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Houses To Bloom In Dry Creek Area

The Ada County Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing on October 6, 2016 to consider an amendment to a “planned community” application to build 1746 residential units its Northwest of Boise. Growthophobes will note the development is nearly eliminating any retail services which will, of course, increase traffic to the city.

“Planned Communities” rely on developer-friendly laws that encourage “leapfrog growth.” From experience Growthophobes remember that Hidden Springs was originally approved as a planned community, providing its own fire protection, sewer and water. Same thing with Avimor. Hidden Springs was eventually allowed to be just another subdivision in the foothills.

This latest project is east of Highway 55 near Dry Creek, just west of Hidden Springs.

The problem with these bedroom communities is they depend upon the services of their big city neighbors. They build in the area subject to massive wildfires and either contract or beg for “mutual aid” from Boise, Eagle, and the BLM. Many hundreds of thousands in public money was spent to save Avimor residents this past summer and similar responses are common at Hidden Springs.

Here is the complete meeting notice:
The Ada County Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing on October 6, 2016, at 6:00 p.m. in the Commissioners Main Hearing Room #1235, on the first floor, at 200 W. Front Street, Boise, ID to discuss Project #201601258 ZOA-CPA-S-DA-M-HD-FP, BHH LLC, Dry Creek Planned Community Amendment: A proposed amendment to the Dry Creek Ranch Planned Community. 1,746 residential units are proposed, which is an approximate 50% reduction in residential density; an approximate 85% reduction in commercial area to 85,000 square feet; updates to the wildlife mitigation plan, economic analysis, open space and trails plan, and traffic plan are included; and one elementary school site is proposed. The development will be served by private sewer and water; pressurized irrigation will be provided where water rights are available; and agreements with service providers will be required. A comp plan amendment, zoning text amendment, pre-plat, DA modification, floodplain, and hillside are required. The property contains 1414 acres and is located at N BROKEN HORN RD BOISE 83714, Section 1 4N 1E / 2 4N 1E / 25 5N 1E / 35 5N 1E / 36 5N 1E / 30 5N 2E.

Boise Coppers Chase Hit & Run Suspect To Homedale

UPDATE 9/25/16–Police have finally released the name of the suspect: James Michael Cox, 39, Boise was arrested and Charged: Leaving the Scene of an Accident (F) – 2 counts, Eluding Police (F) – 2 counts, Grand Theft (F), Burglary (F)
A wild police chase ended at Notus Friday night, 35 miles from the scene of a hit-and-run accident on South Roosevelt in Boise.

Here is the Boise police account of the incident which no doubt was observed by hundreds of motorists.
At 7:19 this evening, Boise Police attempted a traffic stop on a vehicle on Roosevelt. The vehicle, a gray Suzuki SUV, failed to stop and fled from the scene. Boise Police did not pursue the vehicle and the officer turned off their lights and turned the opposite direction.

Another officer in the area saw the vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed before finding it crashed near Roosevelt and Clark. The suspect’s vehicle struck another vehicle then one of those cars hit a bicyclist who was off his bike on the side of the road. The bicyclist was taken to the hospital with life threatening injures. No other victims were transported to the hospital. The suspect then fled from the scene and stole a motorcycle from another citizen. Police pursued the motorcycle all the way to Notus where the suspect was taken into custody. This is an on-going investigation and more information will be released as it becomes available.

UPDATE 9/24/16–Coppers originally said the chase ended in Notus, but changed it today to Homedale. Also they are looking for witnesses and still have not identified the suspect which might provide info citizens need to assist police. Click on “continue” to see today’s police report. Continue reading here…

Rick Just In Three Way ACHD Race

With the addition of Rick Just, the race for Ada County Highway District seat 5 just got easier to win.

Just will oppose incumbent Sara Baker, and longtime politico Mike Tracy. Since the five commissioners are elected only by residents of their respective districts, that means only 20% of registered voters qualify to vote for any candidate. To win seat 5 all it takes is 34% of 20% of the voters! In essence, one could be elected with 7% of the total votes cast in the ACHD election.

The GUARDIAN has asked all three candidates about their view on having county-wide votes with commissioners living within specific districts. Baker favors such a plan and claims she once supported the idea for Boise City Council as well. Rick Just is all for it and Tracy said he would “be open to considering the idea.” Perhaps we can have a voice for the other 80% of the people who spend our tax dollars at ACHD.

Just ran for another seat two years ago, but has since moved and will now oppose baker. Just favors choice in transportation and supports driving, walking, biking, and transit. In the past he also favored horses.

Ada Announces Various Early Voting Options

Ada County election officials have announced early voting options which they hope will ease the pressure at the polls on election day, November 8.

People vote in cardboard voting booths at a polling station in Boise, Idaho, USA.

People vote in cardboard voting booths at a polling station in Boise, Idaho, USA.

Chief Deputy Clerk Phil McGrane in a press release said, “Today marks the first day for Ada County voters to vote in the November 8th presidential election. Earlier today 8,616 ballots were mailed to voters who had already sent in their requests. Of those, 349 were mailed to members of the military and those oversees. This is just the beginning of the anticipated 195,000 voters that will cast their ballots in this upcoming election.”

Ada is also experimenting with a “mobile polling place” set up in a trailer similar to those concession rigs seen at special events and festivals. It will come with pop up tents where voters will actually cast their ballots. Officials plan to start off in places like Kuna, Star, and Eagle with their innovative polling place.

We caution about the selection of locations to be used for early voting because it could tilt the results if the rig favors West Ada locations or the North End. There will be fixed locations in addition to the Benjamin Street election headquarters west of the mall as well.

Here is a link to Ada Voter Info.

AG Spokesman On Wrong Side Of Snake

Todd Dvorak, former Idaho bureau chief for the Associated Press and spokesman for Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, found himself on the wrong side of the Snake River at Lewiston recently.

He was arrested by local coppers and charged with possession of marijuana–legal across the river in Washington, but still a crime in Idaho. He has entered an innocent plea, but a terse message from the office of AG to media outlets said, “Todd Dvorak has left the office of the Attorney General.”

Dvorak was a former board member of the Idaho PRess club and well liked by reporters. It was difficult for the likes of Betsy Russell of the Spokesman-Review (and the GUARDIAN) to post
the NEWS.

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