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“Three Musketeers” Of City Council Run As Team

Three incumbents on the Boise City Council are triple teaming challengers and sending out a single joint flyer to voters, encouraging them to vote early. “Keep Boise moving forward” is the motto Ben Quintana, T.J. Thomson and Maryanne Jordan have adopted in their effort to hold off a total of five challengers–all political unknowns for […]

Ada To Eagle Mayor: “Cease And Desist” At Park

Ada County Commishes have sent a “cease and desist” letter to Eagle Mayor Jim Reynolds over commercial use of Ada land leased to Eagle City for the purposes of a a public park. The latest wrinkle is excavation being conducted at the site off Old Horseshoe Bend Road for a commercial bike “flow trail” activity […]

Risch, Crapo Charitable Vows For Wages Unacceptable

A story by Statesman writer Dan Popkey about the federal shutdown reports, “Sens. Mike Crapo and Jim Risch say they will donate the portion of their $174,000 annual pay earned during the shutdown to charity. Such a simplistic move by our elected officials illustrates the problem. They have no shame. These guys shutdown the government […]

“Mr. Everyman” Pens Note To Congressman Simpson Et Al

The following letter was actually sent to Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson and should be read by the entire Congress. The author has requested anonymity, but is well known to the GUARDIAN and soon, no doubt, to Congressman Simpson. The GUARDIAN felt it brilliantly expresses the sentiments of many frustrated Americans. Dear Congressman Simpson, I am […]

Fire Chief Asks Birthday Money Go To Mayor

Boise Mayor Dave Bieter attended Fire Chief Dennis Doan’s birthday party over the past weekend at the Basque Center and it paid off–literally. Doan invited plenty of guests–including the presidents of the police and firefighter unions. Guests were asked to make donations to Dave Bieter in lieu of birthday presents. We haven’t heard if Bieter […]

Mclean Opposes Panhandling Law, God Bless

Being the a voice for democracy, fair play, and equal rights can be a lonesome role, just ask Boise City Councilor Lauren Mclean. She was the lone vote Tuesday opposing a city “panhandling ordinance” which was passed despite opposition of homeless advocates and the American Civil Liberties Union. Mclean said the law goes too far […]

Bieter Uses Public Resources To Promote Bond

Boise Mayor Dave Bieter is most certainly entitled to a “bully pulpit,” to spread his wish list and opinions, but Idaho courts have ruled it is illegal to use public resources, staff, or other assets to influence a ballot issue. However, that’s exactly what he is doing with the city website. Bieter sent out a […]

BOISE City Council Candidate Page

This traditional GUARDIAN forum for candidates will be updated whenever candidates provide announcements or create news. We will keep moving the post up as new updates are made. Candidates can send info to the “contact” button on the site. PAUL FORTIN Paul Fortin, 60, tells the GUARDIAN he is a fourth generation Idahoan, second generation […]

Demo State Senator Opposes Bieter Park Bond

In the midst of questions about whether or not he lives in Idaho Senate District 18, Senator Branden Durst has weighed in on Boise’s proposed bond for parks–AGAINST! Turns out he’s pissed about puppies potentially pooping on private property possessed by people on the perimeter of the park. Durst wrote a comment on the GUARDIAN’s […]

Bieter Splits Bond, Follows Guardian Advice

Boise Mayor Dave Bieter has taken the free advice from the GUARDIAN and split a bond debt proposal into two portions, allowing citizens to have a say over both park and fire department expenditures. A downtown police station was removed from the debt package because the specifics were not ready to be considered. Bieter shaved […]

ACHD To Boise: “Paybacks Are A Bitch”

Boise’s Team Dave has a history of bad relations with various cities as well as Ada County and the recent “Parking War” is just another example of not playing nice. The Wednesday vote by the Ada County Highway District to deny the city permission to embed “hocky puck” sensors into streets to track vehicle use […]

Bieter At Boehner $50 Fund Raiser For Simpson

OK, we admit it. The GUARDIAN enjoys raising questions with regard to politico fund raising. When we heard Boise Mayor Dave Bieter, an avowed Dem, was introduced at a $50 a plate fund raiser for Repub Rep. Mike Simpson Monday, we wondered who paid. Did Bieter have to pay to get in to hear U.S. […]

Eagle Offers Ada Land To Theme Park Promoter

In yet another “cart before the horse” project of a local city, Eagle is set to consider an offer Tuesday from a developer to approve a commercial summer/winter theme park on land owned by Ada County–before getting permission from the Ada Commishes. Ryan Neptune, an officer of Gateway Parks has told the Eagle City Council […]

TJ Thomson First To File For Council Seat

Incumbent Boise Councilor TJ Thomson announced today he has filed for reelection. Along with an invitation to a kick-off party at Chandi Lighting Studio 1110 Jefferson from 5:30-7:30 p.m., he included an endorsement from the Boise firefighter’s union. So far there has been no hint of opposition to Thomson, Ben Quintana, or Maryanne Jordan–all incumbents […]

Growthophobes Beware Can-Ada Population Of 1,000,000 Predicted By 2040

Massive population growth may sound great to politicos and others eager to solve problems like transportation, sewer, water, education, and air quality, but to growthophobes it signals a call to action. The Sunday Idaho Press Tribune published a story predicting the population of Canyon and Ada Counties would hit one million by 2040. They even […]

Wanna Be A Politico? Here Are Boise Rules

The GUARDIAN has obtained the candidate filing rules for the Boise City Council election set for Nov. 5 on the off chance anyone cares enough to run against the three incumbents. We find it ironic that 53 people applied for an appointment to Vern Bisterfeldt’s vacant seat, but no one will run for election. –When […]

Boise Continues “Cart-Before the Horse” Management

Boise has been creating urban sprawl for years, annexing hundreds of acres into the city–often despite protests by residents–and then bening forced to provide services. Fire stations have been built out of the annual budget and park land purchased with no money left to maintain or “green up” the space. Now, they are claiming the […]

Tradition Of Apathy In Boise Council Races

Boise’s City Council election is barely two months away and to our knowledge no one has announced a challenge to the incumbents and anyone shy of Cecil Andrus would have a difficult time mounting a credible challenge at this late hour. Councilors TJ Thomson, Ben Quintana and Maryanne Jordan are all facing reelection–and presumably they […]

Cop Shooting Range Has Sordid History

POST UPDATED 3 p.m. No doubt about it, Boise coppers need a shooting range to maintain a safe standard of proficiency with their weapons to protect themselves and the public. That’s a given. However, when the biggest county sheriff’s department, state coppers and others are able to use an existing facility in the desert, it […]

Boise Lives Beyond Its Means, Bieter To Ask For $34M Bond Debt

Two days after the city annexed an additional 1.5 square miles–increasing the need to provide services–and only a week or so after announcing a joint agreement with emergency service providers, plans are afoot to go into debt to buy $34,000,000 worth of “infrastructure” improvements and expansions for police, fire, and parks. The good news is […]

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