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Spring Means Blooming Politicos

Where is Mr. Babbit when you need him? (For you newcomers, he ran for everything all the time and was a great Irish tenor who was never elected) Along comes another apparent Irishman with a website proclaiming his candidacy for Boise Mayor. Mike Murphy’s website reads like an entry for on-line dating: Murphy for Mayor’s […]

C. College Cheaper Than Private Sector

It didn’t take long for the community college advocates to offer their view. This piece is by the spokesman. By ART SWIFT The new school will be the first comprehensive community college in the Treasure Valley. It will also use an existing campus, so there won’t be new construction needed. The school will be […]

Private Sector Fills Education Gap

While the cost of the May 22 election itself seems a major concern to commishes in Ada and Canyon Counties, GUARDIAN reader TIM RHODES offers up opposition to a proposed community college district. It requires a 2/3 approval. By TIM RHODES Creating a community college taxing district is a duplication of efforts and creates an […]

Honor And Dishonor At Boise Police

The GUARDIAN has received word of a philosophical split among the local cops over another well intended, but not well thought out internal campaign. We hear that a “challenge coin” has been minted in honor of Mark Stahl, the officer who was killed 10 years ago in the line of duty in a hail of […]

Old Growth Timber Clear Cut

From a Statehouse GUARDIAN reader– I’m sitting here in my office in the Capitol building these days watching them outside cutting down all the historic old trees on the grounds where the Legislature’s Poseiden Adventure is going to be built. I don’t know if I’m more disgusted by what’s going on, or by the fact […]

Mayor Hotline March 17 to 23

Last week we posted a single "attaboy" for Team Dave on the mining issue and duly noted there were 16 more. We took heat from Team Dave for not listing them all. He has his own blog where he can post these self-serving compliments. This week there were 8 more and they were all similar […]

National Review Praises GUARDIAN

Stephen Spruiell of the NATIONAL review has a new weekly column on government waste. The GUARDIAN was featured in the current piece along with the WASHINGTON POST…not bad company. Here is what he had to say: Boise Blogger Exposes City Official’s Taxpayer-Funded Club Membership Last week I asked readers to write in with tips about […]

GUARDIAN Solves Bus Woes

Using the KISS (keep it simple, Stupid) philosophy, the GUARDIAN offers up the immediate solution to our transit woes…IF we can find buses that don’t burst into flames. This one has potential. The plan offered by our chief transportation planner is simplicity it self… a “surface subway” using existing resources–buses. We feel public transit needs […]

Clean Burning Bus Erupts In Flames

The Daily Paper has a great quote on line from the deputy fire chief about “clean burning buses”—as he discussed merits of propane power after a city bus erupted in flamesThursday downtown. This is the second natural gas-powered bus to suffer a major meltdown in about six months, the “fourth or fifth” in the past […]

Taxes Fund Chamber Business Programs

The GUARDIAN has discovered Boise and Ada County are SPENDING at least $150,000 of YOUR TAX MONEY to CREATE GROWTH. Then they turn around and PAY $300 a head to attend a seminar in Sun Valley to figure out how to handle the massive growth problems they paid to create! This year’s retreat at Sun […]

Mayor Hotline March 10 to 16

The following mining message is representative of 16 nearly identical calls to the Hotline 3/15/07 Annie Moore Stoneview Drive Boise, ID Mining: I just read an e-mail that I probably should have read about a week ago. I’m seeing that the City Council has taken a stand against the Atlanta Gold Mine and I am […]

GUARDIAN Overwhelmed, Seeking Help

The GUARDIAN has been overwhelmed with information on stories the local media has either missed or refuses to research and publish or air. We have actual e-mail texts below or summaries. I simply cannot do the research and writing on these with no staff and continue to make a living with my photo business. If […]

CCDC Jumps On Arid Club Issue

Boise’s Urban Renewal agency board, the CCDC (Capitol City Development Corp.) made a code-3 response after the GUARDIAN sounded the alarm, revealing they have been approving use of public funds to pay for membership in a private club. Within 18 hours of the GUARDIAN posting, the board had unanimously decided to stop paying for Director […]

CCDC Pays Arid Club Dues

A recent tip to the GUARDIAN confirms our fears about Boise City’s urban renewal agency operating without oversight or accountability to the citizens. The CCDC (Capitol City Development Corp.) is funded by property taxes and income from publicly owned parking facilities in the downtown area of Boise. In short, the funds come from taxes on […]

Pinch A Drunk, Chomp A Pizza

Beer and Pizza have always gone together, but under a new Boise Police internal contest, drivers with too many beers under their belt may inadvertently buy pizza for a cop. Seems a sergeant came up with the idea which is endorsed by Chief Mike Masterson. Officers who win a monthly DUI arrest contest are rewarded […]

GUARDIAN Inspires Caldwell Offspring

The Boise GUARDIAN has inspired a sister blog site to the west known as the Caldwell GUARDIAN. “We plan to be a government watchdog in Canyon County in the same fashion as the well established Boise GUARDIAN,” said Paul Alldredge, editor of the new on line publication. Alldredge cited a timidity on the part of […]

Family Oriented Strip Clubs?

“Honey, let’s not cook tonight. How about taking the kids over to the Torch strip club for dinner.” Apparently the Idaho State Police think that’s the way things work. The Daily Paper quoted Maj. Dave Kane on a recent liquor law crackdown. He said, “It provides the community with a decent place to go with […]

Bieter Wants Control of ACHD

Team Dave’s coach, Mayor Bieter, declared on a Thursday KTVB-7 newscast that cities–not Ada County Highway District Commishes–should be in charge of roads. We don’t know exactly what Team Dave wants–control of ACHD or responsibility to fix roads. Legislators ignored a proposed bill to give control of the district to city officials. It sounded like […]

Anyone FOR Cyanide In Boise River?

Following the Tuesday “anti-poison”vote of four Boise city councilors, a coalition of greenies sent out a press release praising Mayor Dave Bieter for his actions, even though he is not allowed to vote on council resolutions. There were three references to “Mayor Dave Bieter” and “city council members–not a single councilor was named. Two were […]

Guerber Dodges Bullet

Embattled former Idaho State Historical Society Director Steve Guerber dodged a bullet Wednesday when Ada County Prosecutor Greg Bower declined to press charges related to alleged travel spending irregularities. Guerber had been subject of some pretty intense investigations within state government as well as in the media. He always maintained his innocence, attributing the problems […]

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