample testing have revealed dog poop is the primary cause of dangerous e-coli levels at the Esther Simplot pond in the new park of the same name. Goose poop was also identified as a contributing factor. As a result, dogs will be banned from the park. Geese tend to avoid canines […]

Park Sign Shows Proper Poop Posture

River To Open, Sandy Point Polluted With Poop

Ada County Parks announced today that tubing season will open Friday from Barber Park to Ann Morrison Park on the Boise River. Check the BOISE RIVER site for details from the concession operator. Meanwhile the growing population of Canada geese is the prime suspect for E. Coli pollution at the Idaho State Park’s Sandy Point […]

Straight Poop On Saturday Market

GUARDIAN reader Hillary got our attention when she wrote about the overflow demand for “services” at the Saturday Market on 8th street. Never one to suffer in silence, Hillary wrote to the CCDC about increased fees for vendors at the market to cover the cost of those plastic phone booth style restrooms known as Porta […]

More Poop On The Foothills Dog Rules

Guest Opinion By Marianne Konvalinka The Foothills Conservation Advisory Committee passed a motion at their public meeting in December that would have cut off-leash access in the Lower Reserves by half or more but was still acceptable to the majority of responsible dog owners. We fully expected this to be the recommendation going to council, […]

Poop Plant Personnel Change

Police Perform Poop Patrol

Potential Poop Practice Conflict

Police Plan Pistol Practice At Poop Project

No Avimor Poop For Boise

Avimor Plans Place Poop In Boise

Poop Plant Wins Plaudits

Poop Problems On Public Paths

Poop Hits The Propeller At Airport

EPA Sniffing Meridian Poop Process

Feds Pay Poop Farm Subsidy

Boise BS On Poop Farm

Felony Flushed In Poop Farm Plea

More Poop Farm Charges

Poop Plant Perks Popped

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