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Do Politicos Get Kickback From Lawyers?

Rod Beck and Ryan Davidson hadn’t been in office for even a week when their actions drummed up business for the lawyers.

Seems like the Ada Commishes are off to a fine start, feuding among themselves over the appointment of former congressman Raul Labrador to the Central District Health Department board.

Commish Kendra Kenyon, a Dem, questions that the two new Repub commishes may have violated the open meeting law because they left her out of the decision making process.

We can hear the echo of the battles and accusations between former Ada Treasurer Vicky McIntyre and commishes Jim Tibbs and Dave Case. Those three kept the lawyers busy for several years and it looks like the new boys will provide the same bonuses to the legal beagles.

The IDAHO PRESS has a detailed account of the spat.

UPDATE–The agenda for Tuesday shows a reconsideration of the appointment in deference to Kenyon. Results will likely be the same.

UPDATE UPDATE 1/19/21–At the weekly meeting the two Repubs reaffirmed their appointment of Labrador and declared that Dr. Sky Blue was “overqualified.”

Not to be outdone, the legislature dumped $4 million into the LAWYER WELFARE fund Friday.

Hopes And Fears Met By Ada Commishes

With one single act, the newly elected Ada Commishes met the hopes of Republicans and the fears of the Democrats.

Raul Labrador, the former congressman and Republican activist, was appointed to the Central District Health board, replacing ousted Democratic Commish Diana Lachiondo. The commission’s two new members, Republicans Ryan Davidson and Rod Beck, voted in favor of Labrador’s appointment, while Democratic Commissioner Kendra Kenyon abstained.

Kenyon said she was concerned by the apparent discussions between Beck and Davidson about placing Labrador onto the CDH board. All this comes on the first day of conducting county business by the new board.

Labrador has made public statements which indicate he is an “anti-masker.”

Former Treasurer On Ada Financing

Vicky McIntyre is no longer the Ada County Treasurer, but she has strong views regarding the financing strategy of the County Commishes. She offers them in this guest opinion.

Guest Opinion

Did I Miss the Vote?
Article 8, Section 3, of Idaho’s Constitution requires two-thirds (2/3) of voters to approve any government indebtedness that will last more than a year. Despite this clear provision, local leaders continue to defy both the letter and intent of Idaho’s Constitution, causing our property taxes to rise without appropriate voter input.

On October 1, 2020 (the first day of Ada County’s new 2021 budget year) the Idaho Health Facilities Authority and the Ada County Commission entered into Primary Lease Contract #14096 instructing the Health Authority to issue “Lease Revenue Bonds” for the county to finance the “$46.4M Ada County Coroner Project”.

The primary lease document references Idaho Statute 39-1441 that allows a County to contract with other entities “to acquire, construct, reconstruct, renovate, improve, replace, maintain, repair, operate, lease as lessee or lessor and regulate one or more health facilities.…” The lease also refers to Idaho Statute 31-836 “to enter into any lease, either as a lessor or a lessee, or other transaction with Authority concerning any County property for a term not to exceed NINETY-NINE (99) YEARS” (emphasis added)

Also on October 1, 2020, the Idaho Health Facilities Authority and Ada County entered into Agreement 14098 for the “Annual Appropriation Lease Agreement”. This is where the aforementioned agreement gets paid for, using our taxpayer dollars!
According to their website, the Idaho Health Facilities Authority “was established by the Idaho Legislature in 1972 to issue bonds and notes for the purpose of improving health care for residents of this state by providing less expensive financing for health care facilities. “ (

Does a Coroner’s suite really constitute health care facilities? By the time someone needs the coroner, it’s too late for better health care! Taxpayers should have been consulted before the county incurred this long-term indebtedness. Calling this financial configuration a lease agreement is “FUZZY FINANCING”. (Fuzzy Financing is how the Ada County Courthouse and the Boise Centre on the Grove were built.)

Why are Ada County Commissioners voting on long-term (lease) debt instead of Ada County’s taxpayers? What is the difference between a long-term lease payment and a taxpayer-approved bond payment? The difference is the voice of the taxpayer in the decision process. Long-term leases, at their core, violate both the letter and the intent of the Idaho Constitution, which is designed to protect us from government overreach and unreasonable taxation. This fuzzy financing increases your property taxes!

How can citizens control government spending? The Idaho Legislature convenes on January 11, 2021.

–Contact your legislators to make sure they review how governmental entities use long-term leases to circumvent the Idaho Constitution and ask them to provide property tax relief for homeowners.

–Contact Commissioner Kendra Kenyon to voice your disapproval of this type of funding. She is the one remaining Commissioner who voted for this contract.

–Review proposed county budgets, coming out in the next several months and attend your County budget presentation this summer. Show up and be vocal!

EDITOR NOTE–As always the GUARDIAN will offer space to opposing views. Please remember to keep comments within the realm of civil discourse.

Hunkered Down At The GUARDIAN

We want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR, glad to be rid of 2020 and hopeful for a much better 2021.

There just isn’t much we can discuss that hasn’t been covered by the legacy media as they talk to each other via the internet. We get the same press releases from the well paid government and don’t see any reason to duplicate the messages.

Stay safe and get your vaccine as soon as it is available and perhaps we can all join to debate something other than the use of masks and whether or not the presidential election was rigged.

Best wishes for 2021 to all!

Santa Memory Of Long Ago

We got the following Christmas note from David Zarkin, a former Statesman staffer who was obviously strolling down memory lane from his Minnesota home.

“Vernon Bisterfeldt, a Boise cop, working off duty as a Santa, nabbed a shoplifter in 1965 at Welles department store on the Boise Bench.

“I was doing rewrite on the Statesman night desk and wrote up a short story with a photo from a staff lensman.

“Backlash came the next day when a reader called in to complain that I ruined the Santa story for her kids. Sorry.”

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