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Ada Deputies Allowed Behind Bars

Hard to believe that some people WANT to stay in jail, but that was the case with a couple of Ada County jail guards who narrowly avoided the unemployment ax following the escape of a bad guy last month. The GUARDIAN has it on good authority that contrary to earlier reports only one guard was […]

Slow Police Response

For those who complain about lack of police response, we know how you feel. A thoughtful reader sent this suggestion more than a week ago and 9 days later still no police response despite a follow up from the GUARDIAN. “How about an article on the Boise city police patrolling the freeways. I-84 looks like […]

Patriotic Arson Kits

Boise Police Chief Mike “Bat” Masterson has joined the ranks of folks who can’t understand the patriotism of burning your neighbor’s house on July 4th with illegal fireworks. We are talking about those fireworks which are legal to sell and own, but illegal to shoot. Idaho law and Boise City law are different and Masterson […]

Faux Fly Fisherman Fans Floaters

When the GUARDIAN stopped by the Boise River pedestrian bridge behind the Albertson Corp. HQ Sunday we noticed a fly fisherman among the float tubes and rafts. What kind of an idiot would stand there flipping flies amongst those hundreds of passing inner tubes? When we noticed our fly fisherman talking to his lumpy vest […]

Don’t Mess With Sheriff Gary

Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney has decisively handled a couple of serious incidents recently, demonstrating sound leadership and concern for citizens. First, it was a series of errors and omissions in the jail which apparently made it possible for a dangerous inmate to escape last month. Raney checked out the situation and BAM! He fired […]

Cops, $$, and Numbers

The mainstream media–using official crime stats–tells us “CRIME DROPS in ADA MORE THAN IN REST OF STATE”. NOT! Same and even more crime than ever before. Just more people to to be victims of crime and a larger inventory of stuff to steal. If you victimize 100 citizens with 10 crimes the crime rate is […]

EMS: What To Do Now?

The GUARDIAN admits to a cut-and-paste on this one. Here is a copy of the Ada County Commission-appointed EMS task Force report on what to do about emergency services following the defeat of a bond proposal May 22. We find it interesting the task force is comprised entirely of people who stand to benefit from […]

Let My People Vote!

Ok. Budget news is cheaper and just as effective as Ambien when it comes to sleep aid. That said, we need a little outrage (maybe just concern) over a budget proposal that Boise will salt away $2.5 mil a year of our tax money– “earmarked” to build a police station when the slush fund reaches […]

Cool Heads For Hot Float

The Idaho Attorney General has issued an opinion that Boise cops can write tickets for violation of city open booze container ordinances on the Boise River–just like they do on state highways within the city. Last month when it looked like a crack down on open containers was imminent, there was a pretty strong reaction […]

Humpty and the Inept City

This is the story of Boise City Council, Humpty Dumpty, and location, location, location. Once upon a time about five years ago Boise’s urban renewal agency the CCDC (Capitol City Development Corp.) bought land at 25th and Fairview to be used as a parking lot. The deal had questionable legal authority since it was outside […]

A River Runs Through It

The City of Boise is apparently claiming to have annexed the Boise River into the city along with the right to impose city ordinances on those who use it. The GUARDIAN thinks city officials may have overstepped their boundries when they claim to have annexed the Boise River. It may be city on both sides […]


It looks like the Boise City Council is telling the cops to keep the river dry–no booze this long hot summer when you float to cool off. It will be like a movie without popcorn. Like so much in this community, it will be a contest to preserve “community standards and traditional values” versus accomodating […]

How About Lifeguards?

River floating season will be upon us soon and the cops are prepared to spend about $100,000 keeping the peace in the Boise River. We all know what happens when you get in the cold river water and get wet well above the knees. Folks, it’s just a natural thing. Sure the water gets a […]

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