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Mayor Hotline December 12 to 18

CHRISTIAN NUISANCE, EVEN MORE ANTI STREET CAR, RACE ISSUE, OLD GLORY WORNOUT, TRASH TALK, PANHANDLERS 12/12/09 Anonymous Fire Alarm: Hello, it is Saturday and it is just before 11:00 p.m. The Cathedral of the Rockies, located at W. Franklin and N. 11th has their fire alarm going off again. I mean this thing goes off […]

Congress, National TV From Poet Paul

With the likes of Tiger Woods, Eastern Snow, overdoses of health care, overdoses of the Trolley hitting the news, this little ditty from Poet PAul on a congressional priority is worth a chuckle. Our congressmen have all vowed To pass laws making us proud They’re considering legislation To protect the nation… From TV ads played […]

Politicos Seek To Mandate FAA Decisions

A story in the DAILY PAPER today by Joe Estrella says the Federal Aviation Administration is scurrying to get ahead of the politicos in their desire to move the local approach radar facility from Boise to Salt Lake City. Idaho and Boise politicians cite “economic and safety concerns” in their opposition to the move. After […]

Mayor Hotline November 28 to December 5

MORE AND MORE ANTI STREET CAR, HOMELESS FIRE SAFETY, SMOKE FREE PLEA, TRASH TALK Note–The GUARDIAN deleted one particularly rude rant aimed at the Mayor which was of a personal nature. 11/29/09 Jerry T. Fields 806 E. Riverpark Ln. Boise, ID 83706 342-4478 Streetcar: In regards to the streetcar to nowhere and the proposal to […]

City Allows “Other Side” Into Open House

Early visitors to the City’s street car open house had a chance to get information from at least one opponent of the proposed $60 million project. Jim Monihan, known to GUARDIAN readers as “Cyclops,” had made repreated requests of Team Dave’s press agent, Adam Park, to have space at the Street Car Open House being […]

More On “Desire Named Street Car” (sorry)

EDITOR NOTE–We hate to keep beating this Trolley Horse, but the politicos and press just won’t let it die. Team Dave Just won’t quit Pushing this streetcar bit There is no way they can Cover this crazy plan They’ll just put a LID on it! –Poet Paul Both the DAILY PAPER and the BOISE WEEKLY […]

Mayor Hotline November 14 to 20

MORE ANTI STREET CAR, WHY CHARGE VETS FOR PARADE?, JESUE LOVES YOU 11/17/09 Bob Boise, ID Consultant: This message is for Dave Bieter. I would like to express my utter distaste for what I read in the Statesman this morning. I cannot believe that someone who I would hope as a public official would be […]

Poll Supports GUARDIAN Transit Plan

According to a poll commissioned by the Daily Paper, 63% of folks in the city of trees agree with the GUARDIAN position that we should upgrade the bus system and forget about the “Desire NAmed Street Car.” OK, they didn’t exactly say they supported the GUARDIAN position, but we have indeed advocated bus improvements over […]

Poet Paul’s Post

ON VETS– One thing we should’nt forget We’ll always be in their debt Whether a hawk or a dove If it’s freedom you love Go out and thank a Vet! ADVICE TO TJ– T J Thomson was handily elected Will he see the trolley is rejected? If he follows the mayor He won’t have a […]

Election Results Send Strong Message

Tuesday’s local election results sent a strong message from voters: NOBODY REALLY CARES! Turnout for Boise was 17% of registered voters–just about what all the experts had predicted. Throughout the Valley incumbents were returned to office and the only close call was the defeat of the Canyon County Jail bond which fell about 8% short […]

Mayor Hotline October 24 to 30

NEARLY TOTAL OPPOSITION TO THE DESIRE NAMED STREETCAR. NO OTHER CALLS EVEN REPORTED ON OTHER TOPICS AND JUST ONE SINGLE FAVORABLE CALLER. 10/23/09 Gary Zimmerman 851 W. Front St. #904 Boise, ID 841-6047 Streetcar; I’m calling to voice a concern with the streetcar that Mayor Dave Bieter is in support of. I am within the […]

Poet Paul Posts A Poll Plea

60 million to build a trolley When other things we need so much Things that are wearing out Like bridges, schools and such But the council does not listen It seems we hardly have a chance They plan to get the money From the pockets in out pants Be sure to raise your voice Don’t […]

Mayor Hotline October 17 to 23

SKINNY SKATING, COLE SCHOOL, VALLEY RIDE, NO TO TROLLEY, 10/21/09 Anonymous IDAHO ICE WORLD: I would really like to know what the hell is going on out at Idaho Ice World. My wife and daughter were out there today and there was a hockey team out there skating practically naked. They were in their jock […]

How A Bad Idea Just Got Worse

Only Team Dave and a handful of people with blinders and earplugs think there is public support for a $60 million trolley to nowhere in downtown Boise. Just when we figured the issue was off track, council candidate Dave Litster sends us a lettter he received from the CCDC confirming the agency is budgeting $75,000 […]

Boise Taxpayers Pay Bill For Eagle Bus

In a move that defies logic, Boise taxpayers are spending at the rate of $1,000 a year per round trip passenger that Eagle City officials have refused to pay. It all started when Valley Transit–the regional bus outfit–said they would discontinue the “Highway 44 Express” which ran twice daily out State Street to Eaqgle, Star, […]

Mayor Hotline October 10 to 16

MORE STREETCAR OPPOSITION, NO POTS FOR PUPPY POOP, SAVE COLE SCHOOL, POOR BUS SERVICE, AIRPORT PARKING 10/12/09 Chuck Weir 12868 W. Ginger Creek Dr. Boise, ID Glass Recycling: I’ve been trying to drop off my recyclable glass at the fire station on McMillan for weeks now. Every time I go over there it’s cable-locked shut; […]

Poet Paul’s Post

Dear council candidate TJ on the trolley is it a yea or a nay Since you’re the man of Team Dave your yea vote you’ll save until after election day!

If Only Boise Politicos Had Listened…

The Daily Paper reports Boise officials can’t find the cash to build bike paths near the new Park Center Bridge at a cost that is about the same as a trolley pitchman $93,000. We will admit to just a tiny bit of “I told you so” on the lack of money available to for a […]

Mayor Hotline October 3 to 9

TOTAL OPPOSITION TO STREETCAR, NO METH CLINIC NEAR SCHOOL, GLASS RECYCLE Terry Aldrich 1407 Newport St. Boise, ID 83709 322-4250 Streetcar: I just wanted to voice my disapproval for the trolley system. The city should not be spending one cent of my tax dollars for anything other than police or fire before they start cutting […]

Wisconsin Has A better Transportation Idea

Seems like the cheesehead state is getting a lot of attention these days here in Idaho. Team Dave holds out Kenosha, Wisconsin as the poster child for a Trolley Folly, former Greenbay Packer Bret Favre has everyone’s attention, we got a police chief from the capital city of Madison and now the politicos in Madison […]

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