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Recapping The Political Races

Finally! It’s over. No more political ads, roadside signs, recorded phone messages or broadcast talk shows. The GUARDIAN barely cleared the .500 mark on the pre-election predictions. In our defense we have to admit we were probably influenced by the national mood which saw the Dems take over the Congress. Also within Ada County there […]

GUARDIAN Calls The Races

Here is how the GUARDIAN predicts the election results. You can all either bow or laugh a week from today. We did not pick the legislative races. The real vote is the IRAQ WAR and control of the U.S. Congress and Senate. Like it or not, much of America will be voicing their opinions of […]

Political Litter Abounds

The political landscape is littered with signs. The colors change, the names change, but how many voters cast their ballot based on the signs screaming for attention? The vacant lot near Vista and Targee is a breeding ground for those ubiquitous signs. (for you non-library types that is “ever present, appearing or found everywhere”) We […]

Prop 2 Advocates Threaten Broadcasters

The battle over Proposition 2–the eminent domain initiative–took a strange turn Thursday when legal counsel for the supporters threatened television stations with “legal and FCC action” if ads sponsored by opponents to the measure are not jerked from the airwaves by 5 p.m. The GUARDIAN talked to KTVB Channel 7 general manager Doug Armstrong who […]

Ada Commish Race, Who Cares?

Granted there wasn’t a huge publicity campaign and there are a lot of candidates, but the Ada County Commishes debate Monday sponsored by the Woman’s League of Voters was sparsely attended at best. There were only about 6 non-candidate related people in the entire room. Clerk-Auditor Dave Navarro’s opponent didn’t even show up. Written questions […]

Hanian Lured To Otter Campaign

Guv candidate Butch Otter won’t have to worry about KBCI-TV 2 reporter Jon Hanian doing any expose’ stories about him. Taking a lesson from George Bush, Otter made a preemptive strike: He hired Hanion away from the news game. Otter already had former Associated Press reporter Mark Warbis on the payroll. If he gets Dan […]

Insider Trading at City Hall

Cruising through the Mayor’s Hotline list we came across an entry which raised an alarm with a fireman: 5/16/06 Perry Oldenburg re: Political Material in City Mail: I work for the Boise Fire Department. I’m calling in regards to the pamphlets and flyers that we received in the cities’ mail. I work at a fire […]

Growthophobia Outbreak In Star

A severe outbreak of growthophobia has been reported in Star where resident growthophobes are uniting to oust the mayor and most of the councilors following a 158% increase in population in the past year. Thanh Tan at KBCI-TV 2 did a nice job on the story of Pamela Leverett’s effort to circulate a recall petition […]

Hedden-Nicely Claims Victory

Andy-Hidden Nicely has claimed the first victory in his third party congressional race. He issued the following statement regarding a clash he had with the Idaho Statesman: “It is with great pleasure that we announce the cessation of all boycott activities against the Idaho Statesman.   “As of this week they have started listing all […]

Screw The Statesman, But Nicely

Andy Hedden-Nicely is living up to his name as he has urged supporters of his third party congressional campaign to do their best to inflict pain and suffering on the Idaho Statesman, but in a civilized manner. Last week Hedden-Nicely and Statesman publisher Mike Petrak exchanged e-mails in which Petrak threatened Nicely with legal action, […]

LaRocco Vies For Lt. Gov. Post

While mainstreamer media was busy speculating about the ramifications of the Risch-Otter-Kempthorne-Little musical chairs at the Idaho Statehouse, a well known Dem joined the fracas. Former Idaho Congressman Larry LaRocco quietly slipped his name into the race for Lt. Governor prior to the Friday filing deadline. He is going to need a lot more than […]

Low Pay, Politics, Haunt City Workers

Another one of those dandy “we are doing it right” surveys from Boise City. Results vary depending on how you view them. GUARDIAN sees : –57% of workers say politics strongly factors into everyday decision making process –61% feel they are underpaid for their level of responsibility –65% are unsatisfied with their raises –77% say […]

He Said, She Said, They Said

New motions filed in court over the Ada County Commishes alleged illegal meeting are going to end up with a legal conclusion that somebody isn’t telling the truth. The latest filing includes an affidavit of Boise City Councilor Vern Bisterfeldt who flatly says, “There was no discussion of pending litigation…Additionally…I was not aware of pending […]

Payoffs and Funny Money

Here is a fun look at the political payoffs in the Boise City Council election based on the finance reports filed with the City Clerk. Seems apparent the developers and fire department union are paying the most and will probably stand the best chance of a good return on their investment. The pro-lifers who paid […]

Swindell vs Jordan

Talk About Rehabilitation! Brandi Swindell was sentenced to 25 hours of community service for her role in a protest over removal of the Ten Commandments rock in Julia Davis Park. Now she wants to do it full time. To hear incumbent city councilors tell it, she will do 25 hours community service the first day […]

Big Bird Leaves Boise

Hundreds of Boise people eager to get a glimpse of the most famous plane we all own and allow George Bush to ride on created a traffic jam at the Boise airport along Orchard and I-80 Wednesday. There was at least one car crash on the freeway, but it is unknown if it was releated […]

Tibbs for Mayor?

The mainstream media got the announcement this week–only 6 weeks after the GUARDIAN reported former Boise cop Jim Tibbs would take aim at Jerome Mapp’s council seat in the November election. If Tibbs unseats the veteran councilor–and he has a good chance–Mayor Dave Bieter could have an incumbent councilor (Tibbs) gunning for his own BIG […]


(For you non-library users that means a stew, mix of flower petals and spices, or a medley) When we have a whole bunch of items we don’t want to elaborate upon, we offer up a potpourri because it sounds cool: –Meridian has joined the suicidal ranks of cities bent on self destruction with a MONEY […]

Depot Remains Mostly Closed to Public

With summer tourists and residents visiting our city daily, the Boise Parks Department policy to exclude visitors from entering the #2 landmark in the city remains in effect–except for 7.5 hours on Mondays, closed holidays! Far from the “Tourist attraction” we all envisioned when the City purchased the Depot with tax dollars and donations, our […]

Howard “Screamer” Dean in Boise?

GUARDIAN EXCLUSIVE! The GUARDIAN got a tip that Democratic National Chairman Howard “Screamer” Dean plans to make a whistle stop in Boise on Friday July 15 from noon-2 pm. (No whistles or trains these days, but it IS a catchy phrase.) Unlike the Republicans who offer $1,000 a plate dinner tickets and photo ops, the […]

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