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Post Game Fiesta Media Blitz

No doubt about it, the BSU football team and coach pete are winners. But PUH-LEEZE! Get real people. It is just football. It is just a game and lots of people from travel agents to bartenders made lots of money off the player’s efforts. Coach Pete made lots of money. HOWEVER. Let’s just go with […]

Fiesta Pre-Game Media Blitz

Just about everyone jumped on the pre-game Fiesta Bowl blitz. On Channel 7 we saw Mark Johnson leading cheers at the same time Channel 6 was doing a live report saying the pep rally had just finished. How did GUARDIAN readers see all the contests of local TV reports? Did KBCI even have a crew […]

Short Of Breath, But Feeling Secure

ANATOMY OF “MANUFACTURED NEWS” The Daily Paper had a great story on page one Wednesday detailing all the evils of weather inversion and related health risks. They had charts, graphs, and quotes from officials who predict more bad air alerts. Below the inversion story was a teaser for a made up story from Farmers Insurance […]

Extreme TV Dope Reporter

We got an anonymous tip–either from a wannabe TV anchor or just a competing newsie saying KTVB-7 anchorman Mark Johnson was a candidate for the coveted GUARDIAN TV dope reporter award. The mug shot can be viewed at Officers from Boise PD made the DUI pinch Saturday night. He is to appear in court […]

20% Sales Tax Increase

We have been trying to wrap our brain around the property tax relief Gov. Jim Risch bullied through the legislature. We think the law of unintended consequences may come into play since nobody had a plan that could be understood or endorsed without reservation. The shift from property tax to sales tax may not be […]

New Skipper Takes The Helm

It is not only politics that makes strange bedfellows. Newspapering makes strange “bedpersons” in the case of the local daily in Boise where a 35-year-old “veteran” of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune has just been appointed as publisher. Mi-Ai Parish takes the helm after Mike Petrak jumped ship over the weekend. If the McClatchey group can get […]

Skipper Jumps Ship

Boise’s daily newspaper remains in disarray and now even the latest publisher, Mike Petrak, has bailed out. They had three owners in less than a year and changed the format to compete with YAHOO web sites. With top editors on well deserved vacations, those who read the local paper are treated to reruns of two […]

ExpandedTV Dope Award

A past winner of a Boise GUARDIAN TV Reporter “Dope Award” offered up the following story out of Ohio. “I don’t know if Dope Awards cross state lines, but this is classic Dope Award behavior. The story is from the Associated Press in Cleveland. A television news cameraman paid a $145 fine after police said […]

Monday Morning Media Madness

Even the GUARDIAN sometimes runs short of material. But we NEVER, NEVER publish two year old reruns of stories written by former employees who work as media spin doctors for state government. Not even with our twisted sense of absurd humor would we run a picture of a horse’s patute–with tail raised no less–under the […]

As Simple As Breathing

Talk about a positive approach and “good news!” Three headlines in the printed paper Thursday demonstrate a certain “dope reporter “ mentality. They detail a problem with vehicle air pollution in one story and even acknowledge growth as a cause. The story below crows about 14% growth in Meridian and describes Boise’s .2% growth as […]

Another Dope Reporter Award

The GUARDIAN was out of town and missed the severe weather–which was nice. But we also missed what was apparently a classic DOPE REPORTER situation. Here is the nomination: You probably missed Alyson Outen on the roof at the KTVB studios, right after we had a tornado warning in Ada County and a Severe Thunderstorm […]

Award Winning TV Flood Coverage

Mike Vogel at KTVB Channel 7 has joined the ranks of “award winning” TV reporters caught wading in flood waters. A DOPE REPORTER award is automatically bestowed on any TV reporter caught on camera wading in flood waters…the GUARDIAN source said Vogel was wearing boots and reporting at noon Friday from the Hailey area where […]

TV Dope Award

We can’t watch every newscast, but GUARDIAN readers are out there monitoring the local airwaves. Here is the latest nomination for a TV Dope Award from reader “Steve.” BROOKE HALE: SAT. 4/29/06 (the KBCI channel 2 Anchor ). Her lead off story was about 3rd grade kids who can’t read. Next item about a body […]

TV Dope Awards Expand

Due to popular demand from GUARDIAN readers, we have been forced to expand the popular “TV Dope Reporter” awards to all categories. Originally it was aimed at keeping the TV reporter-actors from wading in flood waters, but with letters like this one from Jennifer, we have to open it up. I’d like to nominate Melissa […]

Most Dope Reporters at 6 or 7?

Reader BOISECYNIC sent a message with a nomination for a “Dope Reporter” award to Robie Johnson at Channel 7. She was caught standing in floodwater in the Greenbelt tunnel under Main Street Wednesday. Due to the bright sun and the deep shadow of the tunnel Cynic was unable to get a good digtital photo from […]

Popkey Caves to Swindell

Perhaps taking a hint from previous Statesmen writers who fueled the fires of the religious right, columnist Dan Popkey offered an apology to city council candidate Brandi Swindell for perviously printed remarks she labeled as sexist. In his Sunday column, Popkey acknowledged that he knew better and shouldn’t have said things about Brandi’s good looks. […]

Leaving Town

Idaho Statesman’s Joe Estrella had a well written story in Sunday’s paper about the dilemma faced by Boise City officials and Boise School District on the issue of “urban flight.” “Urban flight” really means people don’t like living in Boise and they are following the advice of old time newspaper publisher Horace Greeley–”Go West young […]


BULLETIN–Idaho’s largest newspaper, the Idaho Statesman, long a profit center for the GANNETT news chain has been sold to the KNIGHT-RIDDER chain. Knight is known for such award winning newspapers as the DETROIT FREE PRESS and the MIAMI HERALD. The Gannett chain has journalistically been known as the “McNEWSPAPER” for its lackluster attention to news […]

Statesman “Attaboy”

Bearing in mind the IDAHO STATESMAN had the good sense to dump the GUARDIAN editor 32 years ago, we need to go on record about how much we appreciated the QUALITY of journalism in Sunday’s(July31) paper. –JOE Estrella was well researched and balanced in his story about home sales. Unbridled growth is an issue we […]

Statesman “Attaboy”

Bearing in mind the IDAHO STATESMAN had the good sense to dump the GUARDIAN editor 32 years ago, we need to go on record about how much we appreciated the QUALITY of journalism in Sunday’s(July31) paper. –JOE Estrella was well researched and balanced in his story about home sales. Unbridled growth is an issue we […]

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