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Citizen Meet For F-35 Discussion Set

Henry Wiebe has once again called for a citizen meeting to discuss the F-35 noise issue. Thursday, Mar 30, 7:00 PM Whitney School 1609 S Owyhee St, Boise, ID 83705 (Owyhee and Nez Perce south of Overland) In case you don’t remember, Wiebe is the guy who brought a battery-powered drill to his last call […]

Council Defers $100K For F-35 PR Deal

Boise’s City Council deferred action on funding a PR campaign toy get the F-35 fighter jet based in Boise. Prior to the 6 p.m. Tuesday meeting the GUARDIAN learned the proposed resolution to spend up to $100,000 with a Washington, D.C. firm to attract the F-35 fighter to Boise had been put off until April […]

Boise City Ignores Citizens, Seeks $100,000 For F-35 Media Campaign

Ignoring the purchasing rules, Boise’s Team Dave has proposed an immediate approval of a $100,000 expenditure for a Washington, D.C. Public Relations firm to manipulate public sentiment in favor of the F-35 being based in Boise. The resolution, to be voted upon at Tuesday’s council meeting, says in part: “Section 2. That the Purchasing Regulations […]

Not Just Noise, F-35 Health Is In The Air

By Denise Seigart PhD, MS, RN, Wharton Fellow Resident of East Boise I believe the current debate regarding the placement of F35s here in Boise is focused on the wrong issue. The noise created by these jets will indeed be intolerable and damaging to physical and mental health, but I believe this is the least […]

F-35 Noise Issues Fall On Deaf ears

Gov. Butch Otter, with Boise Mayor Dave Bieter standing alongside, signed a bill Tuesday that will authorize expenditure of $100,000 in taxpayer funds to lobby on behalf of basing the admittedly noisy F-35 fighter in Boise. Stars & Stripes, the military newspaper in Japan, recently reported a Japanese court has awarded residents near Kadena AF […]

Opponents Of F-35 Denied Space Inside Open House

With armed police standing by, opponents of the F-35 and other noisy fighter jets being based at Gowen Field were denied space during an “open house” meeting Wednesday night at the airport, another chapter in the controversy. Airport spokesman Sean Briggs told the GUARDIAN the opponents were allowed to display protest signs and a petition […]

Otter Joins Bieter Using Citizen Money To Lobby For F-35 At Gowen

Residents of the Boise Bench have little chance of winning a battle against the noisy F-35 fighter jets now that Gov. Butch Otter has joined forces with Boise’s Team Dave to combat the anti-aircraft volleys being fired from folks seeking a little peace and quiet. With unlimited resources in the form of citizen’s tax dollars […]

F-35 Challenge: Let Us See And Hear It!

The Idaho National Guard announced Wednesday that Boise’s Gowen Field is one of five locations the U.S. Air Force is considering as a base for about 18 F-35 fighter jets. The announcement, featured in the STATESMAN is just another in a long line of moves which have never included direct citizen input to the Air […]

Nix F-35, Boise Should Try To Land F-16

If ever there was an Air Force mission designed for Boise’s Gowen Field, it is the planned relocation of F-16 fighters from Hill AFB in Utah. The Air Force has a shortage of fighter pilots, seeks a training facility with long runways and nearby bombing range. The agile and relatively quiet F-16s which look like […]

Anti F-35 Post In Interest Of Fair Play

We are providing space to those opposed to the F-35 being based at Gowen Field in the interest of fair play. Various state and local governments have come out in favor of locating the noisy fighter here, but those opposed don’t have access to the public money or forum. The GUARDIAN will gladly entertain any […]

F-35 Opponent Questions Air Force Report

This is a GUARDIAN guest opinion By Kevin E. Cahill, PhD Is the Air Force being honest with Boise? The United States Air Force is proposing Boise’s Gowen Field as a possible Pilot Training Center and base for F-35A fighter Jets. The Air Force has just released a draft Environmental Review (Environmental Impact Statement or […]

Draft Environmental Statement Paints Dark Picture For F-35 Fighters In Boise

Based on news from more than a year ago, it appeared the U.S. Air Force had abandoned plans to base the F-35 in Boise. Now, a report dated January 20 has surfaced along with a schedule for hearings in Boise this week. The EARLIER NEWS said Boise would possibly get Italian cargo planes rather than […]

F-35 May Not Fly In Congress (or Boise)

Despite the endorsement of the Boise City Council and Team Dave, it looks like the skies over Boise won’t soon be bothered by F-35 fighter jets. The program is grossly over budget. Here is a WEBPOST from last Friday detailing the problems. No word from the State, Feds, or Boise about mixing military fighters […]

No F-35 For Gowen, Possible Italian Cargo Planes

Despite heavy lobbying, advertising banners and expenditure of public funds to get noisy F-35 fighters in Boise the U.S. Air Force has ignored the city of trees in favor of Hill AFB in Utah, Luke in Arizona, and the Burlington Air Guard facility in Vermont as potential F-35 sites. Instead we may get the C-27 […]

Did Flawed Intel Lead To Council Support Of F-35?

A group calling itself SaveOurValleyNow is claiming the endorsement of Boise City Councilors in support of the F-35 fighter at Gowen Field is based on flawed information. Citing what they claim are conflicting statements from Deputy Airport Director Matt Petja regarding noise levels, the group is actually offering the Council a face-saving way to back […]

Boise Council In Dark Over F-35 Banners

In a sampling of half the Boise City Council, it looks like councilors had no knowledge their group images are being displayed on banners at the airport supporting the F-35 fighter jet and none can remember authorizing any expenditures for the banners. The professional advertising banners on the concourse proclaim “BOISE SUPPORTS THE F-35 IN […]

Could F-35s Limit Wind Power Production?

A story comes to us from TEXAS about the potential problems associated with wind power generation conflicting with radar used for both military purposes and weather predictions. Short version is spinning blades of giant windmills can create false radar readings or “shadows.” We are all used to seeing one of the many “chief meteorologists” explain […]

No Government Paid Ads For Anti F-35

A group opposed to having 73 F-35 fighter jets stationed in Boise has set up a WEBSITE they call “Save Our Valley Now. They have some interesting maps and make claims you won’t see in any of those posters at the Airport or on the Idaho lottery ticket website. In what is just another battle […]

F-35 Fighter By Unanimous Consent

Congressman Mike Simpson apparently doesn’t care what people think about locating the F-35 in Idaho. He recently used his free mail privilege to send folks a colorful mailer with a return post card. He said, “If you support bringing this mission to Idaho, please fill out the attached postcard and return it to me. I […]

F-35 Could Double F-15 Noise Level At Gowen

An interesting report on the noise levels of the F-35 fighter jet proposed for Boise’s Gowen Field. According to the AIR FORCE TIMES–the unofficial newspaper of the Air Force–noise levels of the F-35 are double those of the F-15s which were here this past summer from the Oregon Air Guard. The AF Times went on […]

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