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Mayor Hotline June 19 to 25

CITY SPENDING CONCERNS, WEEDS, THREATENED SUIT, RECYCLE DOWNTOWN, NEIGHBORHOOD INMATES 6/19/10 Deborah Miller Boise Trolley Tours 602 Julia Davis Dr. Julia Davis Park Boise Trolley Tours: I would like to register a complaint with the road closures that have been going on every weekend in this city. I’m trying to operate a tour company here […]

If Vern Were To Bite GOP Bait…

Regarding having Vern step down, the GOP county central committee would choose a successor, most likely Fred Tilman. This is what they are aiming for. The voters have spoken. Vern won. It doesn’t matter with whom he associates. Tilman and Yzaguirre supported Democrat Paul Woods, at least informally. In a search of 2010 Sunshine Reports, […]

Open Forum Weekend

We don’t have much to offer, so it is YOUR turn to come up with some comments and topics. Here are some seeds. –Summer school principal brings her infant to school. At least one teacher complained to the GUARDIAN for fear of recrimination. Claims it interferes with job. Distric rep says no violation of policy […]

Only “Small People” Suffer At Idaho Tax Agency

Seems someone in Idaho State government has a new concept when it comes to “exemptions.” This memo was circulated at the Idaho Tax commission explaining why the tax commishes don’t share the furlough pain with the rest of the staff: Good afternoon everyone. This is a difficult and important message from us to all of […]

Mayor Hotline June 12 to 18

GOOD CLERK, BAD CODE ENFORCEMENT, WEEDS, WRONG NUMBER Michael Smith 280 N. 8th Boise, ID 83702 Kudos: I had a question about the noise ordinance; living on 8th Street, we’ve had occasional problems with the bars, their outside speakers and outside bands. I’ve never had it fully explained to me; I understand that the City Clerk issues […]

Boise Council In Dark Over F-35 Banners

In a sampling of half the Boise City Council, it looks like councilors had no knowledge their group images are being displayed on banners at the airport supporting the F-35 fighter jet and none can remember authorizing any expenditures for the banners. The professional advertising banners on the concourse proclaim “BOISE SUPPORTS THE F-35 IN […]

Ada Dump Seeks Green Power Trash Talk

The Ada Commishes are trying to generate some trash talk–or talk generating with trash– with the idea of making prime real estate out of the county dump. They issued a “REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST” for anyone willing to talk about using trash to generate energy and potentially building a “Renewal Energy Industrial Park” at […]

2C Prosecutor Deal Typical Local Government

Canyon County Prosecutor John Bujak finds himself in a big financial mess with personal debts overwhelming his ability to repay and a murky agreement with the city of Nampa to provide private prosecutor legal services through his public Canyon County elected job. The Nampa-Canyon-Bujak deal has caught the attention of the legal community–both public and […]

Drilling For Money At BP Well?

The GUARDIAN returned yesterday from a visit to Florida yesterday and it was interesting to see how many folks are “standing in the welfare line” that leads directly to BP. While we agree that BP should pay “all legitimate claims” and their leaking well has killed 11 humans (even though they may be small people), […]

Mayor Hotline June 5 to 11

WEED SEASON, PROFILING, HINDU NOT A CHRISTIAN, HAZ MAT DISPOSAL, CARPET RECYCLE, BOISE HIGH NOISE Kirby Widdicombe Code Enforcement: My call is in regards to a property at 2412 Smith, just around the corner from my house that is pretty much blighted. It has been on the sales market for at least six months; the […]

A Gem Hiding In Plain Sight–Table Rock

Like a silent sentinel, Table Rock stands guard over the City of Trees and provides a scenic vista equaled only in cities like Rio and perhaps a few smaller metro areas. It provided the stone for the Statehouse as well as the Old Pen prison and the cross–like it or not–can be seen as a […]

Mayor Hotline May 29 to June 4

OVERWHELMING TAX OPPOSITION, PRO GLIDER, PRO SOLAR, STRICT HOME OWNERS ASSOC. 6/3/10 Michael Gibson 3554 N. 39th Boise, ID 83703 Local Option Tax: I just wanted to voice my concern and opinion about the local sales tax. I don’t have a problem with the local sales tax if it’s going to do something that benefits everyone in the […]

ACHD Race Turns Into A Real Fight

The Ada County Highway District 3 election has turned into a potential brawl with today’s announcement from Cleveland Corder, former world middleweight boxing champion. Corder, 38, is challenging incumbent John Franden for control of the only male seat on the ACHD commission. If elected will represent the area generally known as Garden City and Eagle […]

Ironman Event To Dominate Boise Streets

Boise is in the middle of a five year run of Ironman constest which will have a major impact on driving patterns around the city on Saturday. What a wonderful thing it is to be chosen to host this run-swim-bike contest of athletes. The economic impact and notoriety should help bring jobs and business to […]

Forget Bureaucrats, Trust Your Politicos

A series of recent events, backed up by press releases from the offices of politicos from City Hall to the United States Senate are leaving the GUARDIAN confused. Most recent was a move to locate TRACON–the local aviation radar operators who sit in a dark windowless room–in Boise instead of a consolidated facility at the […]

Payette River Water Flow Highest In Years

A drive up Highway 55 along the Payette River and its North Fork to Cascade provided a spectacular display of spring runoff. Water flows were the highest in they have been in at least 13 years. From the top of Horseshoe Bend Hill the river looks like a junior version of the Muddy Missouri as […]

Mayor Hotline May 22 to 28

DIRT IN SEWER, HAZ MAT, HAMMER FLAT, BUS, TRADE FOR TABLE ROCK 5/27/10 Mark Hammer Flat: I don’t necessarily need a call-back on this. I just have a suggestion about the Hammer Flats issue. What is the possibility of swapping that land out there, swapping the state for Table Rock. The State Department of Corrections, […]

Bieter Seeks To Abolish Citizen’s Right To Vote

Using an appearance before the Chamber of Commerce as a “bully pulpit,” Boise Mayor Dave Bieter urged citizens to approve a proposed constitutional amendment that would serve only to abolish rights citizens currently enjoy to approve bonds to pay for airport facilities. We find it ironic the good Mayor seeks to abolish the right of […]

Gas-Fired Power Plant Aborted, City Headed For Solar Deal

Like their unending efforts to get into the train business, Boise’s Team Dave is headed into a scheme with a private business using public land–this time for yet another electricity generating facility. Back in January 2006 the GUARDIAN REPORTED on a below market lease subsidy deal for a gas-fired plant near Gowen Field. That plan […]

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