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Guardian Editor Files Against GBAD

Government watchdog David R. Frazier has filed legal documents in 4th District Court against the Greater Boise Auditorium District, claiming the District is attempting to go around voters with a financing scheme which violates the Idaho Constitution.

In a response to the GBAD “Petition For Judicial Confirmation,” Frazier alleges the district is seeking to go into long term debt, but call the plan to purchase a ball room and kitchen in the new Gardner building a “lease” in an attempt to avoid an election as required by Article VIII, sec 3 of the Idaho constitution.

“The issue before the court is the convoluted financing scheme envisioned by GBAD, using the Capital City Development Corp. as the seller of $23 million in bonds while basing the bond sale on the credit rating and repayment ability of GBAD,” said Frazier.

The constitution requires subdivisions of the state government (cities, counties, taxing districts) to get citizen approval before entering into debt of more than a single year.

According to Frazier, Ada County financed the courthouse in a similar fashion.
He said the Ada County Courthouse is currently owned by the CCDC and Ada County Commissioners announced last week they plan to pay off the debt early, saving taxpayers more than $6 million. They are really writing a check to CCDC while claiming to “pay off bonds” which previous commissioners claimed were not a debt, but a lease.

The case is set for a hearing in Fourth District Court August 4.

Ada Commishes To Payoff Bonds They Never Owed

Ada County Courthouse in Boise, Idaho. ada county courthouse, ada county, courthouse, boise, idaho, court, government, buildingFormer Ada County Commishes created an end-run around voters some 23 years ago when they convinced an out of county judge that “annual lease payments” to the Capital City Development Corp. (CCDC) were not long term debt.

The current Ada County Commishes see it differently. They are proudly planning to payoff the “Ada County Courthouse bonds,” which the previous board claimed never existed. The old commishes never got voter approval for the debt because it was called a “lease.” CCDC has owned the Ada County court house (and debt) all these years as a pseudo “landlord.” This payoff comes 7 years early, saving the county and taxpayers approximately $6 million in future bond interest that will not need to be paid. It will be a one-time $37 million expense.

Thursday, July 17 at 6:00 p.m., the Board of Ada County Commissioners will hear a public presentation of Ada County’s proposed Fiscal Year (FY) 2014-2015 budget, presented by the Ada County Clerk/Auditor/Recorder. The presentation will take place in the Ada County Courthouse Public Hearing Room at 200 W. Front St. in Boise.

Leap Before You Look, Cart Before Horse…

Don Day points out on Twitter the irony of Boise officials offering a prize to youngsters under 12 for their creative ideas of what to do with City Hall Plaza.

The prize for the winning idea is a free pass to Roaring Springs Water Park… in MERIDIAN!

This type of logic is infectious with Boise leaders. Each April they meet with the Chamber of Commerce folks to figure out how to attract visitors and companies to Boise and the Treasure Valley…the gatherings are held in SUN VALLEY or McCALL!

The possibilities are endless. Proposals for art at the new Boise transit center can be rewarded with dinner/movie tickets to the Village Cinema at Meridian with second prize a tour of the Eagle greenbelt.

Everything is a matter of perspective. The Boise airport is fond of announcing — and promoting — new flights to places like Southern California, Houston, or Chicago. Imagine the headlines, TV coverage, and hype in those metropolitan markets: “You can now reach Boise, Idaho DIRECT!”

TV News “Cleans Up” Mug Shot

O.J. on Time and Newsweek covers.

O.J. on Time and Newsweek covers.

Back in 1994 when O.J. Simpson infamously made the cover of both TIME and NEWSWEEK magazines with the same mugshot, TIME was accused of racism by digitally darkening the image–some claimed to make him look sinister.

TIME was also taken to the woodshed by fellow journalists over changing the appearance of an image used in a news story.

Today, KTVB, channel 7 has altered a mug shot from the Ada County Sheriff’s website to “clean up” tattoos on the forehead of Chris Anderson, charged with child endangerment in the mauling of a child by a pit bull left in a van.

KTVB "Face job" image.

