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Council Refuses To Hear Public

When Team Dave wanted to generate some buzz over a proposed gold mine 100 miles away in Atlanta, they held a public meeting in the evening and drew a huge crowd. But when it came to spending nearly $10 million in Boise citizen’s money the city council meeting was held at 10 a.m. –when most […]

Undercover Work On Cop Shop?

Word on the street has it that Boise PD and Team Dave are working–once again–at acquiring the old K-Mart building on Americana for a cop shop. For those who don’t remember–and that may be half of you–the big flat building with a parking lot at Americana and Shoreline was formerly an office, US Post Office […]

Big Foot Reporter Scores

Katie Kreller at the Daily Paper may have some big feet, because she is filling Brad Hem’s shoes nicely if her first couple of offerings are any sign. Today she jumped on a story about all those bus stop benches that aren’t necessarily at bus stops. While there are only a few specific bus stops […]

Airport Parking To Go For Vote

It looks like Boise is going to ask voter permission to sell $37 million worth of bonds to build a new airport parking facility. They say the rental companies will fund 40% of the financing for the five story facility–two floors will be for rental cars. Boise’s airport Commission and City Council had a joint […]

Beware Of Library Paybacks

As he left office, President Dwight Eisenhower warned of the “Military-Industrial Complex” that was getting a grip on our nation in the late 1950’s. Today, after reading that businesses paid 95% of the funds raised to support the library bond, the GUARDIAN warns of the “Boise City-Developer Complex.” These are all folks who benefit from […]

Payoffs and Funny Money

Here is a fun look at the political payoffs in the Boise City Council election based on the finance reports filed with the City Clerk. Seems apparent the developers and fire department union are paying the most and will probably stand the best chance of a good return on their investment. The pro-lifers who paid […]

Kudos on Library Vote

Updated Post 5 pm 10/19/05 Boise City Councilors deserve kudos for allowing the public a vote on a proposed $38 million library bond. This move by the council–just three weeks prior to an election–marks a departure from past policies that went around voters and did not allow them a voice in major building projects. The […]

Council Race Off to Slow Start

With the City Council election less than six weeks off, the city is awash with intense disinterest in the people we allow to decide how more than $150,000,000 is spent each year. The only non-incumbent to register as a candidate is former acting police chief Jim Tibbs. He has been attending city council and neighborhood […]

Developer 3, Neighbors 1

After two nights of testimony, punctuated with a medical emergency and many hours of civilized debate, the Boise City Council voted to approve an apartment condominium complex on Peasley Street near the Depot. Only Councilor Vern Bisterfeldt voted with the throngs of people who were overwhelmingly against the size and height of the project which […]

Heart Attack on Live TV

Cable TV channel 11 put some real drama in the Wednesday night special City Council meeting when a member of the audience suffered an apparent heart attack on camera. It happened shortly after midnight after about 50 people from the Depot Bench neighborhood had offered testimony against the proposed four story apartment condo project. At […]

Appearances Take Two

The Boise City Council now explains the rush to get their own raises approved was nothing nefarious (for you non-library types that’s wicked or sneaky). It was just a scheduling error. They euphemistically explained to the Idaho Statesman that it was just a “scheduling error” that forced them to waive the required three readings of […]

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