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Sad Commentary On Growth

GUARDIAN GUEST POST BY: Joanne Pence Dry Creek Rural Neighborhood Association Twenty-three new planned communities are proposed for Ada County according to the Statesman’s front page article of October 11, 2006. If approved, these massive “planned communities” will give us sprawl as far as the eye can see. It’s this kind of mindless development that […]

Surface Runoff Into Boise Park

Here at the GUARDIAN we received word of some low profile dealings between the developer of those controversial condos on Crescent Rim, Drainage District #3, and Boise Parks. The short version is a plan is being hatched to dump surface runoff from the condos into Ann Morrison Park. We want to make certain the Boise […]

Library Scam Explained

We can’t tell if it was ignorance or deceit, but the daily paper ran a blatantly erroneous story entitled “Developer Envisions Library Blocks” in Friday’s edition. The short version is BoDo developer Mark Rivers wants to take over six blocks of of our city and include a library– which he will rent back to the […]

Desert Homes In Fire Peril

Thursday night’s intense thunderstorm and accompanying winds were not really unusual for Southwest Idaho, but losing homes and risking lives should send a signal to local authorities considering development in lands subject to wildfire. Three occupied homes and an empty house trailer burned in the Tipanuk (Kuna Pit backwards) settlement just north of I-84 at […]

Insurgent Developers Invade Ada

There has to be some kind of analogy to the mideast situation with all these invanders imposing their will on the peace-loving people of Boise and Ada county. The latest aggressor is Westpark Company with ‘Mayfield Springs.’ It is another of those mass subdivisions billed as a “Planned Community” proposed for land located northeast and […]

A Hump For The Cliffs

Ada County’s chief civil attorney made what some saw as a surprise appearance at the county P&Z meeting Thursday–looking to hump the CLIFFS development at Hammer Flats. Ted Argyle appeared with his fellow homeowners in the Surprise Valley subdivision asking for a berm along Highway 21 if the project is ever built. Wasn’t Surprise Valley […]

Why Ruin Our Nice Town

The local politicos are at it again trying to make Boise a big city by filling in every square foot of space they can fill to include that ill advised convention center plan. Narrow streets and limited space are not conducive to massive public buildings. We don’t have the broad avenues of Paris or Buenos […]

Developer After Public Land For Road

Looks like the Idaho Transportation Department not only holds the key, but they also own the door to the proposed Cliffs subdivision overlooking Lucky Peak Dam east of Boise. Long time opponent of the project, Tony Jones, claims ITD owns land that Skyline Development has designated as primary entrance to the plateau. He says the […]

Trashing Our Desert

Ada Commishes Wednesday trashed a proposed private landfill plan in the desert southeast of Boise along Kuna-Mora Road , subsequently making it more attractive to developers eager to cover our open spaces with houses. Allied Waste Systems, the parent of trash collector BFI, had applied to build a 500 acre landfill facility, but the Ada […]

Build It And They Will Come!

The same folks who promoted the Foothills preservation plan are bent on growing as many houses as possible in the rolling south hills…far away from the cozy North End. Recent “cover stories” in the Statesman about city-owned land and Boise’s plans for growing into the southeast desert should sound alarm bells for growthophobes–like the GUARDIAN. […]

Change the Law Just For ME

Residents of the two story “Square at Strawberry Lane” condo complex off Walnut and Park Blvd. have lived within the law for many years and are unhappy about a planned development which would be outside the law. Quarsar Development wants to build a 119-foot-high complex which is illegal. The land is zoned to allow buildings […]

Downtowners Fight 8th Street Project

(A GUARDIAN correspondent report) Downtown residents have appealed the Design Review approval for the proposed 81 unit apartment complex slated for 100 N. 8th St in the heart of downtown. Residents and business owners fear the project, with little additional parking will cripple the vital Capitol Terrance garage, which is already heavily used by visitors […]

Lame Duck Quacks

The lame duck quacked Tuesday when the Boise City Council considered the mess with the skinny houses being moved onto lots on Euclid St. and the rest of the flock followed his call. Councilor Jerome Mapp weighed in and cut to the heart of the entire debate–which ran into the waning minutes of the day. […]

Park Land Could Prove Costly

Marianne and Larry Williams have donated 70 acres of Boise river front land in the Harris Ranch subdivision to the city of Boise to be used as a park. On the face of it the deal looks good. It will extend the greenbelt, it is a nice gesture, it will preserve a mile of river […]

Give Me More, Give Me Bigger!!

Like the odor from the sugar factory and feedlots, we have become inured (for you non-library types that’s “accustomed to something unpleasant”) to the effects of growth in Idaho. Easy to sound like an old fart that wants to return to the “good old days” on this issue, but folks we are assaulted daily with […]

Big Lie Continues

The Idaho Statesman ran a front page puff piece Sunday about BoDo, the newest development about to open in downtown Boise and included the ”big lie” which remains untrue, though oft repeated. The Statesman reported, “The project will also boost Boise property tax revenues, create hundreds of jobs and is expected to trigger new Downtown […]

Boise, GROWING with Bieter

In a front page display by reporter Brad Hem, the IDAHO STATESMAN offered a retrospective of Mayor Dave Bieter’s first 21 months in office and the conclusion was “mixed reviews.” In typical mainstream media style, the newest link in the Knight-Ridder chain offered a near perfect blend of cheers and jeers. Bottom line in Hem’s […]

Developer 3, Neighbors 1

After two nights of testimony, punctuated with a medical emergency and many hours of civilized debate, the Boise City Council voted to approve an apartment condominium complex on Peasley Street near the Depot. Only Councilor Vern Bisterfeldt voted with the throngs of people who were overwhelmingly against the size and height of the project which […]

Residents Protest Development

A petition with 634 signatures of Ada County residents and other interested parties protesting a 1,500 home development overlooking the Boise River and Lucky Peak was filed Thursday with the Ada County Commission. Anthony Jones, founder of something he calls delivered the petition to the Courthouse in a move to get the Commissioners to […]

Low Cost Flight To Real Estate Heaven

Like the bankrupt airlines, Idaho government keeps looking for more passengers (residents). Just like the airlines, we have plenty of crowded flights (subdivisions) that don’t pay their way. Just like the airlines it’s good for the aircraft (housing) industry. Never mind the comfortable flights we once knew in the form of great service, real meals, […]

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