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Dope Award For Flood “Watch”

Topics For Discussion, Little Real News

BOISE RIVER continues to flood, there are so many reporters wading in the water we can’t justify any more “dope reporter awards.” Seems like Mother Nature is the only culprit to blame for the extra snow and runoff, but it does seem like there are a lot of structures close to the river. DOWNTOWN is […]

Everything Old Is New Again

Using the same old tactics of surveys, studies, and lots of manipulation of public opinion, Boise Mayor Dave Bieter’s “Trolley Folly or Desire named Street Car” has risen from the ashes of bad ideas like a Phoenix. IDAHO STATESMAN‘s Sven Berg has the latest edition of the rails-in-the-street plan posted today with an even bigger […]

Correct Numbers, Wrong Name Intersection

Jeff Platt of KBOI-TV is the latest winner of a coveted Dope Reporter award for an innocent mistake last week. He was nominated by GUARDIAN reader Eric Oden. While standing at HORSESHOE BEND ROAD and STATE street he reported on plans for the modification of an intersection more than a mile away at EAGLE ROAD […]

GBAD and Visitor Bureau Attract Herpes Convention

The only thing more comical than the Greater Boise Auditorium District landing a convention of herpes experts is the headline in the DAILY PAPER which proclaims: “HERPES EXPERTS IN BOISE AT SAME TIME AS BASQUES.” The Statesman headline writer gets a coveted “DOPE REPORTER AWARD” from the GUARDIAN for perhaps the worst mix and match […]

Former Mayor Portrayed As Dead Philanthropist

It’s been awhile since we have issued a DOPE REPORTER award, but someone at KTVB gets the honor for this morning’s photo mix up. The early report on KTVB Channel 7 news Monday headlined the death of Velma Morrison, the millionaire philanthropist, but the image on the screen was that of former mayor and city […]

Prompt Policeman Pulls Part From Pump

Since we don’t get the media reports from Boise PD anymore, we can’t tell you if this little story got reported to the rest of the media or not. However, based on our reader report, we think it was true and worth sharing. Now if we can just get the video! “True Story! Witnessed today […]

Come To A GUARDIAN Party Thursday

Guardian’s first five years have flew How long it would last no one knew All I have to say Is keep plugging away And Happy Birthday to you! –Poet Paul GUARDIAN PARTY INVITATION TO: ALL READERS, friends, politicos, and anyone wanting to see what Cyclops, Cynic, and Kappa Ta, Timm, Paul, Clancy, Dean Gunderson, and […]

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One Belt Too Many

I Wanna See Flames

As Simple As Breathing

Bulls Have Just One Teet

Award Winning TV Flood Coverage

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