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Spell Check Can’t Replace Proofreaders

We have to admit we like the idea of a daily newspaper on the doorstep. We also have to lament “it ain’t what it used to be”–especially with the Daily Paper. Hope springs eternal and we still subscribe. Sunday morning page one–they call it the “cover” these days–had a full page-wide headline proclaiming “SEXTING PROBLEM […]

Team Dave Continues “Live Aid” For Chamber

Boise’s Chamber of Commerce continues to benefit from Team Dave’s annual fund raiser “State of the City” breakfast event. Cost to attend the speech where Mayor Dave Bieter lists his accomplishments range from $35 to $55 per head. Past attendance has been about 1,000 mostly business people. We estimate the Chamber grosses about $40,000 from […]

Commishes Called Out On Discount Drug Card

Ada Commishes have endorsed a “discount drug card” scheme put forth by pharmacy giant CVS which can cost residents nearly twice what they would pay for the same medicine at COSTCO. The GUARDIAN did “apples for apples” test shopping on three of the most commonly prescribed drugs. Here is what we found: LIPITOR (cholesterol) 40mg […]

Mayor Hotline May 15 to 22

SOME GOOD MATERIAL THIS SLOW WEEK: CITY PARK S POLLUTER, NOT FUNNY STREET COMEDIAN, WEED SEASON IS HERE. Dale Keys 3496 Forsythia Boise, ID 83703 631-1639 Grass Blowing: Today I watched a guy mowing at Veterans Park with a gas-powered leaf blower bungee corded to the front of a riding lawn mower. He was using […]

A Street Car Named Dumbo (White Elephant)

GUEST POST BY TIM RHODES Boise Mayor Dave Bieter’s plan to have streetcars rolling in Downtown Boise by summer 2012 may be receiving some help from Sen. Mike Crapo to push it to the next level if Congress springs for the pork. Team Dave’s plan is to have the first phase of a downtown streetcar […]

Ada County Markets Drugs For CVS

In what can only be described as one of the most brilliant marketing schemes in recent memory, CVS Caremark has convinced county government to distribute prescription discount cards on its behalf. At first blush it sounds great: Ada County Residents “qualify” for an average 22% savings on prescription drugs. Truth is, residents of ANY county […]

Weekend Boaters Scuttled By New Law

Chalk up another well intentioned, but ill advised law from the legislature, causing outrage and disappointment among boaters. The lawmakers went overboard on this one. The Ag Dept. convinced the lawmakers there is a threat of zebra mussel infestations in Idaho. Never mind none of the invasive little clams have been found in Idaho waters, […]

GUARDIAN Thoughts After 5,400 Mile Drive

Sorry for not posting more often this past few weeks, but the day job and family demanded our attention. We previously posted some observations and offer more after driving 5,400 miles in two weeks. –Without question the USA is BIG, beautiful, diverse, a true sleeping giant, and probably in for many months of bad economic […]

Simplot Dream Project Has Potential

We’ve seen it all before–the Daily Paper features a huge color architect rendering on the front page with a gushing story about extravagant plans. The plans seldom work out because the hype is just the first phase of what is really a financing scheme. Things like a convention center, hotel, high rise tower, Tamarack, “European” […]

Euro-Style Parking Comes To Boise

Boise’s Parking Czar, John Eichman, is experimenting with a parking system that is common throughout Europe and much of the progressive USA–California and Florida are rime examples. Instead of the old fashioned coin-op meters, the new (to Boise) system spits out expiration times based on how much time you buy–paying with coins, bills, or plastic […]

Transit Experts Vindicate GUARDIAN

For years the GUARDIAN has been poking fun at Team Dave. Senator Senior Crappo, and all the rest of those who favor trains. Each time we poked holes in their ill advised dreams, survey, and yes–SCAMS, we pointed out the need for a decent bus system before anything else can even be considered. Here is […]

Reader Has Debit Card Problem

Here is a new one we hadn’t heard about previously with plastic money from GUARDIAN reader Mike: “I got gas on my debit card at a station on Vista May 13th in the amount of $30+. When I got to work I checked my online bank transactions and they had put a hold of four […]

Pentico Should Appeal

Christ Pentico, the persistent pest to government types, was sentenced to 30 days probation Monday in the wake of his trespass conviction in 4th District Magistrate Court. We posted a story about his CONVICTION earlier. He visited public areas of the governor’s office after a bossy state trooper gave him a list of places he […]

Mayor Hotline May 2 to 8

MOSTLY TRASH TALK, SEXY BUS STOP BENCH 5/4/09 John Gates 8239 W. Donnybrook Dr. Boise, ID 322-8322 Trash: I just want to make a remark about that garbage can issue. I don’t approve of it whatsoever. I think it’s the most communist thing I’ve ever heard of when they tell us we HAVE to use […]

Caldwell’s Official Land Speculators

Did Caldwell Urban Renewal buy land with the idea of selling it for a profit to the Feds? Our sister blog, the CALDWELL GUARDIAN,continues to review past minutes of the local Urban Renewal agency and its questionable actions. This little gem is 4 yrs. old, but it speaks volumes of the mentality–and wisdom– of this […]

Changing View From Interstate

The day job took priority this week and for a change of pace, the GUARDIAN took a little drive to points east and this writing comes from Lansing Michigan Saturday morning after more than 2000 miles in three days. Here are some random observations: –TRUCKS outnumber cars on UTAH, WYOMING and KANSAS highways as much […]

Straight Poop On Saturday Market

GUARDIAN reader Hillary got our attention when she wrote about the overflow demand for “services” at the Saturday Market on 8th street. Never one to suffer in silence, Hillary wrote to the CCDC about increased fees for vendors at the market to cover the cost of those plastic phone booth style restrooms known as Porta […]

Boise Caters To Contractors–Again

No lesson learned from the “Boise Pit,” Valley County’s Tamarack, or Avimore by Team Dave. The latest move catering to contractors and developers of commercial projects simply defies financial logic. Mayor Dave Bieter is “deferring” building permit and inspection fees on new construction until an occupancy permit is issued. Also, impact fees for police, fire, […]

Mayor Hotline April 25 to May 1

LOTS OF TRASH TALK, BUS COMPLAINT, SPEEDERS Francis Harlow 2775 S. Mayflower Wy. Boise, ID 83709 322-7888 Trash: I’m calling to state my concerns, serious concerns, about this ridiculous new curb program. Without the ability to leave extra bags or boxes of trash outside the street, that’s going to require extra bins. I can see […]

Caldwell Urban Renewal Blatantly Misuses Public Money

Our sister blog, the CALDWELL GUARDIAN, has done some grat work recently uncovering irregularities in public agencies. First it was the county DMV embezzlement scandal, now editor Paul Alldredge has found problems in the URBAN RENEWAL agency. Note the understatement on the City Seal of Caldwell. By simply publishing the minutes of their own meetings, […]

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