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Mayor Hotline October 17 to 23

SKINNY SKATING, COLE SCHOOL, VALLEY RIDE, NO TO TROLLEY, 10/21/09 Anonymous IDAHO ICE WORLD: I would really like to know what the hell is going on out at Idaho Ice World. My wife and daughter were out there today and there was a hockey team out there skating practically naked. They were in their jock […]

How A Bad Idea Just Got Worse

Only Team Dave and a handful of people with blinders and earplugs think there is public support for a $60 million trolley to nowhere in downtown Boise. Just when we figured the issue was off track, council candidate Dave Litster sends us a lettter he received from the CCDC confirming the agency is budgeting $75,000 […]

Boise Taxpayers Pay Bill For Eagle Bus

In a move that defies logic, Boise taxpayers are spending at the rate of $1,000 a year per round trip passenger that Eagle City officials have refused to pay. It all started when Valley Transit–the regional bus outfit–said they would discontinue the “Highway 44 Express” which ran twice daily out State Street to Eaqgle, Star, […]

Mayor Hotline October 10 to 16

MORE STREETCAR OPPOSITION, NO POTS FOR PUPPY POOP, SAVE COLE SCHOOL, POOR BUS SERVICE, AIRPORT PARKING 10/12/09 Chuck Weir 12868 W. Ginger Creek Dr. Boise, ID Glass Recycling: I’ve been trying to drop off my recyclable glass at the fire station on McMillan for weeks now. Every time I go over there it’s cable-locked shut; […]

Poet Paul’s Post

Dear council candidate TJ on the trolley is it a yea or a nay Since you’re the man of Team Dave your yea vote you’ll save until after election day!

If Only Boise Politicos Had Listened…

The Daily Paper reports Boise officials can’t find the cash to build bike paths near the new Park Center Bridge at a cost that is about the same as a trolley pitchman $93,000. We will admit to just a tiny bit of “I told you so” on the lack of money available to for a […]

Mayor Hotline October 3 to 9

TOTAL OPPOSITION TO STREETCAR, NO METH CLINIC NEAR SCHOOL, GLASS RECYCLE Terry Aldrich 1407 Newport St. Boise, ID 83709 322-4250 Streetcar: I just wanted to voice my disapproval for the trolley system. The city should not be spending one cent of my tax dollars for anything other than police or fire before they start cutting […]

Wisconsin Has A better Transportation Idea

Seems like the cheesehead state is getting a lot of attention these days here in Idaho. Team Dave holds out Kenosha, Wisconsin as the poster child for a Trolley Folly, former Greenbay Packer Bret Favre has everyone’s attention, we got a police chief from the capital city of Madison and now the politicos in Madison […]

City Tries To Hide New PR Expense

Boise’s Team Dave is a step away from a legal land mine as they seek council approval of a PR/marketing agency to promote one side of a public policy issue. The GUARDIAN sees it as a blatant violation of the “public purpose doctrine” in law which dictates that all expenditures should be in the “public […]

Mayor Hotline Sept 26 to Oct 2

LOTS OF DERAIL THE TROLLEY, ONE ABOARD TROLLEY, STINK OVER SEWER, HEALTH RESOLUTION OFF TRACK, SWANS NEAR BRIDGE, NO BUS FOR BLIND 9/30/09 Lance Danger P.O. Box 986 Boise, ID 83701 Trolley: Gee Mayor, you’re a fricking idiot. Why don’t you just go back to the horse-and-buggy? Wouldn’t that be a good idea if a […]

It’s Litster vs Thomson

The GUARDIAN has had a standing offer to all candidates to post their initial campaign blurb and profile. Dave Litster is running for the Boise City Council seat being vacated by Jim Tibbs. Today he was flanked on the steps of City Hall by two candidates who have quit the race and endorse him–Steve Siebers […]

Mayor Hotline September 19 to 25

AGAINST TROLLEY AND TRAIN, AGAINST TROLLEY FOR TRAIN, COPPERS ON PHONE IGNORE CITIZEN, TRASH TALK, NO FREE PARKING 9/23/09 Vicki Morrison 5424 Eugene St. Boise, ID 83703 Streetcar & Amtrak: I’m calling about two concerns. One is the streetcar that Mayor Bieter is proposing, which I think is a complete waste of our taxpayer dollars. […]

Items Of Little Interest, But Important To Pols

Here is a list of current news topics with a typically cynical GUARDIAN SLANT. –The Park Center Bridge that Harris Ranch Developers stuck taxpayers to build so they would benefit is about to open with great fanfare from Ada County Highway District. –Micron is still slurping at the public trough. This time they got $5 […]

Mayor Hotline September 12 to 18

OVERWHELMING OPPOSITION TO THE HEALTH CARE RESOLUTION WHICH WAS IGNORED BY MAYOR AND COUNCIL, USUAL PARKING AND TRASH ISSUES, TOTAL OF 22 PAGES, MUCH OF IT JUST NAMES and “AGAINST.” Walt Baker 10189 Edna St. Boise, ID 83704 853-0192 Health Care Resolution: I’m concerned about the thought of supporting universal health care as put forth […]

AMBUS Every Minute For Cost Of AMTRAK

For the cost of a daily AMTRAK train or two, the GUARDIAN can provide bus service that would run a bus EVERY MINUTE 24/7. That’s right. We got out the ol’ electronic calculator and punched in the numbers for the cost of the GUARDIAN’s fantasy AMBUS plan versus the cost of AMTRAK. Here’s how it […]

Team Dave Tries Brainwashing Public

We have long been unhappy with the efforts of Team Dave to shape public opinion on the “Trolley Folly.” Now it looks like the mayor and staff are following in the mold of the infamous Brent Coles Coles spent public funds to influence the outcome of the Foothills Tax Levy election, but it was only […]

Drying Paint More Exciting Than Council Race

We hate to dis any of the candidates for Boise City Council, but this race may set a record for non-interest of voters and the media. We have said it before, but the chances of anyone beating an incumbent are slim to none and the one seat being vacated by Jim Tibbs is pretty much […]

Baumbach Claims Victory In Precinct Battle

We previously posted a dispute voiced by Boise City Council candidate Lucas Baumbach over what he claimed was a conspiracy to “disenfranchise” conservative voters through gerrymandering. Today, he offers up a press release claiming vindication and posing half a dozen questions to the city clerk. The GUARDIAN will try to post substantive information on issues […]

Mayor Hotline August 8 to 14

LOTS OF TRASH TALK, AMTRAK NOT ALL POSITIVE, TOWING IN THE PARK 8/11/09 Jason Hill Boise, ID Amtrak: I was just calling about the whole Amtrak thing and I do not think that the Mayor is on the right track with that. We don’t need any more taxes in this city; we have enough in […]

Can AMTRAK Pay the Freight?

When it comes public rides, it is hard to find anyone opposed to “PASSENGER TRAINS IN IDAHO.” The politicos know this well, so they have asked AMTRAK to conduct some studies about returning train service to Idaho. Senior Sen. Crapo and Mayor Bieter of Team Dave will hold a public hearing at the Boise Depot […]

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