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Boise Has 50,000 Uncollected Parking Tickets

According to Craig Croner, administrative services manager and the man who oversees Boise’s parking systems, Boise currently is holding 50,000 delinquent parking tickets which in theory are worth a hefty $1,500,000 or $30 each ($15 fine and $15 late fee).

Officials are talking about raising fees to encourage motorists to use parking garages and otherwise create more turnover. The GUARDIAN has suggested the move would easily encourage folks to patronize merchants and eating-drink establishments in other locations.

The WEEKLYposted a good story about the rate hike proposals along with the revelation about the delinquent tickets. Our suggestion would be to simply spend more effort collecting the fines and late fees worth $1.5 million instead of making the downtown experience unpleasant 25 cents at a time for those willing to pay to park.

Happy Thanksgiving !

A large tom turkey.

Here is a note from “EAGLE WRITER” worthy of a stand alone post.

Editor, you mention Thanksgiving, and it also gives us the opportunity to reflect on all that is good.

– We live in a beautiful and great state with little violent crime, a balanced budget, “manageable” taxes, and a nice quality of life.
– Our national economy is on the uptick, one record stock market day after another – if you have a 401k/403b, then you have been making money since the election last November.

On Thursday, my family will have food on the table, in abundance and we will rejoice in thanks for our many blessings.

Life is good, and that is not news, if most of us would recognize it.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

EDITOR NOTE–Nicely said.

Where’s the NEWS?

We offer an apology for not offering much to our loyal and faithful readers, but there hasn’t been much in the way of legitimate news upon which to comment. We feel obligated to let you know the GUARDIAN is still around, but with little to offer.

–We really don’t want to discuss who patted whom of kissed more than desired. Those stories are about all that dominates the national news these days. We look for lawyers to be the prime beneficiaries of past indiscretions.

–There is only so much one can tolerate in the way of prognostications on who will win the Republican primary elections next May.

–Winter is coming, but all the celebrity meteorologist have different opinions on the forecast intensity. They do well reminding us of last year, however.

–Thanksgiving points up the opportunity to condemn Pilgrims for mistreating Natives. Not to be confused with the fallacy of Columbus Day.

–NFL players taking a knee are either patriots or offensive to brave veterans.

–Presidential tweets about butt patting, shoplifting college basketball players and their fathers do little for the national dignity.

Those are just a few of the reasons we haven’t offered many topics for discussion. Feel free to give us a guest opinion, offer up news tips, or
other topics for discussion.

Meridian Dream (nightmare) Comes True

Ten years ago the GUARDIAN reported on the potential accounting problems when a developer is allowed to divert Idaho sales tax to personal use. That’s what ITD did at the VILLAGE Mall in Meridian. The developer created his own urban renewal district with sales tax from retailers.

The resulting traffic, growth, and ham-handed accounting are becoming all too common.

Clancy, one of our greenie readers, noted in a recent comment that parking at the Village might not be exactly “free.”
He cited a recent post by Betsy Russell which explained that state sales tax revenues WOULD have been on target, but taxpayers were obligated to payoff debt to the developer of the Village to the tune of $2.7 million.

The snafu points up the folly of using public funds to spur growth at the expense of taxpayers. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could ALL designate where our taxes would be spent!

Solution For Downtown Parking Rate Hike

Front Street Traffic (U.S. 20)

The Capital City Development Corp. voted Monday to raise parking rates 20% to $3 per hour and the monthly rate from $135 to $170. The reason for the hikes is said to reduce demand–and of course make more money from downtown workers and shoppers.

For an office worker making a take home pay of $40,000, the new $170 rate represents a monthly cost of 5% of their pay. For the service workers in the vibrant downtown restaurant and coffee scene, we won’t even attempt to calculate the impact on their income.

The GUARDIAN got to thinking that it might be just as easy to cut demand if everyone wishing to dine and shop simply took their business to the Boise Bench, Meridian, or the Town Square Mall. There are plenty of dining and drinking venues and the parking is FREE. Also, you don’t have to live in fear of a $15 parking ticket if the lunch time service is a bit slow.

All those economic development experts seem to create problems so they will have something to “solve.” We allow them to rezone property and approve variances to build big box stores like Wal Mart, Target, Shopko, along Federal Way, Overland, Fairview, and State to prey upon all the new apartments and residences in those urban sprawl area. It seems counter intuitive when the urban planners, politicos, and environmentally correct folks condemn the use of cars. Ever try to get a week’s work of groceries on a bicycle or wrestle two bags of steer manure on one of this infrequent buses?

Since Downtown is home to mostly the homeless and well-to-do condo dwellers, we think “shop and dine close to home,” makes sense.

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