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Crapo, Risch Sponsor Bear Skin Rug Bill

Just in time for weekend news reports comes a bill introduced in the U.S. Senate for Americans who legally killed polar bears in Canada five years ago, but didn’t get their trophy furs across the border before the 2008 law banning import of dead bear parts was passed. Senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch introduced […]

A Matter Of Taste: Geese From Canada, Not Italy

Hoping the geese which have become pests at local parks are purebred Canada geese and not of Italian descent, tests are underway at Sandy Point below Lucky Peak to see if garlic spray works to deter geese at the swimming area. Following a tip from reader Dave Ellis of Homedale, the GUARDIAN cut a deal […]

Smooth Sailing At Crow Hill, Spring Planting

After a year of talks with glider enthusiasts, Idaho Fish and Game has agreed to allow folks to take to the skies east of Boise at the Hammer Flat land purchased from Boise City. The Season will begin May 1 and run through November 15. This Saturday, March 2nd at 8:00 am folks will be […]

Wanna Give Your Dog A Goose? Try Ann Morrison Park

After years of trying everything from shaking and oiling eggs in goose nests to “goose herding” border collies, Boise Parks Dept. this week has designated the eastern two-thirds of Ann Morrison Park as “off leash” areas for dogs. Like many issues in local government, this one has gone to the dogs–and it may work. The […]

Former Director Opposes F&G Ballot Amendment

HJR 2, the proposed constitutional amendment to “insure hunting, fishing and trapping rights,” has language buried within which could potentially eliminate minimum water levels aimed at protecting Idaho fish. “Shall Article I, of the Constitution of the State of Idaho be amended by the addition of a New Section 23, to provide that the rights […]

Road Kill Smorgasbord Now Legal In Idaho

If you have the urge to chow down on bobcat burgers or munch on muskrat, you are in luck! Idaho Fish and Game reports this week that new road-kill rules passed by the legislature allow motorists to snatch up those prized parts of everything from dead moose to striped skunk and coyote found along Idaho […]

Elk And Deer Herds Gather In Garden Valley, Spring Is Coming

The GUARDIAN and Mrs. GUARDIAN made the annual jaunt to Garden Valley in search of big game concentrations and we weren’t disappointed. Spring is just around the corner. Deer and elk seem to be everywhere and with the increase in human critters, it won’t be long before folks are tired of their shrubs being chomped […]

Statehouse Like Animal House, But Dumber

In what can only be described as “typical Idaho Legislative behavior,” we take note of the recent actions of the Idaho Legislature regarding humane treatment of animals. Under pressure from humane society advocates, a bill making animal cruelty a felony for repeat offenders is sailing through the lawmaking process. As it stands, it looks like […]

Glider Fans Up In Air Over “Bottum Line” At Hammer Flat Launch Site

By John Kangas For 35 years, silent and beautiful Hang Gliders and Paragliders have graced the Boise skyline above the Highway 21 and the iconic Crow Inn. Many have enjoyed eating steamed clams and just watching the gliders. Generations of Boise gliders have enjoyed their first flights on the Crow’s gentle hill. There is nothing […]

Hammer Flat Sale Appears A “Done Deal,” Hang Gliders To Be Grounded Forever

Boise’s City Council is about to consider the sale of the Hammer Flat land to the Idaho Fish and Game Department after acting as the “straw man” purchasing the parcel on behalf of F&G almost two years ago in a secret deal. In a Sunday editorial, the DAILY PAPER questioned deal, noting the city and […]

F&G Cosmmishes Approve Hammer Flat Funding

Idaho Fish and Game Commishes meeting in Coeur d’Alene approved in principal the $4 million purchase of land known as Hammer Flat east of Boise. It was purchased by Boise City for $4 million in a secret deal. After repeated attempts by the GUARDIAN to reveal the true details of the purchase, city officials revealed […]

Coppers Cap (Another) Cornered Cougar

From Idaho Fish and Game comes this report of a human-cougar-dog incident along Mores Creek south of Idaho City. Score: one dead dog and one dead cougar. Thursday evening about 8 or 8:30 p.m. a young boy went out with his dad to look for a family pet bird dog that had been missing since […]

Coppers Cap Cornered Cougar

A three year old mountain line was shot and killed by police early Thursday morning after they declared it to be a threat to public safety. After repeated sightings of a four legged cougar prowling Boise residential neighborhoods, Boise coppers and an Ada Sheriff’s Deputy cornered the cat on the grounds of St. Alphonsus Regional […]

World’s Largest Swan Decoy

With an overpopulation of Canada geese at Julia Davis Park, we were somewhat shocked Tuesday to see what appeared to be a gigantic Swan decoy paddling around the lagoon. The decoy was so big it held a man and two children. The geese were fooled, but we have yet to see any swans following them […]

Sandy Point Water OK, No Pollution Source Named

By “flushing” the Sandy Point swimming area with more water flow from the depths of Luck Peak Reservoir, Idaho Parks officials have lowered the E.coli bacteria count to safe levels. In a press release from Parks they claim it is safe to swim at the popular spot, but warn swimmers to wash up after being […]

Yellowstone Is Green 23 Years After Fire

To GUARDIAN editor Dave Frazier it seemed like only yesterday when he experienced two fire storms in the same day covering the Yellowstone Fires of 1988 for NEWSWEEK. We took a little drive through the park last week and noted the growth of lodge pole pines and a new appreciation for the “natural reseeding” aspects […]

River To Open, Sandy Point Polluted With Poop

Ada County Parks announced today that tubing season will open Friday from Barber Park to Ann Morrison Park on the Boise River. Check the BOISE RIVER site for details from the concession operator. Meanwhile the growing population of Canada geese is the prime suspect for E. Coli pollution at the Idaho State Park’s Sandy Point […]

Crapo Warns Of Choppy Waters For Lake Lowell Users

Idaho Senior Senator Mike Crapo issued a press release Friday warning users of Lake Lowell within the Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge of potential boating restrictions in the near future. Not wanting to make waves among boaters, fishermen, and wildlife managers, Crapo points to a 100 year record of co-existance among the groups AND the waterfowl […]

Flood Threat Eases, But Boise River Remains At Critical Capacity Through City

Warmer weather and potential for more rain could spell trouble along the Boise River as snow/water content in the mountains outstrips reservoir storage capacity. Steve Zerza and his readers at BOISE RIVER WILD TROUTare hashing out the numbers. Just like the weather that triggers the runoff, the picture changes daily.

GUARDIAN Turns Six, But No Party Scheduled

In a shameless attempt at self-serving friendly comments, we offer the following. It was six years ago today when the GUARDIAN posted its FIRST STORY which just happened to be about the public being locked out of the City-owned Boise Depot most of the time. Things haven’t changed much. Ironically, the Depot was purchased with […]

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