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Rotary Club of East Boise Adopts Table Rock

After eight years of the GUARDIAN promoting improvements at Table Rock, it looks like a group of Rotarians is about to succeed where we failed. The Rotary Club of East Boise has “adopted” the icon of Boise as a clean up project beginning with an anti-grafitti effort on the huge concrete bench which provides spectacular […]

“Table Rock Park” Needs To Be Reality

The GUARDIAN has publicly pushed to make Table Rock a public park for years, but there seems to be a lot of “pushback” from “stakeholders.” Today a survey has deemed it the best spot in the valley to watch a sunset. Ironically, the place voted as the best spot to WATCH A SUNSET in today’s […]

A Gem Hiding In Plain Sight–Table Rock

Like a silent sentinel, Table Rock stands guard over the City of Trees and provides a scenic vista equaled only in cities like Rio and perhaps a few smaller metro areas. It provided the stone for the Statehouse as well as the Old Pen prison and the cross–like it or not–can be seen as a […]

Take a Trip To Table Rock

While attention is directed to various Foothills developments, we Boiseans have ignored one of the greatest natural wonders of our City–TABLE ROCK. The flat topped outcropping of sandstone with the white “B”, cross and dozens of communication antennae overlooks the city and the entire valley. From Table Rock you can easily see in excess of […]

Firemen And Coppers Call For Fireworks Ban…FINALLY!

Some twelve years ago the GUARDIAN called for a fireworks ban, dubbing the July 4 incendiaries as “arson kits.” Now after we have suffered the disastrous Table Rock fire in 2016, there is a bill before the legislature to ban fireworks. It was always with a wink and a nod that folks would purchase aerial […]

The Gravity Of Foothills Developments

You don’t have to be Isaac Newton to predict that water runs downhill with the force of gravity, often taking loose soil along with it. In recent history the Idaho Transportation Department learned the gravity/water/soil lesson on Horseshoe Bend Hill, forcing the relocation of Hwy 55 to its present location. Same issue caused massive rockslides […]

Eclipse Leaves Moon In The Dark

Sunday was a perfect night for getting out and howling at the moon. We didn’t hear much howling, but there were plenty of folks watching the so-called “super moon” lunar eclipse. The GUARDIAN made the obligatory image and shared binoculars and telescope views with folks along one of the Federal Way turnouts. The atmosphere was […]

Do We Really Need GBAD?

The Greater Boise Auditorium District has $13,000,000 burning a hole in its collective pocket–garnered from a hotel room tax on visitors to the City of Trees. With the May 21 board election approaching, candidates are lining up with ideas on how to spend the cash. Perhaps we need a group dedicated to to doing nothing. […]

GBAD “Directional Plan” Keeps Visitors Aimless

Since the GUARDIAN has advocated directional signs at major Boise intersections for more than 5 years, we were encouraged to receive the minutes from an April 6 Greater Boise Auditorium District (G-BAD) meeting which discussed “directional statements.” We read things like, “…meetings to determine directional statements…make sure we are on the right path…state how where […]

Forget Convention Center Expansion, Fix What We Have

As 2012 opens the calendar we can plan on all sorts of schemes to attract visitors, create jobs, woo businesses, and otherwise grow ourselves into prosperity. The G-BAD boys and girls have expansion on their collective mind. How about simple fixing up existing Greater Boise Auditorium District facilities and make them better–not bigger? The Wall […]

What Citizens And Candidates Should Know

Each election cycle, the GUARDIAN tries to stimulate interest in the local Boise City election with a posting about issues, budget, etc. Here is the current attempt–10 days before the filing deadline for council and mayor races. Issues of concern to candidates and citizens alike: –Fire department has taken over the North Ada County Fire […]

Mayor Hotline May 21 to 27

5/23/11 Trevor D. Hitchin N. 15th St. Boise, ID 83702 ISSUES: He would like to discuss the following issues with Mayor and City Council. 1. Bike/pedestrian safety – Three people he knows have been hit by cars on their bicycle or walking in the last two years. He would like to make some suggestions on […]

Wilderness Homes Seldom Pay Their Share For Fire Protection

The “big house on the hill” still hasn’t ponied up the $15 K the city of Boise claims they owe for fire fighting earlier this year. The mansion near Table Rock in the Wild Horse sub is outside the city and is in fact outside ANY fire protection districts–something insurance carriers for the 18 homes […]

Tumble Highlights Need To Develop Park

A teen aged girl took a tumble off Table Rock Sunday eve apparently while taking a photo. Boise firefighters and paramedics who responded to the call of a teenage girl falling off a 20-foot cliff on Table Rock say the young woman was taken to the hospital with injuries that appeared to be non-life threatening, […]

Mayor Hotline June 12 to 18

GOOD CLERK, BAD CODE ENFORCEMENT, WEEDS, WRONG NUMBER Michael Smith 280 N. 8th Boise, ID 83702 Kudos: I had a question about the noise ordinance; living on 8th Street, we’ve had occasional problems with the bars, their outside speakers and outside bands. I’ve never had it fully explained to me; I understand that the City Clerk issues […]

Mayor Hotline May 22 to 28

DIRT IN SEWER, HAZ MAT, HAMMER FLAT, BUS, TRADE FOR TABLE ROCK 5/27/10 Mark Hammer Flat: I don’t necessarily need a call-back on this. I just have a suggestion about the Hammer Flats issue. What is the possibility of swapping that land out there, swapping the state for Table Rock. The State Department of Corrections, […]

Boise Not A “Tourist Friendly Town”

Our good friend Tim Woodward over at the DAILY PAPER posted a story Sunday with suggestions of “what to do in Boise” for a visitor with a 6 hour layover. What my nice guy friend didn’t mention is the Boise Depot–which he suggested as worthy of a visit–is CLOSED TO VISITORS most of the time! […]

Boise Fire Beyond The Limits

THIS IS A REVISED STORY WITH ADDITIONAL INFORMATION REGARDING I-84 RESPONSES. SOME COMMENTS BELOW MAY NO LONGER APPLY. We have to side up with Boise FD Chief Dennis Doan and the City Attorney when it comes to collecting $15,000 from the owner of a $500,000 house outside the city which caught fire in 2007. Boise […]

Boise FD To Sell Services To North Ada District

Another “business plan” to come out of Thursday’s “strategic planning” meeting with city officials is the planned expansion of the Boise Fire Department by two dozen personnel in a “take over” deal which will have Boise selling fire protection to Garden City, Hidden Springs, and the rest of the North Ada County Fire Rescue (NACFR) […]

Boise Fire Goes After EMS Business

The GUARDIAN has learned the Boise Fire Department is seeking an ambulance transport license from the State of Idaho to compete head-to-head with the Ada County Emergency Medical Services within the city. Everyone in Boise lives within the countywide EMS district and residents are taxed for the service. If Boise also has ambulance service, it […]

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