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STATESMAN Readers Bash Bieter Trolley

Mayor Dave Bieter continued his pitch for a trolley in the narrow streets of Downtown Boise with an op-ed piece in the Daily Paper Wednesday. Out of 10 comments posted so far, there was one flat out supporter, one “sorta for it” and eight who flat out were against it. Count the GUARDIAN in the […]

Mayor Hotline September 19 to 25

AGAINST TROLLEY AND TRAIN, AGAINST TROLLEY FOR TRAIN, COPPERS ON PHONE IGNORE CITIZEN, TRASH TALK, NO FREE PARKING 9/23/09 Vicki Morrison 5424 Eugene St. Boise, ID 83703 Streetcar & Amtrak: I’m calling about two concerns. One is the streetcar that Mayor Bieter is proposing, which I think is a complete waste of our taxpayer dollars. […]

Who Can Drive Safely AND Text?

Lots of buzz today about proposed laws to ban texting while driving. One source claimed truck drivers were 23 times more likely to crash while texting than not texting. The Idaho branch of the American Automobile Association, AAA, endorses the idea of Idaho joining 13 other states banning texting while driving. But like everything else […]

Boise FD To Sell Services To North Ada District

Another “business plan” to come out of Thursday’s “strategic planning” meeting with city officials is the planned expansion of the Boise Fire Department by two dozen personnel in a “take over” deal which will have Boise selling fire protection to Garden City, Hidden Springs, and the rest of the North Ada County Fire Rescue (NACFR) […]

Items Of Little Interest, But Important To Pols

Here is a list of current news topics with a typically cynical GUARDIAN SLANT. –The Park Center Bridge that Harris Ranch Developers stuck taxpayers to build so they would benefit is about to open with great fanfare from Ada County Highway District. –Micron is still slurping at the public trough. This time they got $5 […]

Council Cools Fire Ambulance Plans

Boise City councilors worked on “strategic planning” Thursday, engaging in some give-and-take with department heads to exchange ideas and goals and offer direction from the council. If that sounds like “corporate speak” with the young and restless bouncing their dreams off the board of directors, you got the picture. The meetings are open to the […]

Stabbing Suspect Has No Driver’s License!

We have to admit to making a visit to the Daily Paper’s web site today where we noticed a headline about a fatal stabbing in the parking lot of a bikini bar. The Daily–and apparently coppers–found it noteworthy the suspect was driving without a license. “An Idaho City man accused of stabbing 30-year-old Jason Robert […]

French Grow Suspicious Pine Trees

The GUARDIAN just got back from a week in France working on the day job, but with heart and mind still firmly tied to Boise. We were driving through the Champagne area northeast of Paris when we spotted this perfectly straight tall pine tree. A little suspicious of this perfect speciman, we made a U-turn […]

Mayor Hotline September 12 to 18

OVERWHELMING OPPOSITION TO THE HEALTH CARE RESOLUTION WHICH WAS IGNORED BY MAYOR AND COUNCIL, USUAL PARKING AND TRASH ISSUES, TOTAL OF 22 PAGES, MUCH OF IT JUST NAMES and “AGAINST.” Walt Baker 10189 Edna St. Boise, ID 83704 853-0192 Health Care Resolution: I’m concerned about the thought of supporting universal health care as put forth […]

AMBUS Every Minute For Cost Of AMTRAK

For the cost of a daily AMTRAK train or two, the GUARDIAN can provide bus service that would run a bus EVERY MINUTE 24/7. That’s right. We got out the ol’ electronic calculator and punched in the numbers for the cost of the GUARDIAN’s fantasy AMBUS plan versus the cost of AMTRAK. Here’s how it […]

Study Shows Boise Amtrak Not In Financial Best Interest Of USA

After spending at least $374,000,000 to get the tracks and people up to speed, Amtrak would have to charge passengers an average of $353 for each ticket–IF they could get 102,000 riders–just to break even on the cheapest option for trail service to Boise, according to figures released in an Amtrak report. Politicos with overly […]

BPD Union President Offers Swan Song


Boise Weighs In On Health Care

Mayor Bieter and Team Dave need a lesson in priorities. They snubbed the GUARDIAN town hall meeting on ambulance service, but weigh in on a national political health issue. They still haven’t had any public discussion on Boise FD ambulances! The only city operated area of “Health Care” that comes to mind for the GUARDIAN […]

Team Dave Tries Brainwashing Public

We have long been unhappy with the efforts of Team Dave to shape public opinion on the “Trolley Folly.” Now it looks like the mayor and staff are following in the mold of the infamous Brent Coles Coles spent public funds to influence the outcome of the Foothills Tax Levy election, but it was only […]

Mayor Hotline Sept 5 to 11

9/6/09 John Weber 3025 N. Five Mile Rd. Apt. 203 Boise, ID 83713 321-4998 Library and Weed Abatement: My comment is regarding the new LEED library on Ustick and Cole. I and many other residents have noticed that very late at night all the lights are on in this energy efficient library. We feel that […]

Mayor Hotline Aug. 28 to Sept 4

SORRY ABOUT THE FORMATTING, WORKING FROM A STRANGE SITE IN PARIS FOR THE DAY JOB. 8/30/09 Pete Peterson 6212 W. Lucky Ln. Boise, ID 83703 853-0932 BPD: The reason for my call is I had a very bad experience with a bicycle policeman today at Curb Cup about 3:45 p.m. Two bicycle policemen arrived, Officer […]

Drying Paint More Exciting Than Council Race

We hate to dis any of the candidates for Boise City Council, but this race may set a record for non-interest of voters and the media. We have said it before, but the chances of anyone beating an incumbent are slim to none and the one seat being vacated by Jim Tibbs is pretty much […]

Bad Sports Not Treated Alike In Idaho

All it took for Oregon Tailback LeGarrette Blount to get out of town without an arrest by Boise PD was an apology after sucker punching BSU defensive end Byron Hout when players and coaches from both teams mingled on the field following the game. Football is a rough game that brings out the worst–and best–in […]

SW Boiseans Sent Out Of Town To Vote

Boise has a new ordinance giving preference to local vendors, but apparently that doesn’t apply to polling places. According to the latest information on the city website, they are sending people out of town to vote–but only in two southwest Boise precincts. If that sounds peculiar, take a look at the City Limits map and […]

Baumbach Claims Victory In Precinct Battle

We previously posted a dispute voiced by Boise City Council candidate Lucas Baumbach over what he claimed was a conspiracy to “disenfranchise” conservative voters through gerrymandering. Today, he offers up a press release claiming vindication and posing half a dozen questions to the city clerk. The GUARDIAN will try to post substantive information on issues […]

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