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AMBUS Every Minute For Cost Of AMTRAK

For the cost of a daily AMTRAK train or two, the GUARDIAN can provide bus service that would run a bus EVERY MINUTE 24/7. That’s right. We got out the ol’ electronic calculator and punched in the numbers for the cost of the GUARDIAN’s fantasy AMBUS plan versus the cost of AMTRAK. Here’s how it […]

Study Shows Boise Amtrak Not In Financial Best Interest Of USA

After spending at least $374,000,000 to get the tracks and people up to speed, Amtrak would have to charge passengers an average of $353 for each ticket–IF they could get 102,000 riders–just to break even on the cheapest option for trail service to Boise, according to figures released in an Amtrak report. Politicos with overly […]

Can AMTRAK Pay the Freight?

When it comes public rides, it is hard to find anyone opposed to “PASSENGER TRAINS IN IDAHO.” The politicos know this well, so they have asked AMTRAK to conduct some studies about returning train service to Idaho. Senior Sen. Crapo and Mayor Bieter of Team Dave will hold a public hearing at the Boise Depot […]

Derail Amtrak In Idaho

What is it with politicos and trains? Seems they are all fascinated with the “concept” of having passenger trains…like the people riding the “Pumpkin Express” from Horseshoe Bend to Montour. Europe and Japan have trains, why can’t Americans have trains? One reason they have trains in other places is because they have massive amounts of […]

Derail Passenger Train Folly Now

The GUARDIAN has repeatedly pointed out the insanity of trying to reinstate passenger train service to Boise. Politicos simply won’t take “NO” for an answer to the wish for the return to rails. There are many reasons it won’t work and yet another multi-million dollar survey is a waste of money. Boise is pretty much […]

Politicos Ignorant To Past Study

Boise politicos and U.S. Sen Mike Crapo are riding the rails once again on the AMTRAK FOLLY. Banking on the short memory of voters or the lack of sound judgment, these officials are once again seeking Amtrak service to Boise. What a waste of effort and tax money to keep doing surveys, hoping the facts […]

Tradition Of Apathy In Boise Council Races

Boise’s City Council election is barely two months away and to our knowledge no one has announced a challenge to the incumbents and anyone shy of Cecil Andrus would have a difficult time mounting a credible challenge at this late hour. Councilors TJ Thomson, Ben Quintana and Maryanne Jordan are all facing reelection–and presumably they […]

Forget Bureaucrats, Trust Your Politicos

A series of recent events, backed up by press releases from the offices of politicos from City Hall to the United States Senate are leaving the GUARDIAN confused. Most recent was a move to locate TRACON–the local aviation radar operators who sit in a dark windowless room–in Boise instead of a consolidated facility at the […]

Bieter Continues To Perform At Chamber “Live Aid”

The GUARDIAN first posted a version of this story 5 years ago and thanks to our complaints about no free tickets, the Chamber of Commerce makes access available for free to those wishing to get up erly and hear Dave Bieter talk on June 2. We probably won’t hear about the public outcry AGAINST a […]

Boise City Continues Quest For Train

In yet ANOTHER attempt at playing trains, Mayor Dave Bieter has entered into a secret negotiation with the Boise Valley Railroad–the shortline that runs through town–to explore building a freight facility on land owned by Boise citizens. Seems that Team Dave can’t get support for a trolley. They also can’t get a downtown “transit center” […]

GUARDIAN Christmas Wish List

For those who believe in Santa Clause, we have a Christmas wish list which has plenty of room for additional items. A toy train for Dave Bieter so he will stop trying to force a trolley and AMTRAK upon the kind, decent inhabitants of the City of Trees. A toy ambulance for the Boise FD […]

Mayor Hotline December 12 to 18

CHRISTIAN NUISANCE, EVEN MORE ANTI STREET CAR, RACE ISSUE, OLD GLORY WORNOUT, TRASH TALK, PANHANDLERS 12/12/09 Anonymous Fire Alarm: Hello, it is Saturday and it is just before 11:00 p.m. The Cathedral of the Rockies, located at W. Franklin and N. 11th has their fire alarm going off again. I mean this thing goes off […]

Mayor Hotline September 19 to 25

AGAINST TROLLEY AND TRAIN, AGAINST TROLLEY FOR TRAIN, COPPERS ON PHONE IGNORE CITIZEN, TRASH TALK, NO FREE PARKING 9/23/09 Vicki Morrison 5424 Eugene St. Boise, ID 83703 Streetcar & Amtrak: I’m calling about two concerns. One is the streetcar that Mayor Bieter is proposing, which I think is a complete waste of our taxpayer dollars. […]

Drying Paint More Exciting Than Council Race

We hate to dis any of the candidates for Boise City Council, but this race may set a record for non-interest of voters and the media. We have said it before, but the chances of anyone beating an incumbent are slim to none and the one seat being vacated by Jim Tibbs is pretty much […]

Mayor Hotline August 8 to 14

LOTS OF TRASH TALK, AMTRAK NOT ALL POSITIVE, TOWING IN THE PARK 8/11/09 Jason Hill Boise, ID Amtrak: I was just calling about the whole Amtrak thing and I do not think that the Mayor is on the right track with that. We don’t need any more taxes in this city; we have enough in […]

Good Reason Why Bad Decisions Are Made

By JIMMY D. BUS Guardian Transportation Correspondent Like the politicos, when the Daily Paper recently ran a story about the possible return of AMTRAK service to southern Idaho they simply got derailed when it came to facts. Enthusiasm trumps information every time. The Daily has since run a correction which basically says the Eastern Idaho […]

“We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Feasibility Study”

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MAYOR AND COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF BOISE CITY, IDAHO: Section 1. That the City of Boise supports the resumption of Amtrak’s inter-city passenger rail service through Boise at the earliest feasible date to serve the citizens of Idaho’s capital city and the region. Boise’s Team Dave is […]

“No Fact” Train Rally Held At Depot

Two politicos and a chamberman staged a train buff rally at the Boise Depot Monday before a small crowd of enthusiasts and city employees who applauded the arrival of a locomotive and the announcement it was made in Boise. Senior Sen. Mike Crapo, Mayor Dave Bieter and Chamber of Commerce Pres. Bill Connors urged the […]

Mayor Hotline April 18 to 24

LOTS OF FUN STUFF: NO DOUBLE ENTENDRE SIGNS, GUNS AND ELECTRIC MOWERS, SHAGGY DOG BARKING STORY, TRASH TALK 4/21/09 Jenny Hampton Meridian, ID Boobie’s Restaurant: I’m calling because there is a business on Ustick Road, a restaurant called Boobies located between two elementary schools and their reader-board is getting more and more inappropriate. Today it […]

AMBUS Yet Another Transit Solution

We get fed up with all of the competing logic when it comes to the government bailing out the auto manufacturers while at the same time some folks say we have to stop building roads and advocate more trains. We need a nationwide intercity government operated bus system. We can call it AMBUS, retool the […]

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