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Dynamis Hot Potato Investigation Flipped (or mashed) Yet Again

The “Hot Potato” investigation of the Ada County-Dynamis trash to energy deal has been tossed once again thanks to the withdrawal of Boise PD from the case. Sadly, it was only after the GUARDIAN informed readers of the BPD involvement that Mayor Dave Bieter called them off the case. Several potential witnesses contacted the GUARDIAN, […]

Note To Skinheads: “Read Label Before Opening A Can Of Whupass.”

A North Idaho Skinhead who allegedly threatened to stab a black man has entered a “no contest” plea to a hate crime charge and become the virtual poster child for STUPID BIGOTS.” Prosecutors said that Daren Abbey, a self-proclaimed skinhead sporting neo-Nazi tats threatened to stab a black man, saying “blacks were not welcome in […]

Private Probation Firm Ordered To Assist Ada Sheriff Transition

Citing a refrusal to cooperate with the Ada County Sheriff’s office, Fourth District Administrative Judge Mike Wetherell has issued an order to the private for profit “Ada County Misdemeanor Probation Services, Inc” firm to meet with the sheriff no later than September 3 to insure the orderly transfer of services to the Sheriff. In his […]

Dynamis “Hot Potato” Probe Lands At Boise PD

The “hot potato” investigation of the Ada Commishes and Dynamis which no one wants to handle has finally landed in the lap of the Boise Police. The inquiry was begun when a CITIZENS GROUP wrote letters to the County, State, and Federal prosecutors demanding action The GUARDIAN started getting tips during the past week saying […]

“Greatest Athletic Event In History Of Boise” Played 100 Years Ago At Site of Boise-Borah Game

We got a really pleasant historical trivia surprise at Friday morning coffee from Boise lawyer Ernie Hoidal who is a fount knowledge on sports and history–especially local history. According to Hoidal, the Friday night Boise-Borah football game at the new Dona Larsen Park will be played on the same real estate that hosted a football […]

Bieter Ignores Public, Seeks More Tax Money From Feds For Pet Train

Ignoring at least two public opinion SURVEYS funded by the city and one conducted by the Idaho Statesman, Team Dave has continued its short sighted quest engineer expensive trains in the Treasure Valley. Mayor Dave Bieter gave away an autographed Kristin Armstrong bike helmet to U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and got a promise of […]

Lowe Got 3/4 Million Settlement

Betsy Russell of the SPOKESMAN reports former Idaho transportation director Pam Lowe ened up with $.75 million when she settled her suit with the state. Details of the detail were filed in U.S. District Court. A payment of $34,594.38 was recently paid from the Department of Administration to the law office of Holland & Hart […]

Alternative Energy Firms Don’t Have Power To Succeed

The thought of generating electricity using the natural power of the sun and wind struck a cord with environmentalists, investors, and legislators about 30 years ago. Federal and state tax dollars poured into the “alternative fuel” industry and laws requiring power companies to purchase the electricity from these sources came out of Washington and state […]

Battling Smoke And Flames With Words And Images

Flying into Boise Tuesday we noticed hundreds of black spots on the desert from past fires as well as the smoke we are all seeing and breathing. The task of protecting lives and property while battling wildfires has taken on a new face over the past decade or so, thanks to the internet, social media […]

Ada Over Extends Its Power To Power Power

The DAILY PAPER‘s Cynthia Sewell has once again done a great job digging through the trash at Ada County, this time to come up with details surrounding the pending $30 million tort claim filed last month. As the GUARDIAN reported on July 25, there just isn’t enough garbage to go around after county commishes cut […]

Dynamis Circles Wagons, Conservation League Opposes Waste-to-Energy Project

The GUARDIAN has been skeptical from the beginning about the so-called trash to energy plant proposed at the town dump. Now it looks like just about everyone is against the project. Conservatives and libertarians oppose the financing, the neighborhood greenies question the environmental issues and now the Idaho Conservation League is on record against issuing […]

Lowdown On Lowe Settlement

Still no official word on the amount of the settlement between former Idaho Transportation chief Pam Lowe and the state. She sued for unlawful dismissal and gender discrimination, but agreed to settle out of court. In response to a GUARDIAN (and other) record request, the State Controller’s office tells us: 1.) Currently, our system does […]

Yet Another Unintended Political Consequence?

One of the GUARDIAN’s political junkie readers has come up with an interesting twist on the recent appointment of a Boise County prosecutor to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Dem Ron Twilegar, the itinerant lawyer who runs wherever he can find a vacancy. Twilegar is running as a Democrat for Ada County […]

Mayor Hotline Lists “Anonymous” Request For Radio Appearance By Mayor Or Councilor

The GUARDIAN used to post the weekly summary of the “Mayor’s Hotline” calls as they provided great fodder for the blog. City Councilors and department heads also got the same document which is a public record. A few years ago after we learned of Zamboni drivers going through the drive up line at Burger King […]

Proposed Brew Pub In State-Owned Building Illegal As Planned

Looks like the Oregon based brew pub set to go into a state-owned Boise commercial building has been cut off, at least temporarily. BOISE WEEKLY‘s Andrew Crisp has a good explanation. The short version is existing state laws preclude brewers from owning retail outlets that import beer from other states and also selling retail. The […]

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