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Nampa Urban Renewal Run By Out-of-County Residents

In yet another revelation of urban renewal misdeeds, word comes from Nampa that members of the local Urban Renewal Agency Board not only don’t live in the city, they don’t even live in Canyon County. The GUARDIAN has long been an opponent of urban renewal districts because they have no oversight by ANY government agency. […]

Illuminating Idea Could Save Bike Riders Lives, Offer Coppers Chance To Issue More Than Tickets

The GUARDIAN has posted numerous stories promoting bike safety and invariably the comments turn to “Bikes vs Cars.” We don’t know any car drivers who want to hit bikers, but we sure see a lot of bikers who simply disregard their own safety. In nearly 50 years of working and living in Boise we have […]

Boise Lady Copper Big Hit On You Tube

A female Boise PD sergeant is a big hit on YOU TUBE, but the national and international publicity isn’t the type the city wants or needs. In the approximately 15 minute clip the copper, identified as “Sergeant Lori Sperry,” walks right into the typical baiting by the video guy calling himself Gavin Seim. While conducting […]

Boise Candidate Forum Uneventful

Not only were there no fireworks at Wednesday’s Boise City Council candidate forum, there were hardly any sparklers or firecrackers. Incumbents were all singing from the same choir book and even the challengers joined in at times. One of the few substantive topics was the proposed fire department and park bonds. All but two candidates […]

Boise Council Candidate Forum Wednesday

The League of Women Voters is sponsoring a forum 7p.m. Wednesday night for Boise City Council candidates at the Main Library! on Capitol Blvd. Eight candidates are running for three council seats. Ben Quintana, T.J. Thomson and Maryanne Jordan are the three incumbents. Bill Jarocki, Jill Humble, Tyler Smith are challenger candidates. All will respond […]

“Buck-A-Month” Sales Pitch Ignores $51 Million Debt and $18 Million Interest For Boise Bond

Gotta hand it to Team Dave on the sales campaign for the proposed debt question before voters in November. The NorthEnders have been mobilized and the council candidates have all avoided the issue in a joint campaign brochure. Even the DAILY PAPER editorial has offered an endorsement while addressing–almost point by point–the GUARDIAN concerns. We […]

Commishes Back Flip On Trail Portion Of Eagle Park

Ada Commishes lifted their stop work order Friday over the issue of Eagle City construction of a bike trail on county owned land leased by the city after engineers approved an application to the county. However they tell the GUARDIAN there are two primary issues. First is the winter terrain portion of the land leased […]

“Three Musketeers” Of City Council Run As Team

Three incumbents on the Boise City Council are triple teaming challengers and sending out a single joint flyer to voters, encouraging them to vote early. “Keep Boise moving forward” is the motto Ben Quintana, T.J. Thomson and Maryanne Jordan have adopted in their effort to hold off a total of five challengers–all political unknowns for […]

Ada To Eagle Mayor: “Cease And Desist” At Park

Ada County Commishes have sent a “cease and desist” letter to Eagle Mayor Jim Reynolds over commercial use of Ada land leased to Eagle City for the purposes of a a public park. The latest wrinkle is excavation being conducted at the site off Old Horseshoe Bend Road for a commercial bike “flow trail” activity […]

Trash Talking Boise City Utility Billing

The GUARDIAN noticed many calls to the mayor’s hotline during the past week or so were about utility billing by the city’s Public Works department. One citizen told us it was nearly impossible to get through the maze of automated telephone recordings trying to figure out what he thought was improper or non billing. Here […]

Fire Chief Asks Birthday Money Go To Mayor

Boise Mayor Dave Bieter attended Fire Chief Dennis Doan’s birthday party over the past weekend at the Basque Center and it paid off–literally. Doan invited plenty of guests–including the presidents of the police and firefighter unions. Guests were asked to make donations to Dave Bieter in lieu of birthday presents. We haven’t heard if Bieter […]

Mclean Opposes Panhandling Law, God Bless

Being the a voice for democracy, fair play, and equal rights can be a lonesome role, just ask Boise City Councilor Lauren Mclean. She was the lone vote Tuesday opposing a city “panhandling ordinance” which was passed despite opposition of homeless advocates and the American Civil Liberties Union. Mclean said the law goes too far […]

Bieter Uses Public Resources To Promote Bond

Boise Mayor Dave Bieter is most certainly entitled to a “bully pulpit,” to spread his wish list and opinions, but Idaho courts have ruled it is illegal to use public resources, staff, or other assets to influence a ballot issue. However, that’s exactly what he is doing with the city website. Bieter sent out a […]

Fire Bond is An Open Ended $24,000,000 Line Of Credit To Be Repaid By Taxpayers

PART TWO OF ANALYSIS OF THE Nov. 5 BOND PROPOSAL Boise Mayor Dave Bieter has convinced the City Council the city needs a $24 million loan to be repaid by property owners for the purpose of fixing up existing fire department facilities and constructing new projects. He seems to have forgotten to sell it to […]

Park Bailout Needed Due To Bad Management, Citizens Deserve Voice In Spending

ANALYSIS OF THE PARK BOND Mayor Dave Bieter has promoted his voter-financed bailout of needed fire department facilities and additional parks as “A buck a month,” project. The GUARDIAN sees it as a whopping $51,000,000 expenditure of tax money. The ballot fine print legalese says: “The total amount to be repaid not later than twenty […]

BOISE City Council Candidate Page

This traditional GUARDIAN forum for candidates will be updated whenever candidates provide announcements or create news. We will keep moving the post up as new updates are made. Candidates can send info to the “contact” button on the site. PAUL FORTIN Paul Fortin, 60, tells the GUARDIAN he is a fourth generation Idahoan, second generation […]

Demo State Senator Opposes Bieter Park Bond

In the midst of questions about whether or not he lives in Idaho Senate District 18, Senator Branden Durst has weighed in on Boise’s proposed bond for parks–AGAINST! Turns out he’s pissed about puppies potentially pooping on private property possessed by people on the perimeter of the park. Durst wrote a comment on the GUARDIAN’s […]

Bieter Splits Bond, Follows Guardian Advice

Boise Mayor Dave Bieter has taken the free advice from the GUARDIAN and split a bond debt proposal into two portions, allowing citizens to have a say over both park and fire department expenditures. A downtown police station was removed from the debt package because the specifics were not ready to be considered. Bieter shaved […]

Coppers Opt To Not Expand Shooting Range

In what can only be described as a “surprise move,” Boise coppers have decided to not appeal the city planning and zoning board’s recent denial of a permit to expand the shooting range in the foothills off Reserve Street. A police commander had previously declared the department exempt from the zoning and vowed to appeal […]

ACHD To Boise: “Paybacks Are A Bitch”

Boise’s Team Dave has a history of bad relations with various cities as well as Ada County and the recent “Parking War” is just another example of not playing nice. The Wednesday vote by the Ada County Highway District to deny the city permission to embed “hocky puck” sensors into streets to track vehicle use […]

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