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GUARDIAN New Year Message

Happy New Year to one and all! We have been reflecting on the past year along with the new year and would like to share some thoughts about the GUARDIAN and what we feel and believe. I am sober (don’t drink) on this New Year’s eve and after a week in the Tampa Bay area […]

Boise Legal Loses Yet Again

Boise’s legal department continued its losing record Friday when Judge Thomas Neville ruled the City once again overstepped its bounds in an attempt to stop the widening of Ustick Road. Last July the City amended its comprehensive plan in an attempt to exercise veto power over the Ada County Highway District project. In his ruling […]

Commuter Poll

Click on the GUARDIAN FORUM icon at right if you want to participate in a poll on commute times and distances. We will post the results both places.

Council Refuses To Hear Public

When Team Dave wanted to generate some buzz over a proposed gold mine 100 miles away in Atlanta, they held a public meeting in the evening and drew a huge crowd. But when it came to spending nearly $10 million in Boise citizen’s money the city council meeting was held at 10 a.m. –when most […]

EMS Monopoly Ordinance Goes To Court

The issue of who has the ultimate authority to operate ambulance service, establish medical protocol and levy taxes is headed for the courts in what can be termed as a “test case.” Ada County Commishes passed the ordinance which was strongly opposed by fire chiefs and firefighters at last week’s meeting. The passage and resulting […]

MAYOR HOTLINE Dec. 11 to 15

DON’T SPEND, COPS AT LAKE HARBOR, FED UP w/ TRAFFIC 12/9/06 Toni Newman 1404 N. 24th Street Boise, ID Strategic Planning Cost: I was reading the Statesman this morning about the windfalls and how it could help Boise start libraries and other things. I came to this part where it’s talking about spending $535,000, over […]

ITD Demands Halt On Avimor

COPYRIGHT BOISEGUARDIAN.COM In a strongly worded letter to Ada County’s Development Services department, the Idaho Transportation Department has requested NO BUILDING PERMITS be issued at the Avimor planned community on Highway 55 north of Eagle. The ITD is particularly serious about stopping further development until access issues are resolved, despite moves on the part of […]

Another Year At The GUARDIAN

Time for the look back at 2006 and look forward to 2007. The GUARDIAN realizes the majority of stories tend to be on the subject of growth, but that single topic tends to consume the local mainstream media and government. There is no end to it. Funding, construction, jobs, economy, environment, traffic, schools, planning, zoning, […]

Undercover Work On Cop Shop?

Word on the street has it that Boise PD and Team Dave are working–once again–at acquiring the old K-Mart building on Americana for a cop shop. For those who don’t remember–and that may be half of you–the big flat building with a parking lot at Americana and Shoreline was formerly an office, US Post Office […]

Talking Turkey At Food Bank

We got this plea in from the Idaho Food Bank today with a request that we share it with GUARDIAN readers. The Idaho Food bank currently has or anticipates it will receive 3,590 turkeys and hams, but it has received requests for 4,855. The Food bank needs to acquire an additional 1,265 turkeys and hams […]

Nampa A Secure Cesspool?

Less than a week after the Boise-Nampa area was declared the “most secure” place to live in America comes a different view. A reader–and NPR (public radio)–tell us of a new book which includes mention of Boise’s neighbor to the west. Nampa was featured in Dave Gilmartin’s list of “The Absolutely Worst Places to Live […]

EMS Losing Ground In Turf War?

LATE BREAKING UPDATE A reader directed us to the the Idaho Code and it looks like the cities–not the county holds the high ground in this turf battle. 31-3905. AMBULANCE SERVICE — OPERATION DEPENDENT UPON RESOLUTION OF EACH CITY — RIGHT TO TAX UNAFFECTED BY NONSERVICE. “All cities and villages within the county, upon resolution […]


SENIORS DON’T PLAY NICE, BUS DRIVERS DON’T PLAY NICE, BHS PRINCIPAL BUSTED 12/7/06 Bob Lally Boise Senior Center: Previously I talked to a lady named Heather at the Mayor’s Office about a broken T.V. at the Boise Senior Center. I needed to make that call because the manager would not have it fixed or have […]

Ada EMS Stiffs Fire Departments

Boise and Whitney fire departments got stuck with an unexpected bill for a new fire station after the Ada County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) backed out of an agreement to share in the cost of a housing an ambulance in Southwest Boise. In a plan to accommodate future urban sprawl, Boise built a new fire […]

Bieter Proposes Illegal Spending

Boise City has almost $10 million in extra cash to spend, but don’t plan on getting any of it back in your Christmas stocking. Team Dave and the City Council will have no problem disposing of the citizen’s money at a December 19 meeting. Mayor Dave Bieter has a shopping list of items for the […]

Historical Exhibit Could Multiply?

Long a favorite with Idaho Historical Museum visitors, the real two headed calf is so unique the gift shop sells stuffed doll versions like the one(s) shown. The headline in the Daily Paper have prompted some to ask if more are possible.

Bronco Motorcade If Not A Parade

The Boise State Championship football team will be leaving for the Fiesta Bowl at 6:30 a.m. Tuesday morning the day after Christmas–December 26. The GUARDIAN noticed a caller to the Mayor’s Hotline (see below) begged for a team sendoff parade. We contacted the caller–a Bronco fan and ex-state trooper so devoted he has volunteered his […]

MAYOR HOTLINENov. 27 to Dec.1

I LOVE A PARADE, GOOD COP, FORGOTTEN CARS BY ALZHEIMER UNIT 11/27/06 Curtis Williams 853 N. Sneed Pl Eagle Parade: Mayor, I have a suggestion. The BSU football team just won the WAC championship for the 5th time and is going to a national bowl. These kids have really stepped up that program and Boise […]

Short Of Breath, But Feeling Secure

ANATOMY OF “MANUFACTURED NEWS” The Daily Paper had a great story on page one Wednesday detailing all the evils of weather inversion and related health risks. They had charts, graphs, and quotes from officials who predict more bad air alerts. Below the inversion story was a teaser for a made up story from Farmers Insurance […]

GUARDIAN Points To Ponder

BOISE PARKS has put a proposed 163 acre park Southwest of the city on hold until annexation issues can be worked out. It is a real catch 22. The City is eager to annex the area known as the Murgoitio farm in the area of Victory Road, but lack of funds and strong anti-annexation sentiment […]

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