KTVB “Face job” image.

Unaltered GUARDIAN image of Anderson

Unaltered GUARDIAN image of Anderson

The digital code on the image even refers to “blur.”

Instead of the anchor solemnly warning, “this image is graphic,” as they do with dead bodies in war zones, the overprotective folks at KTVB put some make up on a tat which must not have been appropriate for “all you moms out there.”

KBOI-2 version.

KBOI-2 version.

KBOI-TV 2 also messed with the images, but instead of clearing up the suspect’s complexion, they pixelated it–leaving the impression it was a naughty tat.

Channels 6-9 version.

Channels 6-9 version.

The “On Your Side” gang at Channels 6 and 9 did the same as their competitors at KTVB, blocking out the tat above Anderson’s right brow.

Admittedly one could conclude the GUARDIAN is the only site with bad enough taste to post the image in its unaltered state.

Scary Dog Tales And Little Kids

One man is sitting in the Ada slammer in lieu of $500,000 bond after his “pit bull-type dog” mauled a child. Police say both the child and dog were left unattended in a van in March, but the arrest was made over the weekend. Here is the Boise PD account:
Boise Police, working with Ada County Prosecutors, have charged a man with felony injury to a child after his dog attacked and severely injured a six year old boy. At the time of the attack, the child and his two siblings were being cared for by the suspect who is a close acquaintance of a parent of the children.

Arrested: Christopher A. Anderson, 24, Boise

Charges: Injury to a Child – 5 counts (F), Resisting and Obstructing Officers (m)

What Happened: Boise Police were called to a parking lot on the 1300 block of South Broadway Avenue at 3;34 p.m. March 27 to assist Boise Firefighters and Ada County Paramedics who were already on the scene of a reported dog mauling.

Officers found a six year old boy had just been transported to a nearby hospital with severe facial injuries. Witnesses reported a pit bull-type dog had attacked the boy after both were left inside the suspect’s van. Two other children between the ages of 9 and 11 were also inside the van at the time the attack occurred. They were not injured. The suspect was reportedly inside the business and had left the children alone with the dog when the attack occurred.

The dog belongs to Anderson. At the time of the attack, the children were being cared for by Anderson who is an acquaintance of a parent of the children.

Immediately after the attack, officers were told the dog was running loose in the neighborhood. Officers set up a perimeter and working with Animal Control, began searching for the dog. The dog was later found and officers learned the suspect had, immediately after the attack, taken the dog and placed it in the backyard of an acquaintance who lives nearby.

The dog, a pit bull approximately 4 – 5 years old, was immediately placed and remains in the custody of Animal Control at the Idaho Humane Society.

During their investigation, officers found evidence the suspect had knowledge the dog was aggressive and had behaved in a violent manner in the past. Also during the investigation, detectives with the Boise Police Special Victims Unit discovered other cases of injury to a child involving the suspect and the victims, which led to the additional counts.

Following the attack, fearing the children would be in continued danger in their current living situation, detectives placed the children into the protective custody of Idaho Health and Welfare.

After a detailed and lengthy investigation, officers’ reports were forwarded to prosecutors for review. A warrant was issued for the suspect’s arrest July 2. Boise Police officers located the suspect at a motel near the Boise Airport Saturday, July 5.

The suspect was arraigned Monday on the above charges. He remains in the Ada County Jail on a $500,000 bond. A preliminary hearing has been set for July 18.


A Nampa copper shot a dog over the weekend which was later put down by a veterinarian at the request of the owner following a confrontation involving an unattended child found in the street while responding to an illegal fireworks call.

“The use of lethal force by an officer is always a last option. We do not want to hurt or kill any animals,” said Nampa PD Chief Craig Kingsbury. Police said the unidentified officer working the fireworks call found the child and approached a residence to find a responsible adult when the dog charged out of the house. He retreated to the street.

Nampa coppers have video body cams, but due to the sudden attack and retreat to the street, the officer did not activate the device. A similar incident about a year ago was captured on video and the dog’s owner apologized to the police.

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