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Ada Sheriff Offers Dramatic Fire Images

There’s an old rule about news photography: ACCESS IS EVERYTHING!

That lesson was certainly true when it came to the wildfire that consumed several thousand acres along Highway 21 Tuesday and Wednesday. The Ada County sheriff’s office put local media–including the GUARDIAN–to shame with spectacular images of the blaze posted to the Ada Sheriff Facebook page. Media reporters and photographers were kept away from the spectacular image viewpoints.

Here are a few of the more spectacular shots posted.


Air War Plays Out Near Lucky Peak

It looked like an all out air war Tuesday afternoon when fire broke out in prime winter deer habitat near Hilltop along both sides of Highway 21.
The usual assortment of BLM, Forest Service, and local fire departments tossed everything they had at the blaze. At the scene we were told that “two structures” were lost, but no word on exactly what type of structures succumbed to the wildfire.

A helicopter dipped water from Lucky Peak Reservoir while single engine tankers similar to crop dusters dropped fire retardant on the fire. A P-2 twin engine tanker and a 4 engine jet were also deployed to fight the fire.

BLM staff told the GUARDIAN at least 1,000 acres were consumed and the fire was still growing as it moved southwest toward the Boise foothills. No doubt the Idaho Fish and Game Dept will once again be looking for volunteers to replenish the bitter brush for deer forage.


big tanker
hilltop fire

Reporter Dazzles In “Firefighter Yellow” Smock

Yellow Dress

It was bound to happen. Those yellow “firefighter shirts” have set off a fashion trend.

The GUARDIAN covered the big range fire near Hilltop on Highway 21 Tuesday, joining the other newsies at a vantage point manned by BLM fire information officers. It is standard protocol for both the firefighters and those media folks covering wildfires to wear yellow fire retardant shirts. The dirtier the shirt, the more “veteran” the look.

KTVB Channel 7 reporter Morgan Boydston put the camera boys to shame wearing a chic open shoulder smock in the appropriate shade of yellow. The raven-haired reporter certainly stood out among the camera-toting guys!kboi shooter

Copper, Dog, Man Injured In Bites And Shooting

A Boise copper who was attacked by a dog that also bit a man who was involved in an altercation with another man Friday night shot the dog at a residence on South Pond.

Both the dog and the officer were sent off for medical treatment, but not to the same treatment facility.

Here is the official account from BPD:
At 8:44 Ada County dispatch received a call about a fight in the front yard of a home on the 22 hundred block of S. Pond St. As soon as police arrived on scene, an officer attempted to break up the fight between two males and was attacked by a large dog belonging to one of the men. The dog posed an imminent danger to the officer and the citizens present at that time. The dog bit the officer’s knee causing a significant injury and the officer shot the dog three times. Officers later learned the dog had bitten the second person involved in the fight as well. The dog is on its way to get medical treatment. The officer is also receiving medical care. There is an active investigation underway and charges are pending.

Drunk “Praising Allah” Caused Panic At Caldwell Eatery

Patrons of Horsewood’s Restaurant in Caldwell were panicked Friday night when a man jumped up on the bar and “praised Allah as the only god.” Patrons fled in panic.

Patrons and staff quickly subdued the man and hustled him outside. Adding to the fear factor, the man was carrying a backpack. He was pinned to the ground and the backpack was tossed a safe distance away when Caldwell police arrived. Police said he was unarmed, despite early reports to the contrary.


(Caldwell PD photo)

Coincidentally it was the first day of “permitless carry” in Idaho and Caldwell police feared a bloodbath when the original call came in. Put bluntly, RALMONZOW IBHAR BELL is lucky to be alive in these days of heightened fear of terrorists and a well armed Idaho citizenry.

Caldwell Police Lt. Joey Hoadley told the GUARDIAN Bell was charged with “Disturbing The Peace” after being examined at a local hospital. He was booked and released from the Canyon County jail.

“I was one of the first on the scene and the thought of a permitless carry incident certainly went through my mind,” said Hoadley adding, “I was really proud of the Caldwell citizens and shook some hands after it was all over.”

Another witness celebrating a birthday said, “Let me tell you, everyone that was there was scared as hell.” The rest of his statement was too full of expletives to be quoted.

After the GUARDIAN posted the story, KTVB picked up the story and obtained security video of the incident.

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