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Time For Manifesto Logic, Leadership

The GUARDIAN will be the first to admit there were some good points included in the Transition team report entitled “A MORE EQUITABLE CITY FOR EVERYONE.” The report was requested by Mayor Lauren McLean of 18 citizens and staff she appointed.

When we posted the report and highlighted some of the more inflammatory items, the conservatives sent it viral. Radio talk show hosts, television stations, and the Idaho Freedom Foundation pounced on it–and rightly so.

When forced to publicly address the manifesto, McLean ignored the opportunity to tell us which points she endorsed and which ones she would ignore. Instead she waffled and said some points were not constitutional and the city had no authority over them. WHICH POINTS?

Clan McLean brought the mess upon themselves through a total lack of leadership. Team Dave, the Bieter Administration used to have oppresive “facilitators” guide the conversation at public meetings (to insure the outcome?). Perhaps in an attempt to be more “liberal” it appears this group was given little or no direction.

They just fired off a list of desires without regard to logic. Well intended, but ill informed. For instance, it is an established fact there are violent juveniles in our community–even killers. To seek closure of juvenile detention in favor of family based treatment sounds great, but we cannot put the dangerous juvenile felons in jail with adults and they are too dangerous to be with a family. Someone should have taken that item off the list.

Minimum wage is a state issue as is abortion. Those items should be addressed by the legislature. When you assert “state of Boise” authority over the legislature and declare independence from the U.S. government, that does little to foster inter governmental relations–regardless of which lobbyist you hire!

To end coordination with the U.S. Immigration agency sounds like the county commishes in Owyhee attempting such a move with the BLM. Not very fair and equitable when our governments are feuding over established law and We The People are taxed by both sides. Boise officials didn’t seem to turn down any of the trillions sent out by the Feds.

In summary, in these tough economic times a good look at the benefits of the Roosevelt administration’s WPA project and similar programs could serve the needy while benefitting society.

Boise Manifesto Worthy Of Discussion

We were honored to receive a copy of Boise’s “Final Transition Team Report for Mayor Lauren McLean” Friday and it is safe to say there are enough issues highlighted to keep conservatives fuming all weekend.

The 12 page manifesto entitled “A MORE EQUITABLE CITY FOR EVERYONE” is a fast read and has more goals than an NBA basketball game.

We will tick off a few of the more explosive points and suggest everyone go to the link at the Boise City site to see what McLean’s citizen committee suggests for the next year and four years as “recommendations centered on what we want for our future.”

–Commit the City of Boise to an ongoing and robust efforts to interrupt white dominant/white supremacist culture with a multi-layered strategy and designate a full-time City of Boise staff person to serve as Director of Equitable, Safer and Thriving City.

–Collaborate with Ada County to close down juvenile detention facilities and move youth issues into a public health approach and staying with family approach rather than a punishment confinement approach to young people.

–Establish an Office of Immigrant Affairs with at least one full time dedicated staff person. Responsibilities should include leading a revolving immigration bond fund and access to free, guaranteed access to counsel in deportation proceedings.

–End coordination and collaboration of localities (police, all city government) with ICE and end local practices of inquiring about immigration status, collect immigration data or share immigration data with any person

–The Boise City Attorney monitors compliance with its newly established policy to its Prosecution Team to consider the immigration consequences of convictions when making charging decisions, engaging in plea bargaining, and making sentence recommendations, and receives quarterly training on the immigration consequences of criminal convictions.

–Increase minimum wage to a livable wage that aligns with the local
housing market.

–A 30 percent increase in women in leadership positions and an 30 percent increase in leadership of people from communities impacted by marginalization.

–Increase lower paying positions so there is no more than four times difference in salaries between the highest and lowest positions in City of Boise government.

–Publicly fund municipal campaigns.

There Is More News Than COVID-19

Time for a reality check.

The GUARDIAN like most everyone else has hunkered down during the house arrest phase of the virus event.

We have to admit to a certain degree of “feeling down,” but short of any serious depression. Today we were able to realize it isn’t just the COVID show, but the cover it offers.

The right wingers see the well intended efforts of the Guv and health experts as attempts to deprive citizens of their rights. The liberal lefties see the right wingers as irresponsible idiots causing the deaths of their elderly relatives.

(We are inundated daily with web links to news from Israel, Sweden, and assorted universities with studies reenforcing various opinions about COVID-19)

The legacy media sits in their “office/bedroom” doing interviews via iPhone, repeating the same feel good stories.


–Boise’s Park Dept. plans to spend $280,000 to replace the wooden deck of the old 8th St. Bridge (bikes and pedestrians only) with concrete to eliminate the rumble noise.

–Mayor Mclean has hired Maria Weeg from Hilltop Communications to become the new PR lead in the “office of community engagement.” Weeg had been former Mayor Dave Bieter’s former campaign manager.

–Lt. Guv Janice McGeachin has become such a supporter of the uberright that Guv Brad Little is afraid to leave the state, fearful of what she may do in his absence. She is more of a loose cannon than anything in the Idaho National Guard inventory.

–People still manage to kill each other in car crashes, despite a welcome thinning of traffic density.

These times will never make sense (hopefully) to future generations. Toilet paper is like gold, TRILLIONS of dollars have suddenly been manufactured and given away, unemployment is the at the highest level in recorded history, and the stock market seems to be recovering.

This should offer up some topics of discussion and by way of explanation, your GUARDIAN is 74, tired, and lacks motivation to much more than shake his head in frustration.

F&G Posts Wildlife Porn

Things are slow during these days of house arrest forced by COVID-19, but the folks at Idaho’s Fish and Game Department have added some spice with “camera trap” images including one which shows black bears at an intimate moment.

The image is included in a series of photos within a PRESS RELEASE sent to Idaho media. While we understand where baby bears come from, we hesitated before publishing this official release from the State of Idaho’s government agency.

Tension Rises Over Virus Lock Down

Like wolves and global warming, the COVID-19 virus has become a political issue.

Yesterday in Meridian Sara Brady, 40, was arrested for trespassing after refusing to leave a playground area of Kleiner Park where she accompanied her children. Police asked the woman to leave the area for health reasons, but she refused in an apparent act of civil disobedience.

Upon her arrest she urged witnesses to “call the Idaho Freedom Foundation.” The group is involved in promoting protest events about the coronavirus lock down.

Sara was in friendly surroundings. Her husband, Tim Brady, is a Boise copper. Officers radioed for Tim and he picked up the children.

Meanwhile, here is an excerpt of an ordinance passed Monday by the Caldwell city council:

Park playgrounds are also closed in Boise.

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