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Navy Contract Reads Like Dream Ski Vacation

If you are swishing the Warm Springs run at Sun Valley and find a guy following you with machine gun and a bumper sticking reading, “WE GOT OSAMA,” you just might be in the middle of a training exercise. We feel a bit like the Wikkileaks guy in England, but since the information is already […]

Coppers Ask For Equal Treatment On Texting Ban While Driving

Idaho coppers including the State Police, Sheriff’s Association and Chiefs of Police offered testimony today before the Idaho House during a hearing on the proposed texting ban while driving. ALL THREE GROUPS ASKED THE LAWMAKERS TO REMOVE THE EXEMPTION FOR COPPERS. The House agreed and sent the bill back for amendments to remove the law […]

Statehouse Like Animal House, But Dumber

In what can only be described as “typical Idaho Legislative behavior,” we take note of the recent actions of the Idaho Legislature regarding humane treatment of animals. Under pressure from humane society advocates, a bill making animal cruelty a felony for repeat offenders is sailing through the lawmaking process. As it stands, it looks like […]

U.S. Judge Rules Occupy Protest Is Legal, Tents Are Symbolic Statement

U.S. District Judge U.S. District Judge Lynn Winmill ruled Monday the Occupy Boise tent city is a “political protest of income inequality.” Since it is a preliminary injunction, the decision is not final. The final hearing for decision will be made on March 2nd. The decision appears to block the state from removing tents on […]

Dynamis Deal With Idaho Power Gets IPUC Approval

The so-called trash to energy project planned for the Ada County landfill has passed a hurdle with the Idaho Public Utilities Commission. The IPUC approved the rate contract Friday between Dynamis and Idaho Power saying, the agreement “contains acceptable contract provisions,” and is in the best interest of the parties and ratepayers. Dynamis was denied […]

Idaho PUC Proposes Power Payment Program

The Hoku Solar panel plant in Pocatello is still not up and running and it appears to the GUARDIAN it may never reach production, despite all kinds of taxpayer subsidies and tax credits. The company got behind in its payments to Idaho Power and now the Idaho Public Utilities Commission is proposing an agreement that […]

ACHD Commish To Challenge Ullman For Ada Seat

Dave Case, a hearing officer for the stet of Idaho and an elected member of the Ada County Highway District, has told the GUARDIAN he will run for Ada County Commissioner against Sharon Ullman. Currently Case represents the southwest part of the county for ACHD, but if elected to the Ada County Commission he would […]

Public Record Award Entries

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2012 Max Dalton Open Government Award sponsored by the Idaho Newspaper Foundation. The 2012 award will be the 14th annual award given to each year since 1999 to a citizen or group judged to be an outspoken advocate of openness in either public records or public meetings on […]

After 52 Years, Vern To Leave Public Service

Ada Commish Vern Bisterfeldt confided with the GUARDIAN Tuesday that he will not seek reelection to his seat. Citing personal health concerns, Bisterfeldt said he was gratified to have had the opportunity to serve the citizens of Boise and Ada County for half a century and wanted to thank everyone for the support they have […]

Anti F-35 Post In Interest Of Fair Play

We are providing space to those opposed to the F-35 being based at Gowen Field in the interest of fair play. Various state and local governments have come out in favor of locating the noisy fighter here, but those opposed don’t have access to the public money or forum. The GUARDIAN will gladly entertain any […]

Ball Park Bad Idea, Bieter Still Pitches It

Team Dave’s captain, Mayor Dave Bieter used the City Club of Boise Thursday as a forum to pitch a new public baseball park for private gain. We see it as another swing and a miss. At the same event, Bieter recruited the audience to seek petitions asking for a referendum to allow the city authority […]

F-35 Opponent Questions Air Force Report

This is a GUARDIAN guest opinion By Kevin E. Cahill, PhD Is the Air Force being honest with Boise? The United States Air Force is proposing Boise’s Gowen Field as a possible Pilot Training Center and base for F-35A fighter Jets. The Air Force has just released a draft Environmental Review (Environmental Impact Statement or […]

Tibbs Goes After Sharon Ullman’s Empty Seat

With Presidential Repubs stopping by Boise, looking for cash and delegates, it will probably be next week before anyone takes note that former Boise City Councilor, Drug Czar, Police Chief Jim Tibbs will be running for Ada County Commish, but you read it on the GUARDIAN first. Tibbs has filed the necessary campaign contribution paper work […]

GUARDIAN Apology, Out of Contact

For all those who have wondered why so little new material has appeared, it’s because the day job has the GUARDIAN in Asia. We paid a brief visit to Yangon, Myanmar (Rangoon, Burma) where we stopped by Aung San Suu Kiy’s home. She was under house arrest for nearly 13 years, but it was hardly […]

Bill Would Limit State Role In Commercial Business

A Bill to limit the Idaho Land Board’s role in private sector-type commercial enterprises has been introduced in the legislature. The GUARDIAN made public the state’s ownership of Affordable Self Storage in 2010, touching off a controversy which has the Dept. of Lands claiming they “do it for the children.” Meanwhile business interests and some […]

Ada Precints And Commish Districts Change

As predicted by the GUARDIAN, we have a possible battle between Sharon Ullman and Vern Bisterfeldt with the changes in legislative and commish districting. Bisterfeldt won’t say if he is running (Mrs. Commish will make that decision), Ullman won’t talk to the GUARDIAN, and word on the street is former City Councilor, chief, drug czar […]


(Disclaimder: GUARDIAN is in Thailand working on erratic WIFI, so this may be old news) When the legislature proposed a draconian law to clear the old courthouse lawn of Occupy Boise protesters, they included a clause that would classify their property as “litter” and destroy it. Both Boise’s Top Copper, Mike Masterson and Super Trooper […]

Judge Declines G.C. Bike Suit For Lack of Standing

The group trying to get bike access to the Greenbelt in Garden City got tossed out of court for “lack of standing.” It is a common move in Idaho courts, but it is the LAW. This from the Committee for an Open Greenbelt. (Pardon the formatting, GUARDIAN is on small computer in Asia.) Today Judge […]

Dynamis Rate Opposed by IPUC Staff

The Idaho Public Utilities Commission staff Friday came out against an agreement between Idaho Power and the Dynamis “trash to power” project at the Ada County landfill. There was strong written opposition to the plan before the IPUC, including a document filed by attorney Jon Steele. Much of the opposition was based upon the contemplated […]

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