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Reader’s Argument Against Property Taxes

A GUARDIAN reader sent in this comment on a previous TAX POST. For the sake of reader debate, we figured it worth posting up front. GUEST OPINION By Greg C I’m quite amazed at the back and forth between pro property taxes and against. This folks is exactly what politicians thoroughly want! The never ending […]

Growthophobe Movement Gaining Ground

Under the heading of “You saw it first on the GUARDIAN,” we are taking heart at recent success of the North Enders who are fighting the proposed CVS pharmacy at 16th and State. The group of citizens who are looking to preserve the character of Boise were able to convince the Boise Planning and Zoning […]

CANDIDATE FORUM–Paul Fortin Weighs in

THE FOLLOWING IS COUNCIL CANDIDATE FROM PAUL FORTIN: Good Day My Fellow Citizens Of Boise. Two of the main issues the people of Boise are asked for support are the down town sports arena and the F 35 versus the A 10. As I wrote before after a meeting at the Boise Public Library on […]

School Bond Opposition Explained

The GUARDIAN takes no position on the upcoming Boise school bond issue. We will gladly offer space to views from either side. This reader/writer has connections with the District so we granted anonymity, but we know the identity. Guest Opinion By ED U. KATE As early voting begins for school bond elections it’s time to […]

School Bond Would Add $3400 Debt To Median Value Home

DISCLAIMER: The GUARDIAN does not endorse or oppose candidates or ballot measures. We try to stimulate discussion of issues and present facts often ignored by proponents or opponents. The March 14 bond election in the Boise School District is an important event. Entering into $171,000,000 of public debt is not to be taken lightly and […]

NO Means NO, Not Maybe, Or Later

The election of Donald Trump pointed out the fact politicos at all levels of government simply are ignoring the will of the people, hence the surprise victory. Some of these elected officials feel they are acting for the “greater good,” and voter/citizens just don’t know what they need. No doubt a many Dems feel that […]

BoiseDev Blog Hints At Stadium Deal

A new voice on the news/blogging scene is BoiseDev (elopement) operated by KTVB-7 refugee Don Day who ran the website for the TV station. His family has deep roots in Boise–family owns Vista Village and an uncle was once mayor. He recently posted a “Scoop” about Mayor Dave Bieter’s apparent behind-the-scenes efforts to build a […]

Boise Public Land Deals Have Dubious History

Latest revelation from CWI is the apparent fact they are attempting to pay 35 times more per acre for land in Boise than land they just purchased adjacent to the Nampa campus. They will close next week on 32 acres for less than they are paying for a single acre in Boise. The recent fiasco […]

Rep. Moyle Wants Appraisals On Land Purchases

Rep. Mike Moyle of Star told the GUARDIAN Monday he has asked the office of Attorney General to write a “repair” of the Idaho Code to prevent future land purchases without an independent appraisal. He noted that nothing could be done about the current College of Western Idaho scandal over paying more than twice the […]

Getting Smarter Cheaper

It may not have blue turf, but CWI is moving to Boise along with about every other institution of higher learning. The school is growing faster than a seal pup and the trustees voted to buy the old Bob Rice Ford land along the Boise River at Main Street. The financing for construction will require […]

GUARDIAN Top 2009 Stories By Month

As the legacy media does its annual TOP TEN stories to fill space between the holidays, the GUARDIAN has done the same thing based on what we have posted in the past year. In rereading some of the posts and comments, it appears we have an inordinate number of comments on police and fire stories. […]

Stabbing Suspect Has No Driver’s License!

We have to admit to making a visit to the Daily Paper’s web site today where we noticed a headline about a fatal stabbing in the parking lot of a bikini bar. The Daily–and apparently coppers–found it noteworthy the suspect was driving without a license. “An Idaho City man accused of stabbing 30-year-old Jason Robert […]

Taking Stock Of Ourselves And Economy

Rather than pontificate on a specific issue, the GUARDIAN offers here some observations that range from profound to inflammatory, but they should serve to stimulate lively discussion of issues facing the city, state, and nation. With the likes of Micron laying off 1,500, MPC a couple hundred, the demise of nearly a dozen Boise Restaurants, […]

Chance For Young Politicos To Shine

Hey kids! Want to be the youngest elected official in Idaho with authority to levy $40,000,000 in taxes in the name of higher education? If you are a registered voter living in Ada or Canyon County you can get your name on the ballot to fill one of the 5 open seats on the College […]

Caldwell To Start Building Without Agreement

By PAUL ALLDREDGE CALDWELL GUARDIAN THE GUARDIAN received a beautiful invitation to the groundbreaking ceremony for TVCC in Sky Ranch next week. We did a public records request for the financial arrangements with the developer, City of Caldwell, TVCC and the Caldwell Urban Renewal District only to get a response from city attorney, Mark Hilty […]

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