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Downtown Boise Continues Crime Spree

While the politicos like to tout downtown Boise as a “family friendly” and a vibrant safe place to enjoy dinner and drinks, the area has a history or alcohol related violent crime that has become apparent the past two weekends. Last weekend it was a gang-related SHOOTING, this week it was a MELEE which resulted […]

Candidate Talks Trash Over Dynamis Plan

Dave Case is a Repub running against Sharon Ullman for Ada County Commish. He sent the following guest opinion unsolicited to the GUARDIAN. We have contacted Sharon Ullman and expect her response soon. By Dave Case Ada Commission Candidate It has been almost a month now since the Idaho Statesman ran its last story on […]

Skeptics Take Dim View Of Dynamis Power Plant

While the GUARDIAN has always been skeptical about the proposed “trash to energy” project at the county dump, more folks are jumping on the trash truck seeking to short circuit the plan. A Thursday meeting called by residents in the Hidden Springs area adjacent to the landfill was attended by Ada Commish candidates and reps […]

West Neighborhood Hosts Candidate Forum

The West Boise Neighborhood Association is hosting a candidate forum–which will be more of a “meet and greet,” but still a good effort on their part. Date is Wednesday May 2nd at 7:00 PM at Library! Cole and Ustick Here is what they say about the event: We are inviting candidates from contested primaries in […]

Free Candidate Forum For May Primary Races

April 28– Here is a posting from Tom Howell, a Demo candidate fro Ada County Commish seat 3. Currently I am the Ada County Democrats Precinct Captain/Committeeperson for Precinct 135 (2201) in Western Meridian and District Chair for the new District 22 covering Western and Southern Meridian, Kuna and southern Ada county. I am running […]

Early Voting Starts Monday In Ada

Rather than try to interpret the rules, we are posting the entire contents of a press release from Ada County Chief Election Officer Chris Rich. Early voting in Ada County will begin: · Monday, April 30, 2012 and will continue through Friday, May 11, 2012 · Hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm · Monday […]

Republicans Hijack Primary Election At High Cost

When U.S. District Judge Lynn Winmill ruled that Republicans had a right to determine their candidates at at closed primary election, few people understood the ramifications of that decision. The net result is massive confusion about who can vote for what or whom. Also we predict many voters will be so overwhelmed they will simply […]

Bikeboy Says Two Wheeler Plan Off Balance

Our long time two wheeler expert, Steve Hulme (aka Bikeboy) offers up his views on a new government spending spree for Boise bikes. By Steve Hulme The CCDC, in cahoots with the Central District Health Dept., are hoping to start upa bike-sharing program in Boise. On the surface, it sounds laudable… 140 bikes at 10-15 […]

Thoughts From The Road

The day job has the GUARDIAN on the road making photographs and observing the “American Condition.” We share some random observations. –The new bridge across the Coloorado River below Hoover Dam is a great time saver if you are headed south of Las Vegas, but you can’t see it (or the dam) as you drive […]

Bisterdeldt Resigns– “I Just Can’t Answer The Bell”

After 53 years punching it out in the public service ring, Ada Commish Vern Bisterfeldt told the GUARDIAN Saturday, “I just can’t answer the bell anymore.” Known to almost everyone as just “Vern,” the 74-year-old former copper, city councilor, and county commish has resigned his post (we hear effective May 4). He has undergone two […]

AG Needs Permanent Canyon Corruption Office

Idaho’s Attorney General seems to have enough criminal business among Canyon County staffers to open a branch office in Caldwell. A “clean sweep” revealed problems even with the janitor. Our recent memory includes the former prosecutor embezzlement case, another former prosecutor’s son with kiddie porn, a pair of DMV clerks making off with nearly three […]

Big Brother Bieter’s Meters Monitored

Inquiring minds have asked the GUARDIAN about credit card security on the new parking meters being tested in the downtown area–thank goodness they haven’t put them on the Bench yet! Our sources tell us the credit card is swiped and the info goes via radio signal–like a cell phone–from each meter to a bank processing […]

Coppers Cap Canine, Same Old Story

It’s like watching cable TV–same story over and over. Such was the case with a local event reported Tuesday by KTVB. Police approach a house, dog appears (usually a pit bull) “the officer says the dog ran at him growling, with his teeth bared, and the officer actually feared because of the actions and the […]

Daily Paper Promotes On Line Neighbor Site

DISCLAIMER–The GUARDIAN has never been to an ATM machine, rarely uses the drive up teller at a bank, fakes confusion for automated “check in” at the airlines, has never sent an electronic birthday card, and generally prefers to talk face-to-face with tellers, agents, friends, and other humans. When we saw the majority of Monday’s front […]

ACHD To Move Lines For Commishes

Just like the Idaho representatives and Ada County Commishes, the Ada Highway District has to tweak boundry lines for commishes following the 2010 census. They have posted a couple of proposed change options at the ACHD SITE, but there will be little noticeable change since no incumbents will be affected. Option A seems to come […]

Ice World Policies Skating On Thin Ice

After the fiasco over 11-13 year old hockey players being forced to use the lobby of Idaho Ice World to change instead of a locker room as punishment for the action of a single player, the GUARDIAN has been flooded not only with comments, but more news tips. We have “done our homework” regarding the […]

U.S. Corp. Taxes High, But Few Actually Pay

Senior Sen Mike Crapo put out a PRESS RELEASE today claiming the USA Corporate tax rate is the highest on earth and called the U.S. Government “antagonistic” toward job creators. Crapo claims there is also growing evidence that high taxes stifle business growth and employee wages. We see it a little differently. The following come […]

When Lawyers Disagree Citizens Pay

The efforts of the GUARDIAN to pay for a 99 year lease on behalf of the North Ada County Fire and Rescue district were rejected by the Ada Commishes. Last month we presented a $99 check to Chairman Rick Yzaguirre on behalf of NACFAR for a lease from Ada County for the land under station […]

A New Month Brings Hope For Future

This morning we awakened to all sorts of good news. First it was Team Dave announcing they have abandoned plans for not only a downtown baseball park, but they also promised to not use any public money to further the desire named Streetcar (also known as the Trolley Folly). Next thing we heard was the […]

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