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Idle Thoughts On City Vehicles

About a year ago the GUARDIAN caused a stir among coppers when we noted patrol cars left idling for long periods of time at convenience stores and even at dinner for an hour at a time. Comments on the post, POLICE PROWLERS GUZZLE GAS prompted a flurry of defenses for the idle arguments. Top Cop […]

Boise Offers Urban Bird Refuge

You wouldn’t know from watching local television, but not everyone is a skier. However, you can still enjoy the great outdoors in downtown Boise of all places where the birds are particularly active this time of year along the river. The GUARDIAN took a brief walk along the banks of the river near the children’s […]

Die Hard Bronco Fans

No doubt about it, the smoke from forest fires is settling into the Boise valley. All the experts at DEQ acknowledge the fact, but they also caution that “already dirty air” is being trapped beneath the smoke. Dirty from too many people driving too many cars too far. Comes now the cheerleaders for growth and […]

Is It Rape Or Consensual

By GUARDIAN READER “DH” Red flags pop up when an industrial company like Hoku Scientific of Hawaii announces plans to locate a new Solar Panel Manufacturing plant at a site somewhere along our Snake River. When someone wants to put a plant next to a river it isn’t because they want to help the environment! […]

Surface Runoff Into Boise Park

Here at the GUARDIAN we received word of some low profile dealings between the developer of those controversial condos on Crescent Rim, Drainage District #3, and Boise Parks. The short version is a plan is being hatched to dump surface runoff from the condos into Ann Morrison Park. We want to make certain the Boise […]

As Simple As Breathing

Talk about a positive approach and “good news!” Three headlines in the printed paper Thursday demonstrate a certain “dope reporter “ mentality. They detail a problem with vehicle air pollution in one story and even acknowledge growth as a cause. The story below crows about 14% growth in Meridian and describes Boise’s .2% growth as […]

Another Flood Plain Subdivision

Whew! Looks like Eagle dodged the flood bullet! They’ve announced that river flows probably won’t get any higher; in fact they might soon be receding. And, as if in celebration, the Eagle City Council has unanimously approved the new “Laguna Pointe” subdivision, on Eagle Island, near the notorious South Channel. Laguna Pointe sounds pretty sweet […]

GAS ATTACK From The Bike Boy

THE FOLLOWING IS A GUARDIAN READER POSTING Gas price in Boise In a bizarre twist of fate, Boise currently (as of 4/24) has the lowest gas prices across the Fruited Plain, according to www.gasbuddy.com . Even more bizarre – neither the governor’s office nor the mayor’s office has taken credit for our unusual good fortune. […]

Eagle Residents Balk at Gravity

Reader “Sisyphus” suggested we take a look at a piece by reporter Than Tan of KBCI TV. “Guardian, I bet your readers would be interested in talking about the threatened lawsuit against the federal and state agencies by the homeowners in Eagle Island arguing that government is not doing enough to stop the flooding. Yes, […]

Random River Ramblings, Rants, & Reviews

OUR BOISE RIVER is not only the lifeblood of our city, but the focus of most of the news these days. Flows are increasing to “flood stage” in excess of 7,000 cubic feet per second causing damage to the prized Greenbelt and threatening the high end houses near the banks–all the way through the valley. […]

Flooding Is Annual Event

With the recent concerns of flooding, combined with the insane growth in the Treasure Valley, the GUARDIAN thought it might be nice to put things in perspective. A reader offered up a Bureau of Homeland Security link that is far too combersome to share, but the information shows us the floods are a regular event […]

Wrapping the Sponge In Plastic

The following is an unscientific GUARDIAN take on the current flood threat in the Boise area. While the threat of flooding and the potential for damage is usually focused on the Boise River, and quite often the Eagle area, the Wednesday breach of Dry Creek and problems in Boise County showed us the small streams […]

Economics of Wolves

Elk herds have a way of growing too large when the majestic mammals are not hunted or reduced by meat-eating predators like wolves. In some areas it is difficult to maintain elk herd numbers. In Idaho, wolves have been successfully introduced and they love elk steak. Hence they efficiently reduce the size of elk herds–too […]

Poop Farm–The Fan Comes Closer

The resignation of Boise’s Poop Farm manager Tuesday brings the proverbial fan a little closer to what it is destined to hit. The “BioSolid Waste Recycling Facility” is located on desert farm land near Kuna. No word if the resignation stems from investigations and a major audit surrounding finance and management practices within the Boise […]

Briefs–fish, homeless, fires

CATFISH We made a run over to the Snake River at Brownlee Reservoir after reading reports of “thousands of dead catfish lining the banks.” There are indeed dead catfish, they DON’T line the banks, the water is low and hot, and there is plenty of visible pollution. Not a good situation, but not an obvious […]

More Dirt on The Poop Farm

Looks like the folks at Boise City don’t communicate too well when it comes to problems down on the farm. We were promised “transparency in government” with these new elected officials, but it seems the view is a bit clouded. To make it worse, we hear a disgruntled employee has blown the whistle to what […]

Dirt on The Farm Take Two

The odor at the Boise Poop Ranch (“Twenty Mile South Farm”) near Kuna is getting a little stronger and the Boise City Council probably is not aware of the extent of the problem, thinking it is just a personnel matter. Boise operates the 3970 acre farm mostly to get rid of the leftovers from the […]

Loved To Death

The grassy knolls around Herrick Reservoir (Skunk Lake to some) were covered with various trailers, motor homes, and tents as the trout opener and Memorial Day weekend signaled the start of another summer in outdoor Idaho. Folks love the outdoors, but more than a few are loving it to death. The area just east of […]

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