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Poet Paul Is Back!

After a winter break in the warm of Arizona, Poet Paul has returned. Here is his take on the legislture which so graciously left town this week. The Idaho Legislature adjourned Letting you think no stone was unturned They’ll go home with bags packed But get no pat on the back For that’s something they […]

GUARDIAN Wins Best National Blog Sammie

Hollywood has its Oscars and activists have the “Sammies,” named after Samuel Adams, one of those fabled “Founding Fathers.” Some well intentioned reader nominated the GUARDIAN for “blogger of the year” and guess what? We won! Had it not been for the efforts of the cities to abolish the constitutional right of citizens to vote […]

Mayor Hotline March 20 to 26

AIRPORT TAXI, MERIDIAN DOG SHOOTING, TRASH TALK, CRUNCHER, CODE ENFORCEMENT 3/23/10 Jim Allen 1060 E. Washakie St. Meridian, ID 83646 888-6930 Taxi: After reading the article on the cab problem at the Airport, a possible suggestion or solution would be to move the cell phone waiting area out to that parking lot that they just […]

Hammer Flats Sugar Daddy In Bushes?

If the info we got from a usually reliable source is correct, the Foothills money glass may not be empty after all. In fact it may be 41% full very soon. Old Crow told the GUARDIAN of a conversation with a fellow flying friend: I am a supporter of the Foothills Levy and would support […]

BREAKING NEWS!! — Common Sense Government

Complaints to the GUARDIAN could dwindle fast if the Ada Commishes keep doing things like amending county ordinance #744 to eliminate the requirement for burning permits in rural areas while still maintaining air quality rules. The law was never enforced anyway. At the request of the Ada County Fire Chiefs Association, the Board of Ada […]

Coppers From Similar Cities Share Info

Your readers may find the following benchmark cities study helpful in a discussion on many topics you cover in your forum ranging from crime stats to employee information to things like miles driven. The BENCHMARK SURVEY is from a group of similar size cities who seek to compare notes. For instance, data regarding some of […]

Citywide Conservation Areas, Not Just Foothills

There are rumblings among the Greenies about another Foothills Levy and the Daily Paper is soliciting comments from readers on the potential serial levy–a two year only tax increase. The money from the levy of 10 years ago is mostly gone. The previous levy was full of illegal and dishonest acts. Former Mayor Brent Coles […]

Ada Treasuer Drops Out Of Race

We may be a bit premature, but the GUARDIAN is predicting a winner in the race for Ada County Treasurer. The race became an easy call Tuesday when Treasurer Cecil Ingram decided to withdraw his name from consideration and not seek re-election. Ingram, 77, served in the Idaho Senate for 12 years and plans to […]

Boise Top Copper On Police Texting

Boise PD Chief Mike Masterson has monitored the GUARDIAN coverage and comments from readers on the issue of police texting. Here are his thoughts to the GUARDIAN. EDITOR NOTE– For sake of discussion we can define TEXTING as “reading or typing messages on electronic devices which require the driver of a motor vehicle to divert […]

Mayor Hotline MArch 13 to 19

NO! to F-35, DOWNTOWN LIVING UNPLEASANT, NEED BETTER BUSES, EMISSIONS, PARKING 3/15/10 Pat & Jim Hahn 4219 Merryweather Dr. Boise, ID 83705 343-5380 F-35’s: We’ve lived in our house since 1973 and we are strongly opposed to the Air Force bringing in F35’s to Gowen Field because of the dangerous noise levels. I know it […]

Meridian vs ACHD on Legislation

While Boise’s urban renewal agency CCDC secretly wrote proposed legislation and denied the GUARDIAN access to the process, the Ada County Highway District was quietly doing the same thing and drawing the ire of Meridian officials. Seems ACHD wanted to “opt out” of having taxes diverted to urban renewal projects without their approval. Urban Renewal […]

Old Commishes Seek Encore Performance

Apparently to former Ada Commishes Roger Simmons and Vern Bisterfeldt a day without Sharon Ullman is like a day without sunshine. Both announced Friday their candidacy for seats on the Ada County Commission–which means they will serve with Ullman if elected. Simmons is after Rick Yzaguirre’s seat and Vern Bisterfeldt is challenging Commish chair Fred […]

Idaho Sheriffs Use Deceptive Marketing Scheme, Plan To Dump Telemarket Firm

We all get the dinner time phone calls from someone representing the coppers asking us to donate to their “fight against drugs.” The GUARDIAN editor hung up on them a few weeks ago and subsequently got a very official looking bill for a $25 pledge to the Idaho Sheriff’s Association with an address on State […]

Voters Get Chance To Abolish Right To Vote

Thanks to the generosity of the Idaho Legislature, voters in November will have a chance to abolish their constitutional right to vote on public debt. Most voters probably won’t be inclined to give up rights they already hold. Idaho’s constitution currently mandates that all public debt in excess of a single year’s revenues be approved […]

Mayor Hotline March 6 to 12

HAMMER FLAT LOVE FEST, HALFWAY HOUSE CONCERNS, TRASH CAN SCOFFLAWS REVEALED 3/9/10 Calley Spear Boise, ID 83706 345-8511 Hammer Flat: I just wanted to say I’m so glad that the City Council decided to purchase Hammer Flat. That is so awesome. Thank you for your foresight and thank you for making Boise one of the […]

BOI Airport Admits Parking Not Needed

Nice little Q&A by Tim Woodward in the DAILY PAPER Sunday. Seems the Boise Airport didn’t really need the $29 million five story parking garage stopped by the GUARDIAN editor five years ago. In fact, there isn’t even demand for a surface lot that cost just $2 million or so to build. With interest the […]

Avimor Faces Dismal Future

The Avimor planned community along Highway 55 north of Eagle has been full of hype, but little else and today things took a turn for the worse. A GUARDIAN contributor with good sources offers this: It is true that Avimor’s parent company SunCor Development is up for sale but has not yet changed hands. In […]

Liquid Lunch Creates Ada Job Openings

Ada County has a couple of openings in the Development Services Division, thanks to the “at will” employment policy. Word on the street is a building inspector and Planning and Zoning administrator were AWOL from the office at mid afternoon Thursday. Seems they visited a nearby watering hole during duty hours and are no longer […]

Emergency Texters, A National Issue

The Idaho House of Representatives is about to consider a “no texting bill” that passed the Senate Wednesday. Interestingly, we don’t see any exemptions for coppers and firefighters. The Fed transportation people, AAA, and just about everyone who has watched a car weaving slowly down the road agree that reading and writing on computers while […]

Boise Joins Growthophobe Movement, GUARDIAN Offers “Back Story”

In a brilliant act to cut development in the Foothills, Team Dave has apparently seen the light and joined the GUARDIAN GROWTHOPHOBE movement. Boise City Council Tuesday made public the purchase of Hammer Flat – a 701-acre wintering range for mule deer, elk and antelope in east Boise – using funds generated by the 2001 […]

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