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Punch Out Boise Candidates

For those who thought they had seen the end of the old “hanging chad” punch card ballots, think again. Boise City is rolling out the cards November 6 for what will probably be one last hurrah. The system is being replaced at the county level with optical scanners and #2 lead pencil dots because there […]

City Mum On Financing Vision

Boise City Councilor Alan Shealy should be proud of his Planning and Zoning Department for being “pro-active” with the color drawing and unquestioning text on the front page of the Daily Paper Tuesday. The city has put forth a major planning effort in the area of 30th Street between State and Fairview for the past […]

Derail Amtrak In Idaho

What is it with politicos and trains? Seems they are all fascinated with the “concept” of having passenger trains…like the people riding the “Pumpkin Express” from Horseshoe Bend to Montour. Europe and Japan have trains, why can’t Americans have trains? One reason they have trains in other places is because they have massive amounts of […]

More PIGs At City Hall?

At the noon Council meeting of October 23, there was lengthy discussion about hiring a spin meister to shape public opinion on council issues. Some wanted to expand the “Public Information Group” (PIGs) in City Hall and others wanted a council staffer to handle “constituent services.” There are currently spin meisters in the office of […]

Lackluster Boise Election Part Two

The GUARDIAN story last week about the low interest Boise City election caused folks at City Hall to scramble–probably when we posted the blank “Candidate Profile” page from the Clerk’s site. VISIT TODAY and the site is crammed with data from all the incumbents and only one challenger, Council candidate Steve Kimball. If you don’t […]

Mayor Hotline October 13 to 19

WHY IS EVERYBODY PICKING ON ME?, SPEEDING FUND RAISER, PARK N PARK 10/16/07 Arlen Potts 10921 Montana Ave. Boise, ID 83713 JD Park towing: I’m calling in regards to the towing of BSU tailgaters from Julia Davis Park. It seems to me that the Parks Department has gutted the citizens of Boise again and I’m […]

Taxes To Increase Eagle Rd. Traffic

Meridian politicos are aiming to deprive the citizens of Idaho of at least $15 million in sales taxes to help a commercial developer create more traffic on Eagle Road at Fairview where he wants to build another retail mall. A new law passed by the Idaho legislature to subsidize a Cabela’s in North Idaho will […]

ELECTION! What Election? Who Cares?

To call the upcoming Boise City election LACKLUSTER is an understatement. With the exception of the Bieter-Tibbs yawner for mayor, there is no interest…from the mainstream, the candidates, or the city officials. The campaign payoff (contribution) page is difficult to find, but with enough clicks we found PDF files among seven years of candidates and […]

One Belt Too Many

Looks like we’ll have to dust off the old GUARDIAN “Dope Reporter Award” and pass it along to KIVI-TV Channel 6 reporter Shane Johnson for brandishing a leather belt while reporting on a strangulation murder trial Thursday evening during the 6 p.m. newscast. We were fearful he would drop trou in front of the Ada […]

Inside Scoop On Exclusive Interview

Larry Craig has worked hard at portraying himself as “victim” in his media appearances, but make no mistake, the senior Senator from Idaho knows a thing or two about media manipulation. NBC’s Matt Lauer didn’t “land the interview” because he has a reputation for being fair and balanced. He got it–according to GUARDIAN insiders–because Craig […]

Wanna Pay For 200 Jobs?

We admit it isn’t real sexy, but the GUARDIAN is not comfortable with the way Team Dave is managing the City land holdings and real estate speculation. The latest cause for concern evolves around a political announcement by Team Dave that WinCo would build a 700,000 square foot “distribution center” adjacent to a big block […]

KTVB Gets Craig Interview

Gotta hand it to the TV newsies at KTVB–they get the interviews the other mainstreamers only wish for. Mark Johnson did a teaser on the Sunday Channel 7 newscast and revealed Craig waited two months to tell his wife about getting busted in the Minneapolis airport crapper. Craig said he planned to “exercise his constitutional […]

C Of I Grant No Factor To CWI

When the Albertson Foundation ponied up $50 mill to the College of Idaho and apparently endorsed dropping the family name off the college letterhead, at least one GUARDIAN reader voiced concern about the future of the new College of WESTERN IDAHO Community College. We did some checking and were assured by both the Albertson Foundation […]

Transit Sounds Good, Costs Too Much

By Ronald M. Harriman GUARDIAN READER Your legislators will be asked this year to allow a local option tax for transit in the Treasure Valley. The transit plan proposed by the local Idaho transit folks is $1.2 Billion dollars over the next 20 years, probably funded with sales taxes.   It SOUNDS good…”it will clean […]

Liars And Perverts Are Usually Forgiven

A RANT BASED ON NEWS OF THE PAST FEW DAYS–PLEASE ADD YOUR FAVORITES OR PREACH FORGIVENESS Larry Craig and the people who want to place him in the Idaho Hall of Fame cheapen the “honor” for all who follow. Sandy Berger, who stole highly classified documents from the National Archives, and lied to investigators, is […]

WinCo Insider Trades At City Hall

Gotta Hand it to Team Dave. When it comes to manipulating the media and public they do a darn good job. We groused (among other things) about spending money on the city owned railroad to nowhere in a CAMPAIGN ISSUES posting June 25 which turned into a defense of a kayak park. Turns out any […]

Whose Side Are They On?

A GUARDIAN reader suggests we pass a county ordinance similar to federal law for lobbyists. He notes the recent announcement that Richard Cook, administrator of Ada County P & Z, is leaving to take a high paid position at WRG Design, a consulting group to SunCor and Spring Valley Ranch.   This revolving door situation […]

Idaho Does Not Deserve Craig

If having the Broncos on ESPN is worth “thousands in publicity for Idaho” and promoting Boise in the United Airlines magazine is worth more than half a million dollars, we wonder how much Larry Craig’s antics has COST…probably a lot more than all the “positives.” The poetic justice comes in the half million dollars the […]


WOW! The Ada Commishes can get things done quickly when they want to. After a Friday GUARDIAN posting brought allegations to their attention regarding SLAVE LABOR (a catchy headline we thought), they convened a hasty Tuesday meeting to discuss the practice of sentencing juvenile offenders to work at a private commercial enterprise. The Commishes unanimously […]

Mayor Hotline September 22 to 28

THE GLENN MILES SHOW!! 9/21/07 Glenn Miles 1306 N. 26th St. Boise, ID 83702 BSU Partnership: Boy, you’d think the greeting would be a lot shorter since this is the Mayor’s Hotline for the secretary that reads the greeting end. I would like to know what the Mayor and City Council are doing in order […]

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