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More Poop On Sewer Plant

Poop Plants Proffered

Poop Farm Problems Persist

Poop Farm Proprietor Position

Personnel Poop at Poop Farm

Prosecuting Poor Performance at The Poop Farm

Plug To Be Pulled on Poop Farm Pool

Poop Farm Crime?

Poop Farm–The Fan Comes Closer

Poop on Hold For Audit

Poop Farm: “Where’s The Beef?”

More Dirt on The Poop Farm

Political Pandemic Plagues Boise

In March we questioned the functionality of local government, noting all levels viewed citizens as an adversary. Turns out the politicos don’t like each other either! Monday saw the political poop hitting the proverbial fan at a record rate. –Reacting to a citizen petition drive and a new law, Boise’s CCDC urban renewal agency pulled […]

Pollution Solution For Loose Goose

GUARDIAN readers have long advocated assorted meal plans for Boise’s homeless population supplementing diets with fresh goose meat. In Washington, D.C. the idea has apparently taken hold with the National Park Service. Here is a piece sent to us by a reader that addresses the problem of goose poop and feeding the hungry. In typical […]

Boise Composting Could Be Rotten Deal

Boise City Couuncilors will consider a proposal Tuesday to offer curbside composting at a cost of about $3.40 per month for the average household. On the face of it the idea of cutting the amount of garbage in the landfill and the methane gas it generates sounds like a good deal. We certainly agree with […]

New GUARDIAN Banner Photo

After years of sticking with the same picture for the banner, the GUARDIAN has caved to reader suggestions and updated the image above. While the old photo was what we liked about Boise–a clean view of the foothills over the downtown–the new one is much more compact, thanks to the intent of local politicos and […]

U of I Cows Make Milk AND Milk Bottles

In the ultimate recycling story, researchers at the University of Idaho have found a way for cows to not only produce milk, but the bovines can also be used to make plastic for the bottles to drink it from. A research group at the university claims to have developed a way to generate a significant […]

Demo State Senator Opposes Bieter Park Bond

In the midst of questions about whether or not he lives in Idaho Senate District 18, Senator Branden Durst has weighed in on Boise’s proposed bond for parks–AGAINST! Turns out he’s pissed about puppies potentially pooping on private property possessed by people on the perimeter of the park. Durst wrote a comment on the GUARDIAN’s […]

Boise Raises Tax Levy, Doles Out Cash To Unions, Elected Officials, One Citizen Calls It An “Exhibition Of Unprecedented Arrogance”

The city council gave each other praise Before voting themselves a nice raise The taxpayers got What they paid for – NOT! Therein the big problem lays. –POET PAUL We haven’t seen a lot in the legacy media, but Tuesday’s council session was sort of like a lottery jackpot for some–at the expense of most. […]

Sandy Point Water OK, No Pollution Source Named

By “flushing” the Sandy Point swimming area with more water flow from the depths of Luck Peak Reservoir, Idaho Parks officials have lowered the E.coli bacteria count to safe levels. In a press release from Parks they claim it is safe to swim at the popular spot, but warn swimmers to wash up after being […]

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