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“No Circus Animals,” What About Zoo Boise?

In a Boise WEEKLY story, Boise City Councilor TJ Thomson and Meridian Councilor Genesis Milam were said to add their voices to the “loud call to end the public exhibition of exotic animals in Idaho.” The politicos jumped on the anti-circus animal band wagon during the recent run of the Shrine Circus at the Century […]

City-Wide Conservation Areas Worth The Price

It is gratifying to see Mayor Dave Bieter and his “Team Dave” field a proposal based on a GUARDIAN suggestion. We join other conservation groups with our tentative support of his new plan for a two year “conservation” serial levy. Protecting open spaces throughout the city for wildlife and recreation is a worthy cause. We […]

Health Inspections For Racing Cows, Pigs, Goats, Sheep, and Deer

We got an urgent press release Tuesday from the Idaho (horse) Racing Commission warning of a virus in the racing industry. In light of the “instant racing, historic gambling, video slot machines,” which the legislature repealed and the Guv vetoed we immediately concluded there was a computer problem. Not so. In a document worthy of […]

Plenty of Wolves Says Idaho F&G Director

BY VIRGIL MOORE Director Idaho Fish and Game It’s important for state agencies to understand and respect differing points of view. But when a few advocacy groups try to grab headlines by skewing Idaho Fish and Game scientific wolf monitoring data in ways that simply aren’t true, it’s also important to set the record straight. […]

Loose Moose Putters Around Golf Course

IDAHO FISH & GAME PHOTO Boise police chief Mike Masterson likes to brag to his former colleagues back in Wisconsin about living in the wilds of Idaho where his officers have responded to animal calls within the city concerning, cougars, deer, elk, bear, coyotes. Now he can add a loose moose to the list. On […]

New Foothills Development Planned?

We don’t know if there is a connection with the recent Quail Hollow golf course donation to the city, but it looks like there will be more foothills residents–conveniently overlooking a golf course–if a developer gets his way. We are short on details, but this memo made its way to the GUARDIAN. APOLOGIES in advance […]

Birds of Differing Feathers Flock Together

Following tips from friends and with a little luck, the GUARDIAN found the “Eagle Tree” near Wendell. It is next to the Westpoint Mexican bar and cafe out among the diary farms. Turns out a giant cottonwood tree is shared by eagles and all sorts of black birds–red winged, yellow headed, and others. At one […]

Boise GUARDIAN Election Analysis

While there were no surprises with the incumbents keeping their Boise City Council seats, we were surprised to see Bill Jarocki come in third in the race against TJ Thomson who was also challenged by Jill G. Humble. The big news was the defeat of both bond debt proposals which would have cost taxpayers more […]

Bieter Splits Bond, Follows Guardian Advice

Boise Mayor Dave Bieter has taken the free advice from the GUARDIAN and split a bond debt proposal into two portions, allowing citizens to have a say over both park and fire department expenditures. A downtown police station was removed from the debt package because the specifics were not ready to be considered. Bieter shaved […]

Fire Threatens Sawtooth Hatchery

Idaho Fish and Game employees and local firefighters fended off a wildfire in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area Monday evening which threatened the F&G salmon hatchery. The fire started Monday afternoon about a mile north of the Sawtooth Fish Hatchery near Stanley. As the fire approached the staff dormitory, hatchery crews and firefighters mobilized to […]

Wildfire Over Boise Mountains

A wildfire is being aggressively attacked by Boise National Forest crews 15 miles north east of Boise and about 4 miles east of Bogus Basin Monday evening. The smoke is topped out by a self generated storm cloud visible throughout the valley. Forest service spokesman tells the GUARDIAN more than 40 firefighters are on the […]

Unlimited Fish at Little Camas

Idaho Fish and Game on Monday issued a salvage order for the Little Camas Reservoir in Elmore County. The reservoir will likely be drained by early summer for irrigation. Because the game fish in the reservoir likely will be lost, and past efforts at salvaging fish have been futile, Fish and Game would like the […]

Crapo, Risch Sponsor Bear Skin Rug Bill

Just in time for weekend news reports comes a bill introduced in the U.S. Senate for Americans who legally killed polar bears in Canada five years ago, but didn’t get their trophy furs across the border before the 2008 law banning import of dead bear parts was passed. Senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch introduced […]

A Matter Of Taste: Geese From Canada, Not Italy

Hoping the geese which have become pests at local parks are purebred Canada geese and not of Italian descent, tests are underway at Sandy Point below Lucky Peak to see if garlic spray works to deter geese at the swimming area. Following a tip from reader Dave Ellis of Homedale, the GUARDIAN cut a deal […]

Smooth Sailing At Crow Hill, Spring Planting

After a year of talks with glider enthusiasts, Idaho Fish and Game has agreed to allow folks to take to the skies east of Boise at the Hammer Flat land purchased from Boise City. The Season will begin May 1 and run through November 15. This Saturday, March 2nd at 8:00 am folks will be […]

Wanna Give Your Dog A Goose? Try Ann Morrison Park

After years of trying everything from shaking and oiling eggs in goose nests to “goose herding” border collies, Boise Parks Dept. this week has designated the eastern two-thirds of Ann Morrison Park as “off leash” areas for dogs. Like many issues in local government, this one has gone to the dogs–and it may work. The […]

Former Director Opposes F&G Ballot Amendment

HJR 2, the proposed constitutional amendment to “insure hunting, fishing and trapping rights,” has language buried within which could potentially eliminate minimum water levels aimed at protecting Idaho fish. “Shall Article I, of the Constitution of the State of Idaho be amended by the addition of a New Section 23, to provide that the rights […]

Road Kill Smorgasbord Now Legal In Idaho

If you have the urge to chow down on bobcat burgers or munch on muskrat, you are in luck! Idaho Fish and Game reports this week that new road-kill rules passed by the legislature allow motorists to snatch up those prized parts of everything from dead moose to striped skunk and coyote found along Idaho […]

Elk And Deer Herds Gather In Garden Valley, Spring Is Coming

The GUARDIAN and Mrs. GUARDIAN made the annual jaunt to Garden Valley in search of big game concentrations and we weren’t disappointed. Spring is just around the corner. Deer and elk seem to be everywhere and with the increase in human critters, it won’t be long before folks are tired of their shrubs being chomped […]

Statehouse Like Animal House, But Dumber

In what can only be described as “typical Idaho Legislative behavior,” we take note of the recent actions of the Idaho Legislature regarding humane treatment of animals. Under pressure from humane society advocates, a bill making animal cruelty a felony for repeat offenders is sailing through the lawmaking process. As it stands, it looks like […]

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