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Irrigation Proposal Makes Sense

Monday’s mail provided an “official check” from the Nampa Meridian Irrigation District in the amount of $4.78 and a note saying the Board of Directors had reviewed the plight of Brian Bandhauer and waived the taxes previously paid by the GUARDIAN. As a certified GROWTHOPHOBE, we have given the issue of charging homeowners for water […]

Chamber Hype Is Merely Hype

Remember all the euphoria coming out of the Chamber of Commerce, Boise State, and the Idaho Tourism Development folks after BSU won the Fiesta Bowl. There were claims of intense interest on the part of businesses wishing to locate corporate headquarters in Boise, brilliant students standing in line to attend the place with the blue […]

Good Sports, Tough Sports

After years of scandal in the ranks of college football, it is refreshing to see some of those high salaried coaches apparently “doing the right thing” when it comes to making the game “clean.” As the bowl season got into full swing we heard of Boise State’s Coach Pete not only benching a couple of […]

Mayor Hotline December 15 to 21

SLUSH FUNDS, GOOSE POOP, NY SNOW, NO WAY HALFWAY 12/21/07 Karen Crapser Boise, ID 83709 Unallocated Funds: My complaint is about the over-budgeting of our city government and how they can over spend with our extra $14 million. I would like part of that back in my pocket instead of the government’s and let me […]

Share Your 2007 Favorites

The GUARDIAN continues to grow each year and 2007 is no exception. We had nearly 10 million hits and 640,000 unique visits. Monthly average is about 53,000 visits, but thanks to Senator Wide Stance we had 108,000 visits in September–nearly 1 million “hits” in one day. Your exchange of ideas and thought provoking comments have […]

GUARDIAN Stops Lien On Home

The Nampa-Meridian Irrigation District has placed a lien on the home of a Meridian man over a disputed $4.78 late fee. The insanity of a government agency spending untold cash to chase $4.78 so outraged the GUARDIAN that we drove to Nampa to pay the bill ourselves and put an end to the childish behavior. […]

Avimor Plans Place Poop In Boise

COPYRIGHT BOISE GUARDIAN The Avimor planned community north of Eagle along Highway 55 plans to use Boise City sewage facilities to treat sewage before dumping it into the Boise River. Boise officials have never heard about it. The GUARDIAN has confirmed Avimor plans to build an “activated sludge” plant in the foothills and clarify raw […]

Mayor Hotline December 8 to 14

IDLING CARS, BAD COP, NO COP 12/14/07 Diane Leaverton 3907 Oak Park Place Boise, ID 83703 City Car: This morning when I was out walking my dogs in my neighborhood, I noticed a city vehicle (a van) which may have been from the Building Department. It was parked in front of the house across the […]

Attempt To Liven Up Coroner Office

Claiming “All images will be appropriate viewing for all ages,” Ada County Coroner Erwin Sonnenberg has launched a new web page he describes as “exciting.” The INVESTIGATIONS PAGE is part of the official county website. The first “exciting entry” consists of a grisly close up photo showing a dog’s severed paw compared to X-rays of […]

In Light Of Christmas Spirit

Mrs. GUARDIAN decided it was time to pack up the cute little foo-foo dog and take a low speed drive around Boise to look at Christmas decorations. The GUARDIAN reasoned the dog should stay home and it was really not very green to drive around burning gas and polluting the air. At the very least […]

Mayor Hotline December 1 to 7

12/4/07 Tami Wong 10423 Treeline St. Boise, ID 83704 Half-Way Houses: I’m calling because I just found out that right around the corner from us there’s one of Dennis Mansfield’s halfway houses and I’m very upset about it. We were given absolutely no notice and for a month this house was in our neighborhood without […]

Low Stakes Gambling Hall

Not to be confused with LIBRARY!, Boise has resumed the old Catholic cultural icon BINGO! Like the fairgrounds, the all park, and Plantation Golf Course, BINGO! is actually located in Garden City. Three charities will share the take. Northwest Alternatives, Treasure Valley Community Television, and Sacred Heart School and Church have re-opened the Bingo facility […]

Citizen Authority Could Increase

The Idaho Supreme Court heard oral arguments Wednesday in a case which has the potential of allowing citizens the ability to force local government to follow the law. A group of Canyon County property owners were not allowed “standing”–the right to sue or be part of a court case– when they tried to stop the […]

Blessed Be The Armed Christians

We don’t want to get into a debate about religion, so consider this a MEDIA post. In the wake of the tragic ambush in Colorado Springs at the evangelical mega church, media outlets across the nation are discussing “Increased Security In Churches.” The GUARDIAN predicts the local media across Idaho will all have stories asking […]

Property Taxes Likely To Rise

Despite the nationwide decline in housing sales–and the subsequent value of homes–it is likely 2008 will bring a property tax increase. Here’s why. Ada Assessor Bob McQuade tracks local sale prices and has appraisers in the field on a daily basis. He predicts the valuations will be pretty much flat. Some of the “McMansions” may […]

Idaho Nukes For California Consumers?

When smooth nuke power promoter  Don Gillespie hit the airwaves and pages of the local media with  plans for an electricity generating nuclear plant near Bruneau along the Snake River, he didn’t spark much opposition—especially since Jeremy Maxand rolled out of the Snake River Alliance office for greener pastures. With potential cooling towers on the […]

Handler Idea Canned For Now

We have to pass along an “attaboy” to Team Dave for their decision to not fill a “position” created last June for a lobbyist coordinator. The Daily Paper reported last week that Ryan Hill–Dave Bieter’s campaign manager–was the lead contender for the job. The GUARDIAN blasted the idea, saying the winners of the recent city […]

Mayor Hotline November 24 to 30

11/27/07 Vance Air Quality Summit: This message is for Mayor Bieter. I’m calling in response to the Air Quality Summit. I’m not able to attend the meeting but I would certainly like to contribute a brief input if I may. Obviously I’m as upset about the air quality as anybody else and desire to have […]

Daily Paper Details Craig Oral History

The Daily Paper sent a nice Christmas greeting to Larry “Thumper” Craig in Sunday’s print edition and promoted web site oral history recordings of cutting remarks from gay blades detailing sexual encounters with Idaho’s most famous senator. The story offered what Dee and other news anchors like to solemnly warn us are “graphic details.” The […]

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