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Ullman, Dynamis Remain Issues For Ada Race

The following is a guest opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views of the GUARDIAN. We offer all candidates and readers a chance to respond via the comments section of this post or with a guest opinion. By KAREN DANLEY On the ballot once again, Sharon Ullman must possess a wicked sense of irony […]

Lawsuit Against Ada County Over Dynamis To Be Withdrawn

Counsel for the group suing Ada County over the Dynamis debacle have notified the GUARDIAN they intend to drop the complaint since it was against the former Ada Commishes and the new board has canceled the contract–at a cost of $2 million. In a statement they said, “The plaintiffs in the Idaho Citizens, et al., […]

Ada-Dynamis Deal Runs Out Of Energy, Commishes Kill Project

It isn’t electrifying news, but the new Ada County Commishes have disconnected with Dynamis over the proposed trash-to-energy plant at the county landfill. Dynamis gets to keep the $2 million the previous board paid the private company and agrees to not sue Ada for any future claims. “We fought to get the $2 million back, […]

Citizens Group Takes Lead In Dynamis-Ada Scandal

Idaho Citizens for a Safe Environment and a Transparent Government, Inc. has taken the lead in prosecuting a civil action against Dynamis and Ada County following a 6,000 page report by a private investigator to the Bannock Prosecutor who is acting as a “special prosecutor” for Ada County. The report turns up no direct benefit […]

Prosecutor Defers To Citizens Lawsuit To Answer Ada Commish-Dynamis Issues

The Bannock County Prosecutor has issued a press release which comes as no surprise regarding the conduct of the Ada Commishes in the Dynamis trash to enegy scheme. The GUARDIAN has held the position the major “illegal action” was the violation of the Idaho Constitution when they gave away $2 million to a private firm […]

Team Dave Opposes Ada-Dynamis Deal

It has taken them two and a half years and following the lead of the Meridian City Council, Boise has issued a formal letter in opposition to the Ada County-Dynamis trash to energy scheme. In the LETTERwas sent December 11 to the Ada Commishes, Boise Mayor Dave Bieter is critical of the lack of public […]

More Stink Raised Over Dynamis Trash Deal

The Idaho Conservation League filed has filed a lawsuit in Fourth District Court challenging two recent actions taken by the Ada County Board of Commissioners to approve the controversial Dynamis “waste-to-energy” facility at the Ada County Landfill. The suit challenges the Commission’s 2-to-1 vote on Oct 23 to create an “industrial park” for the Dynamis […]

Ada Commishes Tell Dynamis To Pay Within 90 Days

Ada Commishes voted unanimously Wednesday to tell Dynamis to essentially “pay up or shut up” with regard to the proposed waste to energy project at the Ada County landfill. Commish Sharon Ullman–an avid supporter of the project to date–was the one who made the motion which called for a LETTER to Dynamis telling them to […]

Even With Payback, $2 Million Dynamis Deal Would Remain Illegal

Ada Commishes will consider a motion to demand repayment of a $2 million loan made to Dynamis back in 2010. The meeting is at 1p.m. Wednesday at the Court House on Front St. Under terms of the contract, the waste to energy company must repay the loan prior to construction of the processing plant. The […]

Dynamis Project Faces Court Challenge

After months of sabre rattling, the group opposed to the Dynamis trash to energy project at the Ada County landfill has filed a lawsuit in Fourth District Court challenging the legality of the project. You can read the 59 page COMPLAINT in its entirety, but it boils down to six allegations from Idaho Citizens for […]

Ada P&Z To Hear Dynamis Issues

It may be “too little, too late,” but Ada County Planning and Zoning Commishes agreed Thursday to hear citizens complaints about the proposed Dynamis trash to energy project at the landfill. Since the board serves only in an advisory capacity, any action taken is subject to County Commish approval. At issue is a zoning change […]

Ullman Tosses Prosecutor Under Dynamis Bus

When citizens challenged Ada Commishes over the handling of the Dynamis trash to energy lease at a Tuesday hearing, there was an interesting revelation from Commish Sharon Ullman who put the issue at the steps of the Prosecuting Attorney’s office. As reported in the STATESMAN, Ullman asserted, “We have followed the advice of our attorneys,” […]

Procedural Moves May Out Maneuver Public On Dynamis Deal

A series of procedural moves by the Ada Commishes could be aimed at ignoring public comment into the approval process for the Dynamis trash to energy project according to the group opposing the idea. Idaho Citizens for a Safe Environment and a Transparent Government claims the Ada Commishes will attempt Tuesday to pass a resolution–which […]

Ada P&Z To Hold Special Dynamis Meeting

Ada County issued a terse press release Friday announcing special meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission to consider a hearing on the Dynamis trash to energy project. The Ada County Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a special meeting on October 25, 2012, at 6:00 p.m. in the Commissioners Main Hearing Room #1235, on […]

Statesman Dynamis Story Reveals Sad Commentary On Local Governments

Once again we have to offer compliments to the Daily Paper’s Cynthia Sewell for some tedious reporting efforts on the Dynamis-Ada County scandal. Her SUNDAY STORY should serve as a Bible for the investigator looking into the irregularities both the Statesman and the GUARDIAN have uncovered. Inflated hourly rates, purchase of computers, consultants, a lobbyist, […]

Group Drops Another Bombshell On Dynamis-Ada Deal, Law Should Allow AG To Investigate

Those “Safe Idaho Citizens” dropped yet another bombshell today on the Dynamis-Ada trash to energy project, claiming the Ada Commishes ponied up $71,000 in public money for a lobbyist on behalf Dynamis. They have provided public records documents obtained from Ada County to back up their claim that former Dirk Kempthorn aide and Tamarack promoter […]

Citizens Group Releases Damning Info On Dynamis-Ada Commish Scandal

The group calling itself “Idaho Citizens for a Safe Environment and a Transparent Government” has released a string of documents from a public RECORDS REQUEST which indicate Ada Commishes bought computers, paid consulting fees and much more on behalf of Dynamis and the proposed trash to energy project. Commish Sharon Ullman hand delivered some of […]

Kudos To Statesman For Commish-Dynamis Story

Kudos to the DAILY PAPER for some good old fashioned journalism on the Ada Commission coverage in today’s paper. No sense in us attempting to match reporter Cynthia Sewell on this one. She simply “told it like it is.” It is a long read by today’s news standards, but she covered the 12 minutes of […]

Private Eye, Former Boise Ombudsman Investigator To Probe Ada Commish-Dynamis Deal

Verna R. Kessler, a former investigator for the Boise Office of Ombudsman, has been assigned to the investigation of the Ada Commishes and Dynamis Energy. The “hot potato” investigation has been passed off from the Ada Sheriff, Ada Prosecutor, Attorney General, Bannock Sheriff, Boise Police, and now a private investigator. Perhaps the sixth time will […]

Dynamis Hot Potato Investigation Flipped (or mashed) Yet Again

The “Hot Potato” investigation of the Ada County-Dynamis trash to energy deal has been tossed once again thanks to the withdrawal of Boise PD from the case. Sadly, it was only after the GUARDIAN informed readers of the BPD involvement that Mayor Dave Bieter called them off the case. Several potential witnesses contacted the GUARDIAN, […]

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