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Judy, Judy, Judy, Don’t Say That!

On Monday Boise Mayoral candidate Judy Peavey-Derr joined the ranks of famous (fatal) political quotes that rival George Romney’s “Brainwashing” remark about Vietnam, Jimmy Carter’s “Lust in my heart,” and George H-W Bush’s, “Read my lips, no new taxes.”
Ms Peavey-Derr did a live interview with a group of readers at the Idaho Statesman and said, among other things, that South Boise is, “getting blighted by a lot of refugees and different dialects coming into the school.”

Whether it was just a poor choice of words, red meat for the right-wingers, or an attempt at compassion for teachers faced with huge learning challenges, it didn’t sell well with the social media crowd who have commented on the statement.

Here is a link to the STATESMAN piece.

Foothills Levy Nothing But A Slush Fund

Question: Shall the City of Boise City, Idaho protect clean water and drinking water, wildlife habitat, critical open space, and native plant species, and enhance recreation opportunities and trails through the establishment of a fund from a temporary override levy enabling the purchase of property and improvement projects in areas such as the Boise Foothills and the Boise River? All levy funds must be spent solely on the benefits listed above, not administrative costs, and the fund will be subject to review by a citizens’ advisory committee and an annual audit. The levy will raise the amount of five million dollars each year for two years commencing with the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2016 and ending September 30, 2018.

Burrowing owl habitat needs protection in South and East Boise.

Burrowing owl habitat needs protection in South and East Boise.

The newest Foothills Levy question seems noble at first reading, but a careful analysis reveals a craftily worded broad plea for a $10,000,000 slush fund. The GUARDIAN”s concerns are well founded in the past performance of Boise’s mayor and councilors who played fast and loose with the previous levy.

–Nothing in the language would prohibit making payments to United Water to “protect drinking water.”

–While the EPA, Idaho Water Resources, and DEQ are charged with administering “clean water,” the mayor and council could claim citizens approved a levy to allow them to act.

–Same is true for wildlife and plants. In fact, Boise purchased Hammer Flat east of town, promptly closed it to all public access for “plant and wildlife inventory.” The secret action (secret land acquisition is legal) was nothing more than a deal to use the Foothills Levy as a finance mechanism for the State of Idaho which eventually purchased the land.

Boise policy of urban sprawl and annexation has eliminated hundreds of acres of farm land and wildlife habitat.

Boise policy of urban sprawl and annexation has eliminated hundreds of acres of farm land and wildlife habitat.

–There is no geographical limit to land purchases. Last time they jumped clear north into Boise County to purchase Stack Rock. At a minimum, land purchases should be within or adjacent to Boise city limits. The ballot question has absolutely no provision to limit the urban sprawl south and east of Boise where wildlife needs to be protected from development. Disdained by city officials, the area is essential to success of the birds of prey which are sustained by the small critters living in the arid high desert.

The GUARDIAN has received several letters from Foothills users and conservationists. The one below is most revealing in that Team Dave attempted to use the Foothills Conservation Advisory Committee for political gain. The group no longer exists–despite a previous ballot provision and ordinance. The mayor’s office now makes the spending decisions once reserved for citizens.
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Bieter To Pass On West Bench Neighbors Forum

The GUARDIAN has been informed by members of the West Bench Neighborhood Association their invitation to attend a candidate forum was accepted by Judy Peavey-Derr and Seth Holden, but incumbent Dave Bieter turned them down without explanation.

Bieter is scheduled to appear at a City Club of Boise event with the other candidates October 26 at noon in the Grove Hotel. The West Boise Neighborhood event is set for October 21, 2015 from 7pm to 8:30pm at Morley Nelson Community Center on Northview St.

Vista Neighbors And Noisy Jet Fighters

Sentiments over the Air Guard mission at Gowen field are heating up and it looks like officialdom has pretty much made up its mind. Here is a letter from the Vista Neighborhood Pres. He asked the GUARDIAN to share it.

The Boise airport has been engaged in a Airport Noise Study since early summer. Few people know about it.

I know the discussion has been had before, however, things have changed. This is a NOW issue, not tomorrow or next year or the year after. Whatever your experience, thoughts are on the subject, please take the time to send in your comments. I have included the links for the formal presentation by the airport, their comment page(which can be emailed) and a short “poll” we created via survey monkey(not an official survey).

the presentation
the comment form
the survey monkey

Dave Kangas
Vista Neighborhood Association

Peavey-Derr “Dares” Bieter To Debate

The following is a press release from the Peavey-Derr Campaign

Judy Peavey-Derr, candidate for Boise Mayor, was notified by Boise Chamber leaders that Mayor Dave Bieter has refused to debate Peavey-Derr in what has been a traditional debate in recent years. No clear excuse was given to the Chamber leadership.

“The Mayor will likely dodge me in every debate format he can until November 3 when voters will tell him it is time for him to retire,” Peavey-Derr said.

Peavey-Derr also challenged the Mayor to a debate on Kevin Miller’s morning radio program during an interview where she announced her candidacy for Boise Mayor. To date, there has been no response from the incumbent’s campaign.

“If he needs a written invitation, we’ll be happy to send it. He will likely refuse the debate because he doesn’t want voters to know his real record,” Peavey-Derr added.

Peavey-Derr said she will debate the Mayor in any format, in front of any audience and on any station between now and Election day.

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