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Legislator Fails Sex Ed 101

Idaho Rep. Vito Barbieri will forever be known as “Wrong Hole Vito” after he questioned a physician during a House State Affairs Committee hearing Monday. Legislators were considering a bill to ban doctors from prescribing abortion-inducing medication via telemidicine. According to published AP reports, Barbieri asked Dr. Julie Madsen if doctors could conduct a remote […]

Do Idaho Potatoes Have Cancer Potential?

In what appears to us to be a bungled marketing attempt for a genetically modified potato, the J.R. Simplot company raises the specter of cancer in potatoes currently being marketed to and by McDonalds. The company claims the new “Innate” variety has less asparagine, which has the potential to become a carcinogen – acrylamide – […]

Cycles And Cars: Watch Out For Each OTher!

BY STEVE HULME Two-wheel season is upon us again! As the days get longer and the temperatures warmer, bicycles and motorcycles come out of winter storage, and fair-weather riders take to the highways and byways. Cyclists (both bi- and motor-) are vulnerable creatures, compared to their brothers and sisters who choose car transportation. Those tons […]

Is There No Shame In Medical Game?

After losing an anti-trust lawsuit in the United States District Court which generated attorney fees of $10,000,000 on the part of the winners, St. Lukes Health Foundation is sending out letters begging for cash from the community. St. Luke’s Foundation is using the excuse of “National Doctors Day” March 30 to give everyone a chance […]

Food Bank Nets Cash From China Tour

The GUARDIAN editor is old enough to remember the admonishment from Mom, “Children are starving in China, eat your spinach.” There is a certain irony in a car driven across China with the Idaho Food Bank being featured on the sides. Do Chinese moms urge the kids to eat spuds because kids are hungry in […]

Commish Tibbs Has Triple Bypass

Ada County Commish Jim Tibbs underwent triple bypass heart surgery at a Boise hospital Friday morning after complaining of indigestion earlier in the week during a routine medical exam. Commish Chair Dave Case told the GUARDIAN Tibbs is “doing fine, but he will be out of the office for a few weeks.” Former Commishes Vern […]

Wildfire Over Boise Mountains

A wildfire is being aggressively attacked by Boise National Forest crews 15 miles north east of Boise and about 4 miles east of Bogus Basin Monday evening. The smoke is topped out by a self generated storm cloud visible throughout the valley. Forest service spokesman tells the GUARDIAN more than 40 firefighters are on the […]

No Drunks Or Walk-Ins At Detox Center

While working on a story about Boise’s relationship with Alcoholics Anonymous, we learned Boise’s Detox Center is not what it was cracked up to be. The facility may be well intended, save money for the hospitals, and provide services to some of those in need. It doesn’t fill the role it was touted as filling. […]

Winter Doldrums, Not Much New To Blog

The GUARDIAN is still here, but there isn’t much new to share. Even the Statesman has resorted to devoting the front page to news that’s 100 years old–featuring Kuna and Eagle history books that have apparently hit the stores recently. Legislature is in town, Boise State football is over, Repubs and Tea Party still don’t […]

Drug Trade Is Profitable For Those Who Sell

With Obama Care, Fiscal Cliff, Health Insurance Exchanges, Medicare Part A, B, C, Medicaid, Social Security Disability, Indigent Care, and more it’s no wonder we tune out when it comes to understanding who pays what and how much. There has been a string of settlements between drug companies and Idaho’s Attorney General over the past […]

Media, Games, Internet Shape Our Violent Views

While society struggles to explain the inexplicable in the wake of the latest mass shooting deaths, we can’t help but ponder the impact of visual stimulation on those who kill in mass. Whether it is the news video of crumbling World Trade Center towers in the wake of an attack on America or two presidents […]

No Income Tax For Major Ada Employers

NOTE–Boise State Radio is part of a project called “StateImpact Idaho” which does some good non-partisan research. A recent post at Boise State PUBLIC RADIO provides an interesting interactive map of Idaho counties which shows just how much government impact we have when it comes to jobs. Of particular note was Ada County where the […]

Drug Firms Swallow Bitter Pill Over Pricing

Idaho”s Attorney General continues his winning ways against drug companies with his latest settlement claiming overcharges through false price statements. It may be time for some of the drug firms to take a pain pill. Prescription drug manufacturers Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Watson Pharma, Inc., agreed to pay $1,700,000 in a legal settlement resolving Idaho’s […]

Fire Season Is Not To Be Missed (Avoided?)

With wildfires burning all over the state it is hard to escape the effects. The Boise Valley is choked with smoke, retardant bombers thunder overhead, hotels are full of visiting firemen, and the sunsets are awesome. Outdoor activities are also being cut back as the DEQ issues warnings of poor air quality. Even a K.D. […]

Coppers Cooperate To Buy Bike Parts

When the GUARDIAN made a call Tuesday urging coppers to get together with a bike mechanic and fix the special three wheeler which was stolen and recovered in pieces, they were ahead of the curve. We talked to the union prez who reports the copper on the case had already contacted the manufacturer in England […]

Bikeboy Says Two Wheeler Plan Off Balance

Our long time two wheeler expert, Steve Hulme (aka Bikeboy) offers up his views on a new government spending spree for Boise bikes. By Steve Hulme The CCDC, in cahoots with the Central District Health Dept., are hoping to start upa bike-sharing program in Boise. On the surface, it sounds laudable… 140 bikes at 10-15 […]

Draft Environmental Statement Paints Dark Picture For F-35 Fighters In Boise

Based on news from more than a year ago, it appeared the U.S. Air Force had abandoned plans to base the F-35 in Boise. Now, a report dated January 20 has surfaced along with a schedule for hearings in Boise this week. The EARLIER NEWS said Boise would possibly get Italian cargo planes rather than […]

Coppers Cope With Public Puffing

We haven’t weighed in on the anti-smoking fiasco within Boise bars and parks until the City Councilors passed a set of ordinances that will become law January 1. Now that it illegal to puff in public we wanted to hear from the coppers who will have to enforce the law. The GUARDIAN made an official […]

When The “Nonprofit” Saints Go Marching In It’s A Taxpayer Shuffle

A rather straight forward business story in the DAILY PAPER got our attention last week with a look at the tax return of St. Luke’s “nonprofit” medical center. The hospital has been buying up private, for profit medical practices at a rate bound to get the attention of taxing authorities and consumers alike. In the […]

Daily Paper Headline Open To Interpretation

Gotta admit, they got our attention over at the DAILY with this headline: “IDAHO WIC PROGRAM IS AMONG TOP 3 IN THE NATION FOR BREAST-FEEDING RATES” Does this mean Idaho babies are some of the fastest little suckers in the country? Does it mean more Idaho women are prone to the natural method in lieu […]

